"Well, the State of New York isn't going to make the same mistake. Everyone knows his game now. Fisk won't manipulate the system again."
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New York is a state located in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States of America.


In 1917, Howard Stark is born in Richford[1] to a father who was a fruit vendor and a mother who sewed shirtwaists for livings.[2]

In 1918, Steve Rogers was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in the city with his friend Bucky Barnes.[3]

In 1922, Colleen O'Brien was born in New Rochelle. [4]

In 1943, Howard Stark organized Stark Expo in Queens.[5] During the event, Steve Rogers met Doctor Abraham Erskine of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, who drafted him onto Project Rebirth. Rogers became a Super Soldier through injection of a serum, whose formula was lost as the intervention of HYDRA agent Heinz Kruger led to Erskine's death and the destruction of the last vial of the serum.[3]

In 1946, Johann Fennhoff attempted to get revenge on Howard Stark for the death of his brother in the so-called Battle of Finow by having the playboy inventor deploy the gas Midnight Oil over the Times Square celebration of the first anniversary of V-E Day. The plot was foiled by Peggy Carter and the New York Bell Company Office branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, though Jack Thompson received recognition for it from the President.[6]

In 1970Tony Stark was born in Long Island, New York to Howard and Maria Stark.[7]

During the 1970s, Bill Fisk unsuccessfully ran for the Hell's Kitchen city council. This led him to start beating his wife, and eventually his already abused son Wilson Fisk decided to kill him with a hammer.[8]

In 1991, Howard and Maria Stark were killed by the Winter Soldier sent by HYDRA in Long Island, New York.[9]

During the 1990s, Matt Murdock was blinded by a vat of chemicals that got loose during a truck crash, but got heightened senses as part of the ordeal. After his father was killed, Matt trained to control his senses and learn martial arts with Stick, and became a lawyer after graduating from Columbia University, forming law firm Nelson and Murdock with classmate Foggy Nelson.[8]

Tony Stark decided to organize a new Stark Expo. While his rival Justin Hammer showcased the Hammer Drones, the machines were reprogrammed by Ivan Vanko to attack everyone in sight. Iron Man and War Machine fought them and Vanko, who wore a Whiplash armor.[5]

The following month, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross met Samuel Sterns, who tried to help Banner find a cure for the Hulk. Soon United States Military officers arrived and arrested Banner. One of the officers, Emil Blonsky, demanded that Sterns use Banner's blood to mutate him into a being similar to the Hulk, which soon led to the Duel of Harlem between a mutated Blonsky and Banner as the Hulk.[10]

Tony Stark arrived in New York and talked to Thaddeus Ross about "putting a team together", trying to get Blonsky to join the Avengers. Ross refused.[11]

Stark Tower began construction in New York City.[12]

Steve Rogers' frozen body was found and thawed in the Arctic and then taken to New York City, where he woke up after being frozen for almost 70 years.[3]

Boynton was elected Senator to New York.[13]

Steve Rogers was recruited into the Avengers by Nick Fury to help in the Chitauri Invasion. A few days later, all of the Avengers fought against Loki and his army of Chitauri in the Battle of New York. Afterwards, the Avengers ate at the Shawarma Palace.[13] During the battle Phil Coulson was stabbed and remained dead for days.[14]

After the Battle of New York, volunteers from a firehouse in Wrigley helped in New York.[15] Adrian Toomes purchased a fleet of machinery to clean up the post-battle rubble, but was denied this by the Damage Control department. Angry, he and his men started to salvage advanced equipment, such as the Chitauri leftovers, to create weaponry sold in the black market.[16] Wilson Fisk, now a powerful criminal businessman, took advantage of the rebuild plans to grow his power in Hell's Kitchen.[8]

The Melter attacked Iron Man and was victorious.[17]

Cosplayers, hoping to see an Avenger, began to loiter about Stark Tower.[18]

Mike Peterson gave his son all the "Heroes of New York" action figures for his birthday.[19]

Jane Foster slapped Loki, telling him that it was for New York.[20]

Stark Tower was transformed to Avengers Tower.[13][21]

Sometime after the Battle of New York, Captain America and Black Widow returned to Rogers' old neighborhood to save Professor Sana Amanat.[22]

George Stephanopoulos was in New York as he interviewed Glenn Talbot in Washington, D.C. about his part in the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D.[23]

Matt Murdock was dubbed "Daredevil" by the newspaper New York Bulletin. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk was imprisoned for the crimes he committed as leader of a cartel. In Fisk's absence, criminals started being slaughtered by a vigilante named "Punisher", who Nelson and Murdock wound up defending on trial. Daredevil eventually fought the criminal organization known as The Hand, a struggle that killed Murdock's former lover Elektra and led to the dissolution of Nelson & Murdock.[8]

In Rhinebeck, Sebastian Derik was invited to the apartment of Janice Robbins and, in an attempt to learn why he carved weird symbols, ultimately killed her. The crime scene was photographed by Micro of the Rising Tide and the pictures were sent to Skye. She and S.H.I.E.L.D. director Phil Coulson went to the woman's apartment and learned that she painted the symbols in her art work. Coulson had Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie steal her body so Jemma Simmons could perform an autopsy.[24]

Private investigator Jessica Jones went through a number of events in hopes of bringing her rapist, the mind controller Kilgrave, to justice for abducting the college student Hope Shlottman and having her kill her parents. Ultimately, Jones killed Kilgrave after he had his father extend his powers to world threatening levels.[25]

Converted from an old warehouse once owned by Howard Stark,[26] New Avengers Facility was created after the Battle of Sokovia.[27]

Embracing his moniker of Ant-Man, Scott Lang went to New Avengers Facility to get a device to assist in his Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters. To that end, Lang fought a Duel at New Avengers Facility against Falcon.[26]

After having an affair with Jones, Luke Cage moved from Hell's Kitchen back to his childhood home in Harlem. He wound up interfering with the criminal underworld activities of Cottonmouth and his cousin Mariah Dillard, with the latter eventually bringing in Cage's half-brother Diamondback to help in the conflict. While Cage managed to bring all to justice, he wound up arrested due to being discovered as a fugitive inmate.[28]

After 15 years disappeared and presumed dead, Danny Rand returned home and was reinstated as part of Rand Enterprises. Aided by local martial arts instructor Colleen Wing, he helped disrupt The Hand's activities within his company.[29]

During the Avengers Civil War, Vision attempted to keep Scarlet Witch under house arrest in the New Avengers facility, but she was broken out by Hawkeye. In order to assist him to confront Captain America, Tony Stark went to Queens and recruit the young vigilante, Spider-Man. After the end of the conflict, Stark was seen helping James Rhodes in his physiotherapy, before a FedEx deliveryman arrived with a message from Cap.[30]

Following his enrollment by Stark, Spider-Man was ignored by him and his liaison Happy Hogan for months, but wound up helping disband a gang of arms dealers specialized in advanced weaponry. The pivotal point happened as the Vulture hijacked a self-piloting plane taking equipment from the Avengers Tower to the New Avengers Facility, before being stopped by Spider-Man.[16]

Doctor Stephen Strange was a renowned surgeon at the Metro-General Hospital before injuring his hands in a car accident. He wound up returning to the city after joining the Masters of the Mystic Arts, to become the guardian of the New York Sanctum.[31]

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