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"Well, the State of New York isn't going to make the same mistake. Everyone knows his game now. Fisk won't manipulate the system again."
Blake Tower[src]

New York is a constituent state of the United States of America, one of the 13 original colonies. New York is bounded to the west and north by Lake Erie, the Canadian province of Ontario, Lake Ontario, and the Canadian province of Quebec; to the east by the New England states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; to the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey; and to the south by Pennsylvania. The capital is Albany.


Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes’ Early Life

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Attack on Stark Expo

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Duel of Harlem

Bruce Banner meets Samuel Sterns at Grayburn College

In 2010, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross went to Grayburn College in New York City to meet with Samuel Sterns, a professor and scientist who had agreed to help Banner by conducting an antidote to treat his Hulk transformations. Banner and Ross approached Sterns as he was leaving the college.

Sterns took Banner and Ross back to his laboratory and conducted his test on Banner. Banner was restrained on a medical table and the transformation was successfully reversed through Sterns' antidote. Sterns synthesized Banner's blood in a large supply. However, afterwards, Banner and Ross were taken into custody of Thaddeus Ross.

Hulk fights Abomination in Harlem

Emil Blonsky arrived at the laboratory and forced Sterns to give him some of Banner's blood, which causes him to turn into a Hulk-like creature, known as the Abomination. He knocked Sterns into a sample of Banner's blood and then escaped rampaging throughout Harlem. After Banner witnessed Abomination from Ross's helicopter, he was allowed to turn into the Hulk and fought Abomination. After Abomination was defeated, Banner shared an emotional farewell with Ross and left New York.

Later, Ross returned to New York City and went to the Statue of Liberty and reflected on memories with Banner.[3]

Steve Rogers' Wakes Up

Steve Rogers wakes up in Times Square

In 2011, Steve Rogers was defrosted and placed in a simulated 1941 room. When he regained consciousness and woke, he was met by a woman who greeted him. Demanding answers, Rogers ran out of the room and found himself in Times Square. As S.H.I.E.L.D. agents surrounded him, he was approached by Nick Fury who explained what had happened to him.[1]

The Avengers Initiative

Steve Rogers is recruited by Nick Fury

In 2012, Steve Rogers was working out in a boxing gym, when Nick Fury entered the room and asked Rogers for his help. He offered him his first mission under S.H.I.E.L.D., explained the threat, and showed him files on the Tesseract.

Tony Stark is recruited into the Avengers Initiative

After obtaining clear pure energy for Stark Tower, Tony Stark celebrated with Pepper Potts. They were interrupted when Agent Phil Coulson arrived at the Tower and told Stark about the Avengers Initiative. He provided Stark with holographic screens of the other members and of the Tesseract.[4]

Battle of New York

The Chitauri aliens descend upon New York City

On May 4, 2012, Loki, an alien Frost Giant, arrived in New York City where the Tesseract had been set up to open a Wormhole. Tony Stark went to Stark Tower, after finding out that was the location where Loki planned to start the invasion. Stark was confronted by Loki and managed to distract him long enough to get his Mark VII armor ready. Loki tried to use the Scepter to mind control Stark, but Stark's Arc Reactor prevented him from doing so. This angered Loki and he threw Stark out the window. The Tesseract then opened up the wormhole and the alien army of Chitauri and Leviathans flew into New York City.

The Avengers are assembled

Thor, the Asgardian prince, who had been recruited into the Avengers, flew to Stark Tower and told Loki to turn the Tesseract off. Loki refused and the two engaged in a fight. Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Steve Rogers used a Quinjet to fire on several Chitauri, before being shot down by Loki. As Barton, Romanoff, and Rogers fought on the streets, NYPD fired on the aliens, but to no effect. Rogers took command of the NYPD and told them to set up a perimeter down to 39th street. The United States Army arrived to provide the NYPD with backup. Eventually, Bruce Banner arrived, grouping up with the others, and Stark led a Leviathan towards them. Banner transformed into Hulk and punched the Leviathan to the ground. For the first time, the Avengers assembled together, as one, ready to defend New York City.

Thor and Steve Rogers fight the Chitauri

Romanoff knew they needed to close the wormhole to win the battle, and so, with Rogers' help, she jumped onto a Chitauri Chariot. She was pursued by Loki, but Barton shot one of his explosive arrows at Loki, causing him to fall onto Stark Tower. Hulk arrived and confronted Loki, ignoring Loki's taunts, Hulk beat Loki into the floor into submission. Erik Selvig, who had been controlled by the Scepter, was now free and told Romanoff that he had enough control to build a fail-safe into the device to shut it down.

The Avengers win the Battle of New York

Meanwhile, Nick Fury's superiors, the World Security Council, ordered Fury to launch a nuclear missile at the city to end the invasion. Fury refused this order, so the Council launched a jet to launch it anyways. Fury ordered Stark to intercept the missile and send it through the wormhole towards the Chitauri. Stark intercepted the missile and ascended up towards the wormhole. Afterwards, having lost oxygen, Stark fell but was saved mid-fall by Hulk.

The Avengers send Loki and Thor off Earth

Afterwards, the Avengers regrouped and confronted Loki at the Tower. STRIKE operatives arrived and took the Scepter from them and Thor and Stark led Loki out of the Tower through the elevator. They were met by Alexander Pierce, who told them to hand Loki over, but avoided him and walked out of the Tower. They then met up for dinner at a shawarma restaurant. Later, they all went to Central Park and watched as Thor signaled the Bifrost Bridge and took Loki and the Tesseract with him. Barton and Romanoff rode off together, while Rogers left on his motorcycle, and Stark and Banner returned to the Tower.[4]

Tony Stark’s Therapy

Bruce Banner tells Tony Stark he's not a therapy doctor

In 2013, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were sitting in the Stark Tower's living room, when Stark asked Banner for a therapy session. As Stark recalled his recent events, Banner fell asleep. When Stark was finished with his story, he saw that Banner had fallen asleep and became irritated. When Banner woke up, he told Stark that he wasn't a therapy kind of a doctor. However, Stark continued to tell another story and Banner fell asleep again.[5]

Regeneration Cradle

Clint Barton is helped by the Regeneration Cradle

In 2015, the Avengers, having retrieved the Scepter, returned to the Avengers Tower. Clint Barton, who had been injured, was taken to the Tower's medical wing, and was helped by Bruce Banner and Helen Cho. Cho used the Regeneration Cradle to heal Barton from his injury.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner investigate the Scepter

As Barton healed using the Cradle, Tony Stark and Banner studied the Scepter in order to learn more about it. Their discovery leads to a net of neurons that, according to Stark, could be reconfigured into an artificial intelligence stored inside the Scepter's gem. Stark and Banner extracted it in order for use in Stark's peacekeeping program "Ultron", designed to allow the Iron Legion to operate independently and safeguard Earth under the direction of an advanced artificial intelligence.[6]

Avengers' Party

The party at Avengers Tower

Three days later, the Avengers had a party at Avengers Tower to celebrate their recent victories. Sam Wilson and James Rhodes attended the party, being invited by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, respectively.[6]

Ultron Offensive

Attack on Avengers Tower

Thor watches Steve Rogers try to lift Mjolnir

After the party ended, Maria Hill, Helen Cho, and James Rhodes stayed behind. Thor challenged the Avengers to lift Mjølnir and Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers participated. Rogers was able to lift it, but opted not too, as not to embarrass Thor.[6]

Birth of Vision

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Avengers Compound

The Avengers Compound

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Wanda Maximoff and Vision's Bonding

Wanda Maximoff and Vision starting to fall in love

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Duel at the Avengers Compound

Scott Lang fights Sam Wilson

In 2015, Scott Lang travelled to the Avengers Compound in order to retrieve a device needed for the heist. After landing on the roof of one of the Facility's buildings, Sam Wilson approached him and fought him, thinking he was an intruder. However, Lang maneuvered around Wilson and entered the storage building acquiring the device.[8]

Avengers Civil War

The Sokovia Accords

In 2016, one month after the Lagos Catastrophe, Rogers heard the news on in Wanda Maximoff's bedroom. He turned her television off and consoled her over the accident, when Vision phased through the wall and told them about Thaddeus Ross' arrival.

Rogers, Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Vision, James Rhodes, and Tony Stark met in the Facility's conference room and listened as Ross explained the need for the Sokovia Accords.

Recruitment of Peter Parker

Peter Parker speaks to Tony Stark and May Parker

Tony Stark went to Queens to the Parker Residence and met with May Parker. He waited there until Peter Parker arrived and introduced himself to Parker. Stark then asked to speak with Parker in his bedroom and discussed his being Spider-Man, before asking Parker to assist him in the Clash of the Avengers. Parker was hesitant due to being in school, but was convinced after Stark threatened to tell his aunt.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s Continued Bonding

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Rescue of Wanda Maximoff

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James Rhodes' Recovery

Tony Stark questions Vision as to why he attacked Rhodes

James Rhodes was sent to the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and given a x-ray and a MRI to examine his injuries. While at the Center, Tony Stark and Vision came to be with Rhodes. Outside of the operating room, Stark asked Vision how it happened, in which Vision said he was distracted, something he and Stark thought couldn't happen. Natasha Romanoff arrived at the Center and asked Stark how Rhodes was doing, before getting chastised by Stark for her betrayal during the recent conflict. Stark proceeded to offend Romanoff and warn her that she would be arrested, causing her to storm out of the Center.

When Rhodes was discharged from the Center, Stark brought him to the Avengers Compound and made leg braces for him. Rhodes engaged in several physical therapy sessions. Stark remained at the Facility, along with Rhodes and Vision.[9]

Hunt for Natasha Romanoff

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Peter Parker's School Career

Ned Leeds discovers Peter Parker is Spider-Man

Peter Parker resumed his studies at Midtown School of Science and Technology, while performing his duties as Spider-Man after school and at night. One day, Parker returned to the apartment and found his friend, Ned Leeds in his room, playing with a Lego Death Star. Upon seeing Parker as Spider-Man, Leeds froze in shock, and dropped the Lego set on the floor, causing May Parker to ask if everything was okay.

Vulture’s Campaign

Robbery of Queens Community Bank

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Fight on Staten Island Ferry

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Shocker’s Ambush

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Duel at Coney Island

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Tony Stark's Offer

Peter Parker at the Avengers Compound

One day, Peter Parker was visited by Happy Hogan who came to the Midtown School of Science and Technology and told Parker that Tony Stark wanted to see him. Hogan then drove Parker to the Avengers Compound and showed Parker the Facility, before Stark met with them. Stark congratulated Parker for his recent heroic action and showed him a display case revealing the Iron Spider Armor. Stark then asked Parker if he'd be interested in joining the team and that if he did, the armor would be his new suit. However, Parker declined, preferring to be a local hero, much to Stark's surprise. Hogan then told Parker to wait in the car and talked to Stark. Pepper Potts then walked out of an auditorium and asked if they had messed things up. Stark instead asked Hogan for his engagement ring and went back inside the room with Potts to propose to her in front of the media.[11]

Doctor Strange’s Medical Work

Doctor Strange’s Date

One evening, Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer went on a date to a restaurant and had dinner outside. During the course of their meal, Palmer gave Strange a gift and he opened it to find a black wrist watch, in which he became touched by.[12]

Working at Metro General Hospital

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Stephen Strange's Car Accident

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Master of the New York Sanctum

Mirror Dimension

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Sorcerer Supreme

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Melinda May's Treatment

"She's in upstate New York. Agent May is at one of the best CDC facilities in the country."
Jeffrey Mace[src]

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Thor's Return

Thor and Loki in New York City

In 2017, Thor and Loki returned to New York City to find their father. They went to the location of the place that Loki had sent him too only to find it in construction. Two girls walked past and expressed their condolences to Thor for breaking up his relationship and wanted a picture with him. Afterwards, Loki then fell through a portal and Thor found a card on the sidwalk, which gave him an address to go too.

Thor and Stephen Strange

Thor went to the address and found the New York Sanctum. He walked inside and was met by Stephen Strange. Strange then assisted Thor in finding his father and transported him and Loki through another portal.[14]

Infinity War

Attack on Greenwich Village

New York Sanctum in 2018

In 2018, the Bifrost Bridge transported Bruce Banner into the New York Sanctum in New York City, causing him to crash into the Sanctum's roof and staircase. Stephen Strange and Wong went to see what happened and saw Banner, who warned them about the incoming threat.

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in Central Park

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts were out on a jog in Central Park when Stark told Potts about a dream he had about them getting married and having a child. Potts told him they wouldn't be able too unless Stark retired from his work.

Stephen Strange asks for Tony Stark's help

Stark and Potts were then met by Stephen Strange who arrived via an Inter-Dimensional Portal and asked Stark for his help. Stark was hesitant, not knowing who Strange was, but was then met by Banner who walked through the portal. Following Banner's plea, Stark agreed and went with them through the portal.

An alien spaceship descends over New York City

After Stark had been informed by Wong and Strange about the threat, a Q-Ship containing Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, two members of the Black Order, landed in New York City causing car accidents and chaos throughout the streets. Stark, Strange, and Wong left the Sanctum to confront them.

Iron Man, Stephen Strange, Bruce Banner, and Wong

Stark challenged Obsidian, using his new Nano-technology, but after hitting Obsidian, he was eventually blasted into the sky by Maw. Banner, unable to fight, was sent by Strange into a portal that dropped him out in a park a few blocks away. Strange and Wong then engaged in a fight against Maw.

Peter Parker swings over to help

Nearby, Peter Parker was on a school bus headed to a field trip when he saw the Q-Ship. He asked Ned Leeds to distract his classmates, as he jumped off the bus and swung over to the scene.

Spider-Man in Greenwich Village Park

After Stark engaged in a fight with Obsidian at Greenwich Village Park, Parker joined the fight. After Parker slammed Obsidian with a car, Maw passed them with a captured Strange. Upon seeing this, Stark told Parker to go after and rescue Strange.

Iron Man prepares to depart New York

Wong arrived at the park and transported Obsidian into an Inter-Dimensional Portal, while Stark flew out of New York into the sky to rescue Parker and Strange. Wong returned via a portal to the New York Sanctum, while Banner was left to contact the others.[15]

Return to the Avengers Compound

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, and Vision

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, and Vision returned to the Avengers Compound in a Quinjet and reunited with James Rhodes and Banner. While taking refuge at the Facility, they discussed the incoming threat and the Mind Stone. Rogers then told them that he had an idea of how they may be able to save Vision. The team then left the Facility in the Quinjet.[15]


Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff monitor the Snap's casualties

Hours later, the Snap occurred and caused half of New York's population to disintegrate. The Snap also caused mass chaos and destruction, specifically in New York's cities, which resulted in more casualties.[15] Rogers, Romanoff, Banner, Rhodes, Thor, and Rocket Raccoon returned in the Quinjet to the Avengers Compound, bringing back a pager. While Rhodes and Banner tried to get the pager running, Rogers and Romanoff watched the global count of the population decreasing from the Snap. They were then called in by Rhodes to see the pager stop blinking and when asked what happened, were met by Carol Danvers.[16]

Tony Stark's Return

Carol Danvers brings the Benatar to New York

Three weeks later, Carol Danvers brought the Benatar to the Avengers Compound, carrying Tony Stark and Nebula. Stark was then reunited with Steve Rogers and Pepper Potts, and taken inside the Facility, while Nebula reunited with Rocket Raccoon. Inside the Facility, Natasha Romanoff updated Stark and Danvers on the casualties of the Snap, before Stark criticized Rogers for not being together during the war and then collapsed on the floor. He was then given a sedative by Bruce Banner and remained resting.

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Rocket Raccoon, and Nebula

The next day, Rogers, Romanoff, Banner, Danvers, James Rhodes, Rocket, and Nebula discussed the plans that they would take next, with Thor showing his approval of Danvers. The team then left New York in the Benatar for space. Hours later, they returned to New York, feeling more defeated than before.[17]


Ronin's Campaign

Clint Barton murdering the Tracksuit Mafia

Clint Barton, out of despair and grief, donned a ninja suit and sword and went on a vigilante crusade to eliminate all criminal organizations that had survived. He went to New York City and targeted the Tracksuit Mafia, a criminal organization based out of the city with ties to other large organizations. He went to their base at Fat Man Auto Repair and ruthlessly killed all Mafia members present, including William Lopez.[18]

Stark Eco-Compound

Tony Stark with his daughter at his house

In 2019, Tony Stark married Pepper Potts and moved out to rural New York. There they bought a cabin that overlooked a lake and had a daughter named Morgan.

Brooklyn Support Group

Steve Rogers conducts a support group

Steve Rogers remained in residence at the Avengers Compound, but had become a leader of a support group in New York City for survivors. In 2023, Rogers conducted a meeting and on his return home, spotted whales in the Hudson River.

Avengers Roster

Natasha Romanoff holds a meeting

Natasha Romanoff took up leadership of the Avengers and remained in residence at the Avengers Compound. In 2023, Romanoff had a meeting with Rocket Raccoon and Nebula, Carol Danvers, James Rhodes, and Okoye via holographic call.[17]

Time Heist

Scott Lang meets with Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff

Steve Rogers returned to the Avengers Compound and consoled an emotional Natasha Romanoff. Shortly, Rogers and Romanoff got a message at the entrance of the Facility and saw through the security footage that Scott Lang was standing outside having arrived in a van. After letting him in, Lang told them about the Quantum Realm and theorized that it could help them reverse the Snap.

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Scott Lang visit Tony Stark

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Scott Lang visited Tony Stark at his house and asked for his help, telling him about their theories. However, Stark refused to help due to his new life, and the three left to seek out other help.

Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Scott Lang

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Scott Lang met with Bruce Banner at a diner and asked him to help them to reverse the Snap. To their luck, Banner agreed and left with them for the Avengers Compound.

Tony Stark solves time travel

That night, Tony Stark decided to change his mind and investigate the possibilities of time travel. He used F.R.I.D.A.Y. to help him solve the Time-Space GPS, much to his amazement, was successful and grasped the concept. However, he was found by his daughter who had come down the stairs. After putting her back to bed, Stark told Pepper Potts of his discovery and she encouraged him to help his team.

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Scott Lang, and Bruce Banner

The next day, Rogers, Romanoff, Lang, and Banner tested time travel in the Avengers Compound's hangar using Luis' van. However, Lang was sent into the Quantum Realm only for him to change his age, meaning that they were unsuccessful in accomplishing what they'd hoped.

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark make amends at the Avengers Compound

Rogers walked outside of the hangar to get some fresh air, when he saw Stark pull up to the Facility in his car. Stark got out of the car and gave Rogers his shield back and agreed to help them show Rogers the Time-Space GPS he had constructed.

The Benatar returns to Avengers Compound

After this news, Rocket Raccoon and Nebula returned to the Facility in the Benatar and James Rhodes returned. As Lang was outside the Facility eating lunch, the Benatar's landing ruined it, but he was given a new one by Banner, who then left with Rocket.

Rocket Raccoon, Bruce Banner, Nebula, James Rhodes, Steve Rogers, and Thor

Once Thor and Clint Barton were at the Facility, Rocket and Stark constructed the Avengers' Quantum Tunnel in the Facility's hangar. Barton volunteered to test the Time-Space GPS first and was suited up in a special Quantum suit by Nebula and Banner. Barton then went to the Avengers' Quantum Tunnel and Banner sent him through the Quantum Realm.

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff at the Avengers Compound

After Barton was brought back, he was met by Romanoff, who made sure he was okay. Barton then showed Stark, Lang, and Romanoff the glove he'd picked up, as proof that the Time-Space GPS worked.

The Avengers make a plan

Following this, Thor, Stark, Rogers, Romanoff, Barton, Lang, Rhodes, Rocket, and Nebula all met in the Facility's conference and lounge rooms discussing the Time Heist. After brainstorming, the team made plans of how they would go about the Heist.

The Avengers suited up

The Avengers then gathered at the Avengers' Quantum Tunnel in white Avengers suits and listened as Rogers gave a speech to them about their mission. Rocket also handed Barton a shrunken Benatar and asked him to make sure it came back in one piece. The Avengers pressed their Time Space GPS’s and were sent into the Quantum Realm.

Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Thor

After returning with the retrieved Infinity Stones, the team saw that Barton was alone and realized what had happened. Barton, Rogers, Stark, Banner, and Thor went outside the Facility by the riverside and held a mourning for Romanoff.

Bruce Banner uses the Nano Gauntlet

Stark, Rocket, and Banner then constructed the Nano Gauntlet and applied the Infinity Stones to the Gauntlet in the Facility's work room. After the Gauntlet was finished, they met with Rogers, Thor, Barton, Lang, and Rhodes and decided that Banner would wield the Gauntlet. The team suited up in preparation and Stark had the Facility locked down for protection. Banner, with some difficulty, managed to snap his fingers and enact the Blip, before falling to the floor after he endured an injured arm. Barton received a phone call from his restored wife and Lang watched as birds appeared outside.

The Avengers Compound is attacked by the Sanctuary II

An alternate Nebula had arrived and manipulated the Avengers' Quantum Tunnel to allow an Sanctuary II to enter. The Sanctuary II destroyed the Facility's hangar and the Avengers' Quantum Tunnel. It then obliterated the Facility's grounds and buildings with airstrikes from its' energy cannons, causing a large cloud of smoke and ash to cover the surrounding area.


Battle of Earth

Bruce Banner trapped in the ruins

Following the attack on the Avengers Compound, Bruce Banner, Rocket Raccoon, and James Rhodes were trapped under large chunks of the Facility's buildup. Rhodes freed himself and Rocket before Banner alerted them to water from the river spilling in and Rhodes urgently called out for help through his communications, in which Scott Lang heard.

Alternate versions of Thanos and Nebula in the Avengers Compound's ruins

Thanos from an alternate 2014 beamed down to the Facility's ruins from the Sanctuary II and met with an alternate Nebula telling her to locate the Nano Gauntlet. He then rested his Double-Edged Sword on the ground and sat down.

Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man prepare to fight

Tony Stark managed to get up from the attack and recover Captain America's Shield, before waking up an unconscious Steve Rogers. Then, he, Rogers, and Thor surveyed the ruins of the Facility and spotted Thanos sitting in the ruins before them. Thor then called his weapons Stormbreaker and Mjølnir and the three walked down to confront Thanos.

Hawkeye reclaims the Nano Gauntlet

Deep in the Facility's underground tunnels, Clint Barton found the Nano Gauntlet and recovered it. He then heard movement behind him and was then chased through the tunnels by Outriders. After shooting explosive arrows at them, Barton made his way to the next level above and used his sword to defeat them. He was then met by alternate Nebula, who he mistook for the real Nebula, and handed her the Gauntlet. When he realized something was wrong, she prepared to shoot him, only for Nebula and an alternate Gamora to arrive and for Nebula to kill the alternate Nebula. Barton then grabbed the Gauntlet and made his way out of the destroyed Facility.

Captain America using Mjolnir

Stark, Rogers, and Thor then engaged Thanos in a fierce fight, in which Stark was shortly knocked to the ground and Thor was left defeated. Rogers was able to use Mjolnir and used it with great ability in fighting Thanos. However, Thanos used his sword which fractured Captain America's shield. After Rogers had been knocked to the ground, he managed to stand up and fasten the shield around his arm, and watched as Thanos summoned his army of Chitauri, Leviathans, Outriders, Sakaarans, and Black Order.

T'Challa, Shuri, and Okoye arrive at the Avengers Compound

Rogers then heard Sam Wilson over his communications, who told him to look left, and he saw a portal appearing with T'Challa, Shuri, and Okoye walking out of it onto the Facility's ruins. Relieved, Rogers then watched as Wilson flew through the portal into New York ready to help fight.

The Avengers's allies arrive

Shortly, portals opened up all around with Stephen Strange bringing Peter Parker, Peter Quill, Drax, and Mantis, and Wong and other Masters of the Mystic Arts bringing Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Groot, M'Baku, the Wakandan armies, the Ravagers, the Asgardians, Valkyrie, Korg, Miek, and Hope van Dyne to the ruins of the Facility. Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor, also arrived. Lang, as Giant Man, then broke through one of the Facility's buildings with a rescued Rhodes, Rocket, and Banner.

The Battle of Earth begins

Rogers then rallied the Avengers and their allies together and gave the signal of when to attack Thanos' army. After he gave the rallying cry, the Battle of Earth began with both sides clashing.

Spider-Man hugs Iron Man

During the battle, Stark was attacked by an alternate version of Cull Obsidian, but Obsidian was promptly pulled back by Parker's webs, and crushed by Lang. Parker then reunited with Stark, with Stark giving Parker a hug, in relief that he was back.

Hawkeye running with the Nano Gauntlet

After Barton had made it out, he was then promptly chased around by Thanos's army. At one point, he asked in his communications what he should do with the Nano Gauntlet. Banner said they needed to get the Gauntlet back to their timelines, while Stark said they couldn't because their Quantum Tunnel had been destroyed. Lang interjected saying that they still had an option to use. After an alternate version of Ebony Maw spotted Barton with the Gauntlet, he told Thanos who sent Outriders after Barton. However, Barton was helped by T'Challa who was given the Gauntlet and ran away with it.

Wanda Maximoff fights Thanos

As T’Challa was running with the Gauntlet, Thanos drew his sword at him, in which he narrowly missed. Maximoff then flew down and confronted Thanos, angrily engaging him in a fight. During the fight, Maximoff sliced Thanos's sword in half and using her powers lifted Thanos into the air. She then started to peel off chunks of Thanos' armor. Beginning to get concerned, Thanos called out to an alternate version of Corvus Glaive telling him to reign fire in order for him to be saved.

Spider-Man protects the Nano Gauntlet

After Maw tried to get the Nano Gauntlet from T'Challa, T'Challa gave it to Parker who swung past him. After Parker was swarmed by Outriders, he called out for help, in which Rogers responded and threw Mjolnir at him to catch. Potts, in her Rescue armor, then grabbed hold of Parker, and dropped him off on Aragorn with Valkyrie.

The Sanctuary II shoots air strikes

The Sanctuary II then shot air strikes using its energy cannons at the Facility's ruins, causing Maximoff to be blasted away, along with Barnes, Parker, and Korg. Rocket reunited with Groot, while shielding him from the strikes. However, Wong and the other Masters of the Mystic Arts used Tao Mandalas to protect the allies. However, when the Sanctuary II directed its cannons upwards, Wilson and Stark questioned what was happening.

Captain Marvel destroys the Sanctuary II

Carol Danvers arrived and destroyed the Sanctuary II causing the warship to fall to the ground. Rogers then asked her for assistance in getting the Nano Gauntlet to its proper place. Danvers then flew to the ground and met Spider-Man, who introduced himself and handed her the Gauntlet.

Captain Marvel gets help from the other women

As an oncoming horde approached, Danvers received support from Maximoff, Okoye, Valkyrie, Shuri, Mantis, Potts, van Dyne, and Nebula. The women charged and fought through the horde, while Danvers flew through. After Thanos charged her, Potts, Shuri, and van Dyne launched a coordinated blast at him, knocking him back. However, Thanos threw his sword at Luis' van, destroying the Quantum Tunnel and the van. This caused a burst of Quantum energy to erupt, blasting Danvers back, and separating her from the Gauntlet.

Thanos prepares to use the Nano Gauntlet

Thanos ran for the Gauntlet, but was stopped by Stark, who he easily swatted aside. Thanos was then attacked by Thor and Rogers, but he soon overpowered them. After putting the Gauntlet on, Danvers returned and engaged but he threw her aside. Thanos attempted again to snap his fingers with the Gauntlet, only for Danvers to return and try and stop him. Thanos then grabbed the Power Stone out of the Gauntlet and blasted Danvers away, knocking her out. Stark looked up and saw Strange give him a signal, and so he ran up to Thanos and used his suit to take the Infinity Stones off the Gauntlet.

Iron Man snaps his fingers

To Thanos' horror, Stark proclaimed that he was "Iron Man" and snapped his fingers, using the Stones to cause Thanos' army to disintegrate. As Thanos watched his army disappear, he looked in defeat at Rogers. Thanos then sat down and disintegrated.

Avengers and allies kneel as Iron Man dies

The radiation of the Stones caused great damage to Stark's body and he sat down in the ruins of the Facility, as Rhodes, Parker, and Potts surrounded him. Potts asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. what Stark's status was and was told that Stark was in critical condition. Potts then told Stark they'd be okay and watched as he died, before weeping at his side. Rogers and Thor looked on also, both emotional at the loss of their friend. Barton then kneeled on the ground out of respect, followed by T'Challa, Danvers, Rogers, Lang, Strange, Nebula, Quill, Valkyrie, Maximoff, Wilson, Okoye, Barnes, Shuri, Mantis, Thor, Banner, Wong, and van Dyne.

Peter Parker's Return to School

Peter Parker and Ned Leeds

A week later, Peter Parker returned to Midtown School of Science and Technology, still shaken up after the recent events, but was relieved when he saw Ned Leeds in the hallway. Parker and Leeds then shared an emotional reunion, realizing that they both had been restored from the Blip.

Tony Stark's Funeral

Tony Stark's funeral

Two days later, Tony Stark's funeral was held at the Stark Eco-Compound. Inside the house, Pepper Potts and her daughter, Happy Hogan, James Rhodes, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, and Thor watched a hologram recording that Stark had made in the event of his death. In the recording, Stark spoke that he hoped they had been successful in their mission and that families were reunited, with the world coming back to a sense of normality.

Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, May Parker, and Thor

They all then went outside in the backyard and Potts and her daughter walked to the dock and laid Stark's Arc Reactor in the lake. Hogan, Rhodes, Rogers, Peter Parker, May Parker, Thor, Banner, Stephen Strange, and Wong formed a line behind Potts, standing in silence out of respect.

Hope van Dyne, Scott Lang, Janet van Dyne, Hank Pym, and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Behind them, Scott Lang stood with Hope van Dyne, Janet van Dyne, and Hank Pym. Nebula, Peter Quill, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Mantis stood on the other side of them, while T'Challa, Okoye, and Shuri stood behind them in the middle.

Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Harley Keener, and Maria Hill

Barton, his wife, and their daughter and twosons stood together as a family to the side behind them, with Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson standing on the other side. Behind them were Harley Keener, Thaddeus Ross, Maria Hill, Carol Danvers, and Nick Fury.

Clint Barton reunites with Wanda Maximoff

After the funeral, Barton and Maximoff reunited by the lakeside and Barton told Maximoff that he wishes that she would know they were successful, but Maximoff comforted him, stating that she did know. She then said they both did, as she was in grief over losing her loved one.

Happy Hogan spends time with Morgan Stark

Outside the house, Hogan sat with Morgan and comforted her. When she told him she wanted cheeseburgers, he told her he would give her all the cheeseburgers she wanted, remembering how her father had liked them as well.[19]

Passing the Mantle

Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes

The next day, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Bruce Banner met in the woods outside the destroyed Avengers Compound, which was being cleaned up by crews. Banner had constructed another Quantum Portal in order for Rogers to return the Infinity Stones and Mjolnir to their timelines. Barnes and Wilson exchanged goodbyes to Rogers and watched as Rogers suited up in the Avengers Quantum suit and as Banner pressed the controls allowing Rogers to enter the portal. Banner told Wilson that Rogers would only be gone for five seconds in their time. However, after the seconds were up, Wilson became concerned, only for Barnes to call him over to him. Wilson and Banner both were surprised upon seeing an elderly Rogers sitting on a bench by the river.

Sam Wilson and elderly Steve Rogers

Wilson approached Rogers, who was pleased to see him, and told Wilson what he did after returning the items back. Rogers then presented Wilson an alternate version of Captain America's Shield, that he'd picked up, and passed his mantle over to Wilson. Wilson was shocked, but after seeing Barnes nod in agreement, accepted the shield and thanked Rogers for the honor.[20]

Bucky Barnes' Adjustment

Bucky Barnes in a therapy session

After his role in the Infinity War, Bucky Barnes was pardoned by the U.S. government, allowed to live in an apartment in New York City, and had to attend court mandated therapy sessions. One day in 2024, Barnes woke up in his apartment after having a nightmare of one of his missions during his time as the Winter Soldier. He then met with his therapist, Christina Raynor, and discussed what he was doing to move on in life and how he was using his notebook.

Bucky Barnes speaking with Yori Nakajima

After his session, Barnes went to meet with his neighbor, Yori Nakajima, but had to settle a dispute between Nakajima and Unique, another neighbor. Barnes then went with Nakajima to Izzy, a local restaurant they'd been going too for lunch. During his lunch, Nakajima asked Leah, the waitress, to go on a date with Barnes, much to Barnes' embarrassment. Nakajima then told Barnes about his deceased son.

Bucky Barnes on a date with Leah

The next night, Barnes met Leah at Izzy and gave her flowers, before playing the game Battleship and drinking with her. However, after Leah brought Nakajima's deceased son, Barnes excused himself. He left the restaurant and returned to his apartment complex, where he went to Nakajima's apartment and gave him his lunch money that he owed before leaving for his apartment.[21]

Bucky Barnes in his apartment

The next day, Barnes watched the news in his apartment and learned that a new Captain America was announced, prompting him to leave New York to speak with his friend.[22]

Flag Smashers’ Political Ultimatum

Attack on the GRC New York Headquarters

Karli Morgenthau in New York City

Weeks later, Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers congregated in a park in New York City to discuss their plans to attack the GRC New York Headquarters. Morgenthau and her team were soon met by Georges Batroc, who had agreed to ally with them.

The GRC New York Headquarters is attacked

That night, the Flag Smashers put their plan into motion and disrupted the Global Repatriation Council's meeting to vote on the Patch Act. This caused a lockdown of the surrounding area of the city as NYPD arrived on the scene.[23]

Bucky Barnes working with Sharon Carter

Bucky Barnes returned to New York City and made his way to the GRC New York Headquarters, when he was stopped by Sharon Carter, who was disguised as a man using a Photostatic Veil, but removed it to reveal herself. Barnes and Carter then went into the building to help the GRC members, but after Carter was unable too, she went to the parking garage instead.

Sam Wilson arrives in New York City

Shortly, Sam Wilson arrived in New York City and flew in his new Captain America suit to the GRC New York Headquarters. He used the shield to break open a window so he could get inside. After doing so, he was confronted by Batroc, who initiated a fight with him. As the GRC leaders were led into steel trucks in the garage, Carter planted a Mercury vapor on Lennox, one of the Flag Smashers, who instantly died. Barnes was stalled by a phone call from Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers were successful in getting the trucks out of the garage.

Bucky Barnes on a motorcycle

Barnes ran to the garage and picked up a motorcycle, riding it out onto the street and drove until he found the Flag Smashers. He hopped off the motorcycle and tackled Dovich, leading Morgenthau to ask one of her teammates to start a fire on one of the trucks. After the fire had started, Barnes was forced to stop fighting to save the GRC leaders.

John Walker arrives in New York City

Before Morgenthau should drive away, John Walker approached them, calling out Morgenthau specifically. After Morgenthau told Walker that she didn't think his friend's life mattered, Walker threw his shield at her only for her to kick it away. Walker and the Flag Smashers then engaged in a fight, until Barnes rejoined them having rescued the leaders. During the fight, Barnes dueled Morgenthau, but after she kicked him backwards, he fell off the construction site and landed on the riverbank below. After Morgenthau fought Walker, she hopped into one of the trucks and drove it off the ledge, with it barely holding onto the construction metal supports. Walker tried to pull the truck back, but he was tackled by the Flag Smashers and they all fell down to the riverbank.

Sam Wilson rescues the GRC leaders in the air

Wilson took to the sky and rescued two NYPD officers out of their helicopter, before flying back to rescue the GRC hostages on another helicopter. Using Redwing, Wilson identified GRC member Ayla Perez on the helicopter as a person who knew how to fly. After getting her attention, Wilson got the Flag Smasher Diego out of the pilot seat letting Perez to take the seat and land the helicopter. Wilson then flew over to the construction site and used Redwing again to help him push the steel truck to safety.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

After New York City locals exclaimed that Wilson was Captain America, he flew down to the riverbank and knocked the Flag Smashers to the ground, standing beside Barnes and Walker. Morgenthau became upset after seeing that Wilson had become Captain America, but their conversation was interrupted after Batroc appeared and shot gas pellets down allowing the Flag Smashers to escape. Carter, watching from above, left and entered the construction site.

Sharon Carter confronts Karli Morgenthau

Wilson, Barnes, and Walker ran down the construction site tunnels, but eventually Walker and Barnes split up from Wilson, both eventually tricking the other Flag Smashers to get arrested by the NYPD. Morgenthau, after getting separated from her teammates, was tricked by Carter and they faced each other at gunpoint. Carter put her gun down and told Morgenthau that she had disappointed her, but asked if she wanted to return to work for her. Morgenthau said she thought the Power Broker only wanted them because of their enhanced strength, leading Batroc to enter and ask Carter if she was the Power Broker. Deducing this, Batroc tried to blackmail Carter, and so Carter killed him. After hearing the gunshot, Wilson tracked the sound and soon found Carter and Morgenthau, with Morgenthau standing over Carter having shot her.

Sam Wilson and a dying Karli Morgenthau

Morgenthau then engaged Wilson in a fight, but after Wilson refused, she tried to kill him with the gun. Carter then shot Morgenthau several times in the back to save Wilson. After Morgenthau fell to the floor, Wilson grabbed her and rested her in his lap as she died from her injuries. Wilson then carried Morgenthau back out to the streets where the rescued GRC members were along with news crews and NYPD.

Captain America's Speech

Sam Wilson gives a speech as Captain America

Sam Wilson then met with Ayla Perez and the Government Official, and chastised the Global Repatriation Council for not trying to help those displaced from their homes as much as they could. After the senator told Wilson he couldn't understand, Wilson gave a speech about his becoming Captain America and how things could be better in the world if everyone was listened too. John Walker and Bucky Barnes watched in the back. After the speech, Wilson exchanged nods with Walker and met with Barnes, who teasingly complimented him on being Captain America. They then met with Sharon Carter, who was leaning against a car. Both Wilson and Barnes told her to get medical help, but she refused. After Wilson had to leave, Barnes took Carter to get help after all.

Flag Smashers are killed

The remaining Flag Smashers were sent away into a truck, but suddenly the truck exploded. Looking on from a distance, Oeznik, Helmut Zemo's butler, had pressed a button to cause the truck to explode, killing the Flag Smashers.

Bucky Barnes leaves New York City

After leaving Carter, Barnes went to see Yori Nakajima at his apartment and then told him what had happened with Nakajima's son. Barnes then returned to his apartment. The next day, Barnes dropped off a note at therapist's office and looked from the outside of Izzy to see Leah and Nakajima, before leaving New York.[24]

Peter Parker's To Do List

Peter Parker speaking to Ned Leeds

On the last day of school at Midtown School of Science and Technology, Peter Parker discussed their upcoming school trip with Ned Leeds and his plans for what he wanted to do on the trip. Leeds said he wanted to become bachelors. Michelle Jones walked over to them and asked what they were talking about, in which Parker and Leeds changed the subject, albeit awkwardly. Parker then left to go and get things needed for his trip.[25][26]

Charity Event for Blip-Displaced People

May and Peter Parker at the Urban Sports & Cultural Center

That night, Parker went to a Salvation Army charity event at the Urban Sports & Cultural Center for people displaced by the Blip which was hosted by May Parker. May had Parker come as Spider-Man, in which he wore his Iron Spider Armor, and talked to the news crews and reporters. After they were done, they went to the backroom, where Parker and May high-fived and were greeted by Happy Hogan, who gave May a large check from Stark Industries for her charity. Hogan told Parker to answer his phone went it rang, but Parker ignored it after seeing the caller was "Nick Fury". After going back out a second time to answer the media's questions, Parker became overwhelmed when he was bombarded with questions if he was going to take up the mantle and what would happen if the aliens came back. This led Parker to leave the event and hop outside onto the roof, where he saw a Iron Man mural painted opposite the building.

Peter Parker at his apartment

The next day, Parker packed for his school trip in his and May's new apartment. While he was packing, May surprised him by throwing a banana at him and for her to teasingly ask where his "Peter Tingle" was. Parker hugged May and continued packing, deciding to leave his Spider-Man suits and armor at home.[26]

Peter Parker’s Identity Crisis

Peter Parker's Identity Exposed

Spider-Man swings and runs throughout New York City

After his trip, Peter Parker was driven back to New York City by May Parker and returned home. A week later, he asked both her and Happy Hogan if they were in a relationship. May denied it, but Hogan seemed to believe they were. Parker left the awkward conversation and in his new upgraded suit, glided, swung, and ran on top of buildings throughout the city. He then met with Michelle Jones and took her out for a swing throughout the city. Parker then landed in Madison Square Garden where Jones admitted she didn't want to swing again.[26]

Spider-Man sees the news

Parker said his goodbyes and jumped on top of a pole, where he watched as NY1 came on the large screens and had The Daily Bugle on the program which played edited footage of the Mysterio's death and exposed Parker's identity as Spider-Man to the public, much to his horror.[27][28]

Aftermath of Peter Parker's Identity Revealed

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Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

Runes of Kof-Kol

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Battle at the Alexander Hamilton Bridge

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Battle at Happy Hogan’s Condominium

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Battle of Liberty Island

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Peter Parker’s Independence

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Clint Barton’s Mission

Stane Tower Incident

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Clint Barton's Family Trip

Rogers: The Musical

In December 2024, Clint Barton brought his daughter and two sons to New York City for an early Christmas trip. While there, Barton was invited to see the new Broadway show, Rogers: The Musical, at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. However, the show made Barton uncomfortable due to its over the top performance, inaccurate historical portrayal of the events, and constant reminders of Natasha Romanoff. He left halfway through the show to use the bathroom, seeing graffiti there in support of the Snap, and went outside to get some air.

Clint Barton and his children have dinner

He was shortly joined by his children and opted to leave the theater. Instead, they went out to get dinner at a Chinese restaurant. After they finished eating, the waiter told Barton his meal was on the house due to his role in saving New York City twice.[29]

Attack on the Black Market Auction

Kate Bishop speaks to her mother at the Gala

Concurrently, Kate Bishop returned to her mother's penthouse on break from college and was introduced by her mother to Jack Duquesne, her new fiancee. Bishop was surprised by this and was told to get dressed for a charity gala that was being held that night. At the gala, Bishop was reacquainted with Armand Duquesne III and met Armand Duquesne VII. Dusquesne III accidentally told her that her mother was going to get married to Dusquesne, leading Bishop to ask her mother about it. Needing fresh air, Bishop left and went outside where she met a golden retriever. Bishop returned inside and followed Dusquesne III to the hotel's cellar where she witnessed a black market auction taking place. Items being auctioned were Ronin's suit and sword, and a Rolex watch.

Kate Bishop wearing the Ronin suit

As Bishop watched the auction, she witnessed the explosion set off, and the arrival of the Tracksuit Mafia. As the auction goers dispersed, Bishop ran into the room and took the suit, putting it on to fend off the Mafia. Duquesne also acquired the sword in the confusion. Bishop fought off the Mafia before running outside through the back door and spotted the golden retriever fighting one of the Mafia. As the rest of the Mafia ran after Bishop, she watched as the retriever ran into the street, and ran after him to save him from the traffic. Kazi Kazimierczak watched as they fled the scene. Afterwards, Bishop and the retriever made their escape back to Bishop's apartment. Back at Bishop's apartment, she fed the retriever pizza from her refrigerator and set off to investigate Dusquesne III. She tracked down his location using her app and upon arriving at the Duquesne Brownstone, found out that Duquesne III had been murdered. Quickly leaving the scene, NY1 crews reported on the attack of the black market auction and Duquesne III's death, snapping footage of Bishop in the Ronin suit.[29]

The Archers Meet

Clint Barton meets Kate Bishop

Clint Barton took his children to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center before returning to their hotel. As they got settled in, they turned the television on and saw the news with Pat Kiernan reporting on the recent events that night. Barton, immediately became alarmed upon seeing that his suit was back out in the public, and left the hotel to deal with it. He tracked down Kate Bishop, who was outside the Brownstone and had been ambushed by the Tracksuit Mafia. Barton fended the Mafia off, before taking Bishop into an alleyway and learned of her identity.[29]

Kate Bishop's apartment is set on fire

Barton took Bishop, who was in shock to see her idol, to her apartment and met her retriever, before telling her to get changed and asked where she had gone in the Ronin suit. As she told him she had dropped her retriever there prior to the ambush, Barton then looked out the window and saw that the Mafia had arrived. They threw a Molotov cocktail inside, which started a fire in the kitchen. After another was thrown in, Barton caught it and threw it back at the Mafia. After another was thrown, Bishop used her bow and arrow to shoot it, as well as fire extinguisher. Barton then led her and the retriever to safety through a vent.

Clint Barton helps Kate Bishop out

Barton, Bishop, and the retriever went to the subway station and took a train to another part of the city where they got off and went to a store to get medical supplies. Bishop then brought them to her aunt's apartment where she told them they would be safe. Barton told Bishop to stay there and he left to retrieve the Ronin suit at her apartment. When he arrived, the Fire Department of New York City were there putting out the fires. He quickly infiltrated, donning a firefighter suit, and went inside, but found the suit to be missing. He then left and on his way out, noticed a New York City Live Action Role Players sticker on the back of an ambulance. He returned to the apartment and helped Bishop dress her wounds. Later that night, he saw on social media, that one of the LARPers was in possession of the Ronin suit.

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop walking through Times Square

The next morning, Barton went back to the hotel and got a transport car to take his children to the airport. After he saw them off, he returned to the apartment, where Bishop was watching a NY1 report on how the New York City Police Department was now investigating Armand Duquesne III's death and how she could be involved. When she told Barton she wanted to go to work, he escorted her through Times Square, where they witnessed cosplayers dressed as Ant-Man and fictional characters, to the Bishop Security Headquarters. Barton gave Bishop his number, but for only emergency use, and left to find the suit. Bishop then went inside and found her mother in her office with Jack Duquesne. While there, Bishop received a phone call from Detective Caudle.

Clint Barton meets the NYC LARPers

Barton went to Central Park and found the LARPers in their section of the park. Barton asked Missy at the front entrance about entering, but she told him he would have to participate and follow the rules, as they were fighting until midnight. Barton reluctantly donned a costume and participated half-heartedly until he met Grills, who was wearing the suit. Barton asked for it, but Grills pleaded with him to let him wear it as he won. Afterwards, Barton received the suit back and decided to store it in a locker room for insurance purposes.

Kate Bishop dueling Jack Duquesne

That night, Bishop returned to the Bishop Residence for dinner and afterwards, challenged Duquesne to a fencing duel. During the duel, she became frustrated, thinking that he was involved in the criminal world, and tried to parry his cheek, but was quickly stopped due to Duquesne's master swordmanship. Bishop then was offered a butterscotch, but rejected it and left the house, as she believed Duquesne had murdered his late uncle. She then took a taxi to find Barton, tracking his location down using her app.[30]

Captured and Escape of the Tracksuit Mafia

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton meet Maya Lopez

Clint Barton proceeded to get caught by the Tracksuit Mafia and taken in their van to the KB Toys Store. The Mafia then asked Barton where Kate Bishop was, and to both of their surprise, Bishop fell through the roof of the warehouse and landed before them. The Mafia then tied Barton and Bishop to amusement park machines.[30] The next morning, Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak approached them. Lopez asked what Barton was doing there and using Kazimierczak as a translator said he was there to tell them that Bishop was not Ronin. He told them Ronin was dead, but not believing this, Lopez attacked Bishop. When she was held back, Barton took the opportunity and broke out of his restraints to flee.

Clint Barton fighting the Tracksuit Mafia

Barton managed to evade the Mafia before getting confronted by Lopez, who proceeded to break his hearing aid. Barton then recovered his bow and arrow and swiftly defeated the Mafia, as well as breaking Bishop out of her restraints. Bishop fought off Kazimierczak and another Mafia before regrouping with Barton. The two then ran out of the warehouse into the parking lot, where they hopped into a vehicle.

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop take aim together on Manhattan Bridge

Barton drove the car, as Bishop used his bow and arrows to fight off the Mafia, who were in pursuit in four vehicles. Bishop used Barton's trick arrows, one sending purple putty on the windshield, another causing one of the vans to explode, and another to tie Christmas trees from Rosie's Christmas Trees to the vehicle in a cable. Barton gave Bishop a trick arrow that caused the stoplights of an intersection to fall off due to acid. When they made it to Manhattan Bridge, Bishop retrieved her bow from Lopez's car and used it to cause her car's engine to stop. Barton and Bishop then got out of their car and Barton told Bishop to shoot at a trick arrow he was going to shoot. He shot the arrow containing Pym Particles and it caused the other arrow to enlarge massively, causing half of the Mafia's truck to fall off. The two then made their escape off the Bridge.[31]


Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, and Lucky

The next day, Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, and Lucky went to see an audiologist in order for Barton to get a new hearing aid. They got there early and waited outside. When the woman came, she took the damaged hearing aid and within minutes returned with a new one. The three then went to Cranky Pete's Deli for breakfast. During their meal, Bishop asked Barton more about Ronin's identity and told him she had an idea for a branding solution. Barton wasn't convinced and afterwards, they went walking in Central Park. While riding in the taxi, Bishop told Barton that she wanted to take him to the Bishop Residence where she could use the Bishop Security database. They arrived and Bishop found out information regarding Kazi Kazimierczak and as she looked up Jack Duquesne, she was locked out. Barton then found Duquesne who held his Ronin sword at him.[31]

Jack Duquesne and Eleanor Bishop ask Kate Bishop and Clint Barton questions

Bishop arrived in the room, as well as Eleanor Bishop, who asked what they were doing there. After sitting down at the table, Bishop explained she and Barton were working together. When Barton was escorted out by Eleanor, she told him that she didn't want her daughter to get hurt and asked if he'd drop the case. He replied he couldn't drop the case, but could ensure Bishop's safety. Eleanor then called an unknown person saying it was urgent that they talk. She then told Bishop about an upcoming party and asked for her help, in which Bishop declined, but became amused after she saw her mother and Duquesne dance.

Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and Lucky celebrate

Barton asked his wife to look up Sloan Limited and after finding out that Duquesne was the CEO, told her that he would look for the Rolex watch. He then returned to apartment and got some icepacks to recover, until Bishop and Lucky returned with pizza and Christmas festivities. They ate pizza, wore ugly sweaters, made slushies, decorated the Christmas tree, and watched Christmas movies. Barton also showed Bishop a new trick, something that she thoroughly enjoyed learning. Afterwards, they sat down and Barton relayed his time that he saved Natasha Romanoff instead of killing her. Bishop then asked about the Blip, learning that he had lost his family, and deducing he was Ronin. Barton suggested they get sleep and so, Bishop and Lucky went to their bedroom, while he tried to get some sleep.

Kate Bishop and Lucky meet the NYC LARPers

The next day, Barton tasked Bishop with retrieving his arrows. Bishop and Lucky then went to Central Park and found the NYC LARPers. Bishop told them what she was there for and was told by Wendy Conrad, the NYPD officer present, that they would help retrieve the arrows. Meanwhile, Barton found Kazi Kazimierczak at the Fat Man Auto Repair and told him to tell Maya Lopez to stop her search for Ronin.

Kate Bishop at Maya Lopez's apartment

Bishop and Lucky were taken to one of the LARPers' apartments and were met by Barton, who was greeted by Grills. Bishop told Missy she would like her to make her and Barton's new suits, as Conrad returned with the bag of arrows. Barton received the address of the Rolex and told Bishop they had to go, leaving Lucky with the LARPers. They then went to the address and Bishop went inside and found the Rolex, finding out that she was in Lopez's apartment. On the roof of the building across the apartment, Barton was attacked by a masked assailiant, just as Bishop was attacked by Lopez.

Clint Barton tells Kate Bishop to go home

Barton supplied Bishop with a zipline and she made her way over and joined the fight against the assailant. Lopez joined shortly after. During the fight, Bishop was flung over the side, but was saved by Barton. She joined the fight again and shot a shockwave trick arrow, separating the assailant and Lopez from Barton. After shooting Lopez with an arrow, she left and Barton got the upper hand on the assailant, revealing the person to be Yelena Belova. Belova then fled the scene, and Bishop was told by Barton to go home as it was not safe anymore for her to continue with him.[32]

Battle at Rockefeller Center

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Darkhold Campaign

Christine Palmer’s Wedding

In 2025, Christine Palmer and Charlie had their wedding ceremony at a church in New York City. Doctor Strange attended and sat next to Nicodemus West in a pew, who asked him questions regarding the Snap and Blip. Strange then watched as Palmer became officially married to Charlie. Afterwards, the wedding reception was held at another location, a fancy restaurant at a high-scale building. Strange attended the reception and spoke with Palmer, congratulating her.[12]

Attack in New York City

America Chavez, a supernatural being from another universe, appeared via star-shaped portal in New York City and left the corpse of Defender Strange on a rooftop. She then wandered through the streets only to be chased by an invisible being. This caused cars to crash and the streets to be filled with panic as people ran. Doctor Strange became aware of this and left the reception, leaping off the balcony and flying over to the action. He watched as Chavez ran into a bus and as the bus was lifted off the ground. He used his spell to lift the invisibility and revealed Gargantos, an one-eyed tentacled being from within the Multiverse. Strange tried to combat it, but was knocked out. Chavez then became captured, but was saved by Wong. However, Gargantos grabbed Wong instead. Strange returned and freed Wong and together combatted Gargantos. Eventually, Strange was able to use his magic to remove a lamppost and stick into Gargantos’s eye, killing him instantly.

Strange and Wong then demanded to know who Chavez was, but she ran away. They found her and took her to a nearby restaurant so she could talk. She explained she was being chased and expressed interest when told about Spider-Man. She told them she could travel the Multiverse, but they remained skeptical.

Not believing her, Strange and Wong were taken to a rooftop and shown the corpse of Defender Strange. Chavez introduced herself and when Wong commented that the markings on Gargantos and Strange weren’t sorcery, Strange stated it was witchcraft.[12]

That night, New York City experienced a thunderstorm. Strange dreamwalked into Defender Strange’s body. He then broke out of the dirt and stood up, appearing zombified. He then used Defender Strange’s Sling-Ring to open an Inter-Dimensional Portal and leave New York City.[12]

Doctor Strange’s Recruitment

Doctor Strange returned to the New York Sanctum and fixed his wrist watch. After doing so, he placed it in a drawer in his room and went outside for a walk. However, as he crossed a sidewalk, he doubled over and screamed as a third eye emerged in his forehead.

Sometime later, Strange went for another walk and was approached by Clea, a woman from another dimension, who asked him for help. She used her magic to slice open an opening through the fabric of reality into the Dark Dimension, causing nearby people to run in fear. Strange agreed and went with her.[12]

Alternate Universes

Time Heist

"If you pick the right year, there are three stones in New York."
Natasha Romanoff to Tony Stark and Bruce Banner[src]

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Loki's Conquest

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Grindhouse Releasing Dimension

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Animated Dimension

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1930s Dimension

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Dimension 838

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Incursion Destroyed Universe

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