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"This is an impossible city."
"One disaster after the next. New Orleans always comes back."
Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess[src]

New Orleans is the largest city of the state of Louisiana.


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Dueling Capital of the World

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Battle of New Orleans

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In 1988, a student from Northwestern State University were burned alive, and the New Orleans Police Department took a long time to connect the bodies to the students who had been reported missing. The police department began to face criticism for their handling of the situation. Months later, Marduk Helstrom killed two college students in a similar way, and their bodies were more quickly identified. The police department acknowledged frustrations about not being able to identify the killer, and colleges began organizing ways to help students feel safer as they had become uncomfortable. The New Orleans Gazette published an article about the second murder,[1] which Louise Hastings obtained while looking for information about Helstrom in order to do a proper psychological analysis about his children.[2]

Meeting Rambeau Family

Louisiana (1995).png

After her time as a test pilot in the United States Air Force, Maria Rambeau became a mechanic fixing planes in New Orleans. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury visited her in her residence much to her surprise, as she presumed Danvers to be dead after a plane crash. They were interrupted by Skrulls offering to help Danvers regain her memories of the crash. After Danvers remembered what had happened and Talos convinced her that the Kree were the real aggressors, they formed an alliance to help Skrull refugees. Norex modified the Quadjet Danvers and Fury had stolen to be able to travel to space, and the group headed out to Mar-Vell's Laboratory.[3]

Celebrating Victory

Carol Danvers and her friends celebrate their victory

Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau and the Skrulls returned to Rambeau's house to celebrate their victory over the Kree. After enjoying a dinner with her friends, Danvers then decided she would go help the Skrulls find a new home far away from the Kree, and she said goodbye to everybody on Earth, bidding Maria and Monica a farewell.[3]

Collapse of the Roxxon Oil Platform

One day, a young Tandy Bowen was at a ballet class struggling to master the techniques meanwhile Tyrone Johnson was plotting to steal a car stereo for his brother. As rain began to engulf the entire city, Tandy was picked up by her father and the two began driving home for the night. After Tyrone stole the radio, he brought it to his brother because he believed that Billy could not carry through with the task. Once Billy saw the radio, he decided that he and Tyrone would take it back to avoid getting in trouble. However, right when they decided to take it back, the cops stopped them and began chasing them.

While the Bowen's were on a bridge over Lake Borgne, Tyrone and Billy were running away from the cops to avoid being caught were eventually cornered at a harbor on the edge of Lake Borgne. Meanwhile, Nathan Bowen was on the phone and driving, and Detective James Connors had Tyrone and Billy at gunpoint, the Roxxon Gulf Platform exploded. The explosion caused Nathan to swerve out of control and off of the bridge, and it also caused Detective Connors to shoot an unarmed Billy Johnson. As Tandy sunk deeper into Lake Borgne, Tyrone jumped into the water to save his dead brother. However as both of them struggled, Tandy and Tyrone were both hit with an unknown explosion of energy that originated from the Gulf Platform. Afterward, their powers manifested for the first time and Tyrone was able to teleport Tandy through the Dark Dimension to get her out of the sinking car.

The next morning, Tandy woke up on a beach on Lake Borgne holding Tyrone's hand. She stole his jacket to stay warm and accidentally left her ballet shoe behind. Tyrone woke up soon after she had left and found her ballet shoe.

Tyrone, Otis Johnson, and Adina Johnson were at the New Orleans Police Department Station and the police officer claimed that Billy was not shot and under the influence of drugs when he was found in the Lake. Tyrone tried to tell his parents the truth, but they didn't believe him.

After the collapse, Roxxon Corporation sent people to retrieve all of their research from the Bowen Residence because they blamed the explosion on Nathan. [4]

Steel Serpent's Sales

New Orleans was the hometown of one of the Hand's clients that bought their Steel Serpent using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[5]

Partners in Crime

One night, Tandy Bowen returned to a club which she frequents to scam and steal from richer men. She eventually spotted Rick Cotton, and decided to flirt with him until he would take her home. As Rick poured Tandy drinks, she suggested that they have a house party at his place and he agreed and the two went home. As the two drank they listened to music and began kissing before Tandy slowed him down. As Cotton kept insisting that they were to keep going, Tandy bragged that she was about to rob him right before he passed out from a drug that was surreptitiously slipped into his drink. After Cotton knocked out, Liam Walsh joined his girlfriend and the two began to rob the place of prescription medicine, valuables, ballet tickets, and a white dress. After being dropped off by her boyfriend, Tandy snuck into the abandoned church that she lives in. As she got ready for bed, she did some drugs before listening to music and going to bed.

The next day, Tandy and Liam went to a pawn shop to sell their stolen items, but the two didn't make as much money as Tandy had hoped for. Then Liam mentioned a party in Culper Woods that the two can go to, to steal more stuff. Once Tandy decided to go to the party, she went home to stash some of her drugs and money for safekeeping before leaving.[4]

Home Troubles

During a basketball game, Tyrone Johnson was being yelled out by his coach for not performing as well as he should. In the middle of the game, one of the opposing players pushed Tyrone down and didn't get fouled for it. After a while, this upset Tyrone so he punched the player who knocked him down. Tyrone then began beating on the kid before being pulled away by his team and getting disapproving looks from his parents.

When he got home, Tyrone was immediately sent to bed by his parents. While he was in his room, he was listening to his parents argue in his house which prompted him to put on headphones to drown it out. The next morning, Evita Fusilier tracked Tyrone down in St. Sebastian's Preparatory School to tell him about a party in the woods that he should go to as well.[4]

Powers Manifesting


Once Tyrone Johnson arrived at the party, Tandy Bowen bumped into him and spilled her drink on him as part of her con. Bowen then flirted with him as she cleaned him up so she can pickpocket his wallet. After excusing herself to go find a better towel, Bowen went to go find Liam Walsh and regroup. Evita Fusilier then found Johnson and asked him to go buy her a drink. However, when he tried to bring out his wallet, he noticed it was missing and immediately sought out Bowen who he believed stole it. He then began to chase after her, until they arrived at a graveyard. Once the two touched, their powers manifested and knocked them both back. Bowen's hand began glowing, meanwhile Darkforce began surrounding Johnson, much to their confusion. After the initial shock, they both recognized each other from the beach after the storm. Johnson grabbed Bowen and asked who she was but she ended up screaming and being teleported away.[4]

Inconvenient Teleportation


After the party, Tyrone went straight home and went to bed. However, his newly activated powers teleported him onto a building with a sign of the Roxxon Corporation in the middle of downtown. After getting down to the street, Tyrone saw Detective Connors and he decided to begin hunting for justice. Only wearing his sheets from his bed, Tyrone struggled to get a ride home from a cab and was forced to walk. Back at home, Tyrone started to research who Detective Connors was in order to kill him. Adina Johnson then went into his room and began yelling at Tyrone for skipping school until the argument concluded on amicable terms. Once the argument was over, Tyrone went to bed however his powers activated again and he was sent into the trunk of Detective Connors car.

Waking up disoriented in his trunk, Tyrone found a tire iron and a bag of cocaine. Once Connors opened the trunk, Tyrone threw the cocaine at his face and knocked him down with the iron before running away. Once he got into an abandoned building, Tyrone hid until Connors grabbed him and he got a vision of his worst fear. Confused, Connors wasn't paying attention and Tyrone was able to slip away briefly. Connors then continued to shoot at Tyrone until Tyrone used a tarp to teleport back to his room, much to his relief.[4]

On the Run

Tandy was in her mom's house before her mom arrived and began drinking. Melissa began talking about her plans to take down Roxxon before touching Tandy and inadvertently giving her a vision of her hopes. Tandy saw her mom helping her with her ballet shoes and spending time with her husband. Later that night, Tandy went to attend the ballet that she stole the tickets for. She watched the show from on top of the stage to avoid attention. Once leaving the show, Rick Cotton and his friends forced Tandy into an alley where they would get their revenge. Rick began to sexually assault her, while Tandy struggled to fight back. Once she decided to not give up, Tandy summoned a dagger and stabbed Rick with it which hospitalized him. Later at the church, Tandy kept trying to summon more daggers but couldn't manage it before giving up and going to bed.[4]

Visions of Hope and Fear

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Sam Wilson's Return

"I'm around here more than you. I'm always reppin' NOLA."
Sam Wilson to Carlos[src]

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