"People in this city have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to things out of convenience. And the people in this station house are people too, but you are forcing them to pay attention."
Kenneth Fuchs to Brigid O'Reilly[src]

The New Orleans Police Department Station is the main police station in New Orleans.


Assassination of Billy Johnson

Chief Watts met with Otis, Adina and Tyrone Johnson in the police station to inform them that the body of their son and brother Billy had been found on the shore. Watts also displayed footage of Tyrone stealing from a car. Although no one seemed to believe him, Tyrone kept claiming that Billy had actually been shot and murdered by a detective. However, Watts told Tyrone that the policeman he described was nowhere to be found and the Johnsons left the police station.[1]

Investigation on Connors

"You should definitely find out who he is. Maybe go to the station house."
"I can't walk into a police station."
"Why not?"
"I watched one of them shoot my brother."
Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson[src]

Years later, Tyrone Johnson returned to the New Orleans Police Department Station, allegedly to report the theft of his bike, although he had actually began working on a plan to have Detective James Connors arrested for the murder of his brother Billy Johnson. Officer Hannigan took Johnson to his desk and briefly left to find a form, but Johnson soon found himself overwhelmed in this environment and quickly left the place.[2]

Johnson returned later and met with Detective Brigid O'Reilly, who he had been told about by Tandy Bowen. Johnson told O'Reilly that he wanted to have Connors arrested for the death of his brother and that he had also witnessed Connors being involved in drug dealing. O'Reilly admitted that she suspected Connors of being involved in illegal activities and told Johnson that she would investigate, so Johnson left the police station.

Later, O'Reilly was approached by her colleague and boyfriend Kenneth Fuchs while still working on her computer. O'Reilly detailed her suspicions to Fuchs and decided to attract Connors' intention. She went to interrogate Liam Walsh, who she had in custody since she had arrested him a few days ago, and thanks to him got a way of finding drugs she brought back into the station.

O'Reilly then isolated herself in the evidence room and began snorting lines of coke. Connors found her and told her that he would not arrest her. Both of them then used the drugs and Connors told O'Reilly that they should work together.[3] O'Reilly maintained her investigation, arresting and interrogating several drug dealers in the police station.

Later, Connors came to see O'Reilly at her desk. O'Reilly explained to him where her investigation had taken her. Connors offered to help and suggested to go and patrol the city. O'Reilly accepted and they both left the police station under Fuchs' worried eyes.[4]

O'Reilly returned into the police station after an ambush on her during which she killed Duane Porter. As she noticed that many in the police station stared at her, Connors called her to check an identikit of Johnson, who had witnessed the ambush, he had had made by Suzy.

Once Connors was tricked into confessing the murder of Billy and was arrested, O'Reilly and Fuchs brought him back to the police station. O'Reilly made sure that the recording of the confession was kept in the evidence room and Connors was suspensed during the investigation.[5] Otis, Adina and Tyrone Johnson were then called to the police station by Chief Duchamp to inform them of the recent developments.

Bowen later came to the police station to greet Walsh, who she had bailed out.[6]

Terrors Invasion

"You okay in here?"
"I will be. As soon as I find the mercy bullets."
Cloak and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Brigid O'Reilly and Tyrone Johnson were taken to the police station after being arrested since O'Reilly tried to help Johnson to escape. They were locked in a storage room under Officer Lafayette's watch, but they eventuallmy managed to convince him to release them. However, before Lafayette could proceed, James Connors arrived and had his two prisoners taken out of his cell, intending to murder them elsewhere.

As they all made their way to the exit, the police station was attacked by a Terror, as there was a massive frenzy going around New Orleans. Although the Terror was taken down, one officer was infected and more Terrors burst into the police station, causing a battle between the Terrors and the NOPD. Taking advantage of the situation, Johnson and O'Reilly retreated into the weapons room, where Johnson retrieved his cloak.

Cloak then helped the NOPD officers to fight against the Terrors. Eventually, he was overrun by the Terrors, with his cloak being torn apart, and he ended up teleporting away from the police station to join Dagger. Ultimately, the Terror outburst faded out and the battle in the police station was ended.[7]


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