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"The world has been forever changed. A few months ago, billions of people reappeared after five years away, sending the world into turmoil. We need new heroes. Ones suited for the times we're in."
Sam Wilson

New World Order is the first episode of the first season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes realize that their futures are anything but normal.


As Sam Wilson examines Captain America's shield before placing it in a circular bag, he recalls the last conversation he had with Steve Rogers: he felt the shield belonged to someone else.

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Six months after the Battle of Earth, in the skies above Tunisia, the U.S. Air Force sends Wilson to rescue Captain Vassant after his abduction by the terrorist organization LAF, with First Lieutenant Joaquín Torres providing ground assistance. Wilson intercepts a plane hijacked by Georges Batroc and his forces. While attempting to retrieve Vassant inside, the resulting firefight ends up killing LAF's sole pilot, dooming the aircraft. Batroc's troops retain hold on Vassant as they all disembark the plane, with Wilson following them. Batroc's aerial reinforcements arrive in an attempt to disrupt Wilson, damaging his Falcon suit. Batroc's forces board their exfil with Vassant, aiming to reach the Libya border to prevent the U.S. Military from legally continuing their assault. As Torres prepares to fall back, Wilson successfully rescues Vassant and forces Batroc to the ground.

While in a Tunisian city, Wilson repairs his suit as Torres debriefs him about a new group of anarchists calling themselves the "Flag Smashers," looking to revert the world to its inter-Blip state. Returning to Washington, D.C., Wilson retires the late Rogers' shield to the Smithsonian, wanting to preserve and celebrate his legacy. He meets with James Rhodes as the two ponder about the Blip's effect on the world: alliances broken, with nobody remaining "stable."

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In a nightmare, Bucky Barnes revisits his days as the Winter Soldier, single-handedly ambushing a group of men. A young, innocent bystander nearby fails to escape and pleads for his life to the Winter Soldier before being shot dead. In the present, while in pardon-mandated therapy, Barnes is reluctant to confess to Dr. Christina Raynor about his recurring nightmares. When Raynor threatens to report Barnes' behavior, Barnes reveals that as part of his process of "making amends," he was able to track down and detain a HYDRA member whom the Winter Soldier helped get elected to Congress. Inspecting his phone, Raynor discovers that Barnes has minimal contacts and has been ignoring texts from Wilson. Barnes confesses that after 90 years of constant combats, he seeks a life of peace, but Raynor urges him to reject isolation.

In the streets of Brooklyn, New York City, Barnes breaks up a fight involving Yori Nakajima and his neighbor. While having lunch, Nakajima goads Barnes into dating Leah, a waitress working at the restaurant. Observing the red bean mochi, Nakajima soon breaks down in memory of his late son, noting that it was his favorite food. He mentions to Barnes that his son was murdered while working abroad, which troubles him.

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Wilson drives down to Delacroix, Louisiana to meet up with his sister Sarah, a survivor of the Blip who has maintained her struggling seafood business. As Sarah prepares to sell the family boat, Sam urges her to take out a loan to repair it and turn their financial situation around.

Meanwhile, Barnes meets up with Leah in the evening for their date. The two share details about their lives, although Barnes dodges the questions that cover his past. It was not until Leah began bringing up Nakajima's son to Barnes that he abruptly left the eatery and attended to Nakajima at his apartment. There, he noticed a photograph of a young man on Nakajima's shrine: the bystander whom the Winter Soldier had shot dead in the past. Barnes flees.

In Switzerland, Torres continues to track down the Flag Smashers when he finds a group sliding on masks. Confused, Torres puts one on, but it soon became apparent that he has wandered into the middle of a robbery led by the same terrorist organization he was searching for. A local cop attempts to arrest the masked Torres, but he is able to escape. A Flag Smasher is shown knocking away a cop with superhuman force. When Torres attempts to confront the terrorist, he is knocked unconscious.

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At the bank, Sam and Sarah Wilson are denied a loan, forcing Sam to fix the boat himself, although his efforts prove fruitless. A recovered Torres sends him footage of the Switzerland incident. As Sam observes the video, Sarah alerts him to the television for a WHiH World News breaking report: the U.S. Government has appointed a new Captain America, one who "embodies America's greatest values". Sam watches in anger and confusion as he sees an unknown man brandish Rogers' shield.


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