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"Director Fury wants me in New Mexico."
"Fantastic. Land of Enchantment."
"So I'm told."
Phil Coulson and Tony Stark[src]

New Mexico is a state located in the southwest and western regions of the United States of America.


Manhattan Project

The town of Los Alamos in New Mexico was the primary location of the development of the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, where Robert Oppenheimer and his crew developed the first Atomic Bombs.[1]

Alamogordo Tests

"You're an experiment. You're going to Alamogordo."
"The serum worked."
"I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough."
Chester Phillips and Steve Rogers[src]

Alamogordo was the location of a facility run by the Strategic Scientific Reserve during World War II. Chester Phillips tried to send Steve Rogers to Alamogordo in an attempt to reproduce the Super Soldier Serum, as Abraham Erskine was killed by HYDRA. With all samples of the serum destroyed, and its formula never written by Erskine to avoid it falling in the wrong hands, analyzing Rogers' blood in Alamogordo was the only hope to quickly reproduce the results of Project Rebirth.[2]

Atmospheric Disturbances

Puente Antiguo

"I haven't seen readings like this since..."
"New Mexico?"
Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis[src]

Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, and Darcy Lewis arrived at Puente Antiguo in order to study unusual atmospheric phenomena in the outskirts of the city.[3]

Thor's Arrival on Earth

"You! What realm is this? Alfheim, Niflheim?"
"New Mexico?"
Thor and Darcy Lewis[src]

In 2010, Jane Foster was convinced that a series of seventeen patterned atmospheric disturbances detected in New Mexico were related to her investigation. However, Erik Selvig was rather skeptical about the phenomena, and tried to persuade Foster into giving up those studies. While arguing, they witnessed a disturbance bigger than the previous ones, and tried to approach the disturbance in order to film it.

Thor arrives on Earth

They were caught in what appeared to be a tornado provoked by a dimensional portal caused during Thor's banishment to Earth, which transported Thor to the desert, where he wandered a few seconds before being hit by Foster's RV. Foster tended a seemingly unharmed but confused Thor, who tried to contact Odin and Heimdall to open again the Bifrost Bridge, and questioned Foster, Selvig, and Lewis about his current location, using terms that they did not understand. Scared for his behavior, Lewis tazed Thor. They then took him to the County Hospital in Puente Antiguo but Thor, thinking that he was endangered, attacked the doctors and other personnel, until he was sedated and restrained.[3]


"I thought Sitwell was on Banner."
"He was, but I had to send him to New Mexico."
"Because I got an alien object in New Mexico, that's why!"
Natasha Romanoff and Nick Fury[src]

Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell, who were tasked by S.H.I.E.L.D. with observing Tony Stark and Bruce Banner[4] respectively, were reassigned to New Mexico following the crash landing of Mjølnir.[5]

Phil Coulson in New Mexico

Traveling through New Mexico at night, Coulson stopped at a Roxxon gas station, where he witnessed two robbers attempting to steal the money. Coulson neutralized both robbers, paid for his donuts with the shocked store clerk, and recommended for her to contact the police.[6]

Coulson gathered all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stationed at outpost in Roswell to brief them about the nature of their operation. The agents were assigned to perform vigilance and study on a site located about twenty miles outside of Puente Antiguo, and also to do intel reconnaissance within town limits. Coulson warned the agents about their need for civility during their mission and resorting to the use of authority only when absolutely necessary. Coulson finished his speech reasserting his confidence that they would be able to manage the situation even though they were not certain about what will be found on site.[7]

Thor's Exile

"Well, our data can't tell us what it was like to be inside that event, and he can. So, we're gonna find him."
"Okay, so you're gonna look all over New Mexico?"
Jane Foster and Erik Selvig[src]

The following morning, Jane Foster and Erik Selvig were reviewing the data of the phenomena, and found similarities with an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or more commonly known, a wormhole, even having an image of a group of constellations not visible from Earth. However, Darcy Lewis found a more interesting image, a humanoid form descending from the storm, and Foster realized that Thor may have come from the wormhole. Meanwhile, restraiend Thor awoke at the Puente Antiguo County Hospital and managed to free himself before Foster and her coworkers arrived, only to be hit again with the RV when leaving the hospital.

A trucker driving towards the crater

A trucker located the crater where the Mjølnir fell to Earth in the outskirts of Puente Antiguo, but as he was unable to lift it, he brought together many members of the neighboring towns, organizing outdoor barbecues, and lifting contests to try to lift the hammer. However, Mjølnir did not move even with the use of trucks and machines.[3]

Phil Coulson at the crater

Phil Coulson later arrived at the location, having been assigned to investigate the same atmospheric disturbances, and informed Nick Fury of his arrival.[8][3] Fury then contacted Clint Barton and assigned him as a reinforcement at what seemed to be an alien crash site. Barton eagerly accepted the assignment despite being the first day of his first holiday ever since he started working for S.H.I.E.L.D., while Coulson was establishing the S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site. Barton stopped at the same Roxxon gas station Coulson stopped the night before, coming across the police yellow tape and correctly guessing that a "guy in black suit" thwarted the theft.[7]

Thor at Isabela's Diner

Foster took Thor to her house, offering clothes from her ex-boyfriend, Donald Blake, and he asked to nurture his body. While eating at Isabela's Diner, Thor's customs clashed with behavior expected in such situations, and Foster, embarrassed, asked him to stop. They overheard a conversation between the townsfolk about what was believed as a satellite that fell from the sky and was confiscated by federal agents. Thor recognized they were talking about Mjølnir, and asked about its location. Thor promised to tell Foster everything she wanted to know about him in exchange for driving him to the crater site, but Selvig, worried about Foster's safety and recognizing the Norse myths behind Thor's backstory, warned her that Thor may be raving about those stories.

Foster then refused Thor's petition, and went to find that S.H.I.E.L.D. confiscated all her research and equipment. While Coulson offered a substantial compensation for the research, Foster complained about the seizure. Selvig knew that S.H.I.E.L.D. were only involved in serious topics, as he was familiar with Bruce Banner and his experience with S.H.I.E.L.D. that resulted in his vanishing. Selvig considered contacting Hank Pym and asking him for help, given his own experience with S.H.I.E.L.D., but his laptop was also confiscated by the agents.

Foster then accepted Thor's proposal, while he was trying to obtain a horse or any other mount, and drove him to the crater's location. On the way, Thor's continuous references to Earth being one of the Nine Realms made her suspicious, but Thor surprised her with an analogy between what she knew as Einstein-Rosen Bridge and his Bifrost Bridge.[3]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site

Thor's Infiltration

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site

At night, Thor and Jane Foster arrived at the location of Mjolnir, finding that S.H.I.E.L.D. erected a heavily guarded research station around the hammer. Thor asked Foster to stay hidden and promised to return her belongings after recovering Mjølnir. An electric storm began, caused by Mjølnir's reaction to Thor's presence, and it started jamming most of the electronic devices in the facility. Jasper Sitwell was ordered to alter the course of all commercial flights in the area, so they would not be affected by the interferences in an area denominated "event zone". Thor opened a hole in the fence, and knocked out two agents sent to check it.

Clint Barton prepares to shoot Thor

Before their unconscious bodies were discovered, Thor managed to enter the complex, but in a short amount of time, all agents were mobilized and a red alert code was declared. Worried, Foster called Erik Selvig to come to the crater site in one hour in case he did not have notice of her before. Thor managed to enter the corridors constructed around Mjølnir, easily knocking down many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents before approaching. Phil Coulson then ordered to place an armed observer in an elevated position, and Clint Barton fulfilled the order, taking a position to survey Thor's movements.

Thor can't lift Mjolnir

Thor had to fight a strong agent, who was able to hold his hand against Thor for a while; however Thor was able to defeat the agent. With Thor approaching Mjølnir, Barton was ordered not to act, as Coulson wanted to see what Thor would do with the hammer. However, the hammer deemed Thor unworthy of lifting it, and Thor, frustrated, saw that it did not move a bit while being surrounded by agents and subsequently arrested. Meanwhile, Foster reunited with Selvig and Darcy Lewis, while Selvig showed her a children's book about Norse mythology retrieved from the local library.[3]

Thor's Interrogation

Phil Coulson questions Thor

Phil Coulson started interrogating Thor, wanting to know where he received the training needed to subdue the multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents he defeated while trying to gain access to Mjølnir, as for Coulson, only mercenaries with similar or better training could have defeated them. As there are organizations that would pay large sums of money for a mercenary with Thor's skills, he demanded to know his identity, to no avail.

Loki appears

Loki appeared before Thor, and lied to him assuring that Odin died after Thor's banishment, and now Loki was the one who occupied the throne of Asgard. Thor, saddened to learn the news, asked to return to Asgard, and Loki lied again, saying that the peace with Jotunheim conditioned by the exile, and that Frigga had explicitly forbidden Thor's return. Loki parted ways with Thor, starting a change of heart about the actions that lead to his own exile. Loki tried to lift Mjølnir himself, but as Thor before him, he was deemed unworthy.[3] Meanwhile, Coulson and Clint Barton discussed how to find more about Thor's true identity, as Barton was able to see Jane Foster leaving the location, and realized that Thor was not alone and the people that were helping him may not know his true motivations.[7]

Erik Selvig takes Thor away

Coulson attended Erik Selvig, who came to the facility to try to pick up Thor, having faked an I.D. as Donald Blake, and he excused his acts as being angry for the confiscation of Foster's research, and he was able to defeat the agent due to the consumption of steroids. Coulson let Selvig depart with Thor to monitor his moves, and Thor, while leaving, retrieved Foster's confiscated book. Selvig and Thor went to a bar, and Thor admitted that this was the first time in his whole life that he did not know what to do.

Selvig, on the other hand, was just concerned over Foster's well-being, and tried to make Thor leave the town to protect her. Later, Thor brought a heavily drunk Selvig to Foster's mobile home, and Thor and Foster started talking on a rooftop about their encounters. Thor gave Foster her book, and encouraged her to continue her investigation despite S.H.I.E.L.D.'s interference, as she was right. Thor explained that the Nine Realms were a group of planets connected by a cosmic nimbus, Yggdrasil, as seen in the Hubble telescope, explaining a little history about the realms before Foster fell asleep.[3]

Arrival of the Destroyer

Phil Coulson witnesses the Destroyer's arrival

The next day, S.H.I.E.L.D. detected the energy caused by the Bifrost Bridge, and Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, and other agents went to the crater to check the place. They came across the Destroyer, sent by Loki with an order to make sure that Thor wouldn't return, destroying everything in its path, and the armor attacked the agents without mercy. Sitwell questioned if Tony Stark was somehow involved in the appearance of a dangerous metal giant, but Coulson replied that Stark does not keep him posted about anything.[3]

Coulson called for back-up on that location, and another team led by Clint Barton arrived along with the paramedics. Coulson ordered the paramedics to stabilize Delancey and Jackson, critically injured by the Destroyer, before tending to the other agents. Coulson then ordered the rest of the field agents to gather and return to the city in order to stop the Destroyer.[7]

Battle of Puente Antiguo

Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three

"She's a warrior. I saw her fight in New Mexico with Thor – climbed a giant metal killing machine, speared it with her double-bladed sword. It was pretty badass."
Phil Coulson to Melinda May[src]

The Asgardians, Sif and the Warriors Three, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun arrived in Puente Antiguo and found Thor with Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Erik Selvig.

The Destroyer arrives in Puente Antiguo

Witnessing the arrival of the Destroyer, an armor sent by Loki with an order to make sure that Thor would not return, destroying everything in its path, Thor, Foster, Selvig and Lewis tried to evacuate the civilians from the town, while Sif and the Warriors Three fought the Destroyer in order to buy some time for the evacuation. Sif almost defeated the armor climbing to its back and stabbing her sword through its neck, a feat that would be referenced by Coulson when meeting Sif again years later.[9] Despite their power, the Asgardians were no match for the armor, and it continued to destroy the city while looking for Thor.

Thor obtains Mjolnir

Thor, knowing the intentions of the Destroyer, sacrificed himself before it, pleading Loki to stop the attacks in order to save his friends and the other innocent people. This act proved his worthiness, and Mjølnir flew back to his hand, healing his injuries and restoring his power. With his strength and powers restored, Thor battled the Destroyer and managed to defeat it, rendering it useless and leaving it behind in Puente Antiguo.

Thor speaks with Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson arrived and tried to talk to Thor, who assured him that they fighting for the same cause, protecting the world, and they could count him as an ally if they return Foster's research. Coulson agreed, as S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted Foster to continue her research given the recent events.[3] Meanwhile, Clint Barton, who was diverted by one of Thor's lightning bolts during the battle, located the remains of the Destroyer in one of the streets of the city.[7]

Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Erik Selvig see Thor leave

They all arrived to the Bifrost site in the desert. Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three then departed back to Asgard, but not before Thor promising Foster that he would come back for her.[3] S.H.I.E.L.D. would later take the incapcitated Destroyed into custody and move it to S.H.I.E.L.D. Airbase in Roswell for further research.[7]

Sending in the Consultant

Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulson

Jasper Sitwell met with Phil Coulson at a diner, who informed him that while the World Security Council approved the Avengers Initiative, they requested the inclusion of Emil Blonsky as a member of the team. Sitwell came across an idea to send a patsy who could sabotage the mission and make Thaddeus Ross refuse the petition, offering himself as he had previous experience in playing a patsy. However, Coulson thought that what they needed was to send someone annoying, arrogant, abrasive, and with disdain for authority. Sitwell realized that one of the consultants that S.H.I.E.L.D. often employed gathered all those qualities, but Coulson strongly objected to call him. Sitwell returned to the diner after Tony Stark was sent to talk to General Ross, and Coulson informed him that their mission was a success, and Blonsky would remain in his cell.[10]

Further Research

"I've been hearing about the New Mexico situation. Your work has impressed a lot of people who are much smarter than I am."
"I had a lot to work with. The Foster theory, a gateway to another dimension... it's unprecedented. Isn't it?"
Nick Fury and Erik Selvig[src]

Jane Foster, saddened with Thor's departure, continued her research to look for him, this time with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s full support.[3] With help of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s scientist, Foster collected enough data to reproduce the same wormhole that was used by Thor to come to Earth. Foster contacted Erik Selvig at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility to ask for his opinion regarding the collected readings, but Foster and Darcy Lewis noticed that something was happening to Selvig.[11]

New Employees at the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility

Cybertek Manufacturing Facility

"So, basically, I've been here since day one. It started with me on my computer in a basement, and now look what we've grown into. We have twenty active systems, and we're growing fast."
Kyle Zeller to Jesse Fletcher[src]

The Cybertek established a manufacturing facility in New Mexico, where Kyle Zeller gave Jesse Fletcher a tour, explaining how their division rapidly expanded. Fletcher then revealed that he joined Cybertek because of the Incentives program, and Zeller continued to explain how his system would be activated, being the operator of a single unit and receiving an e-mail 24 hours before it went online. One of their co-workers informed Zeller that the units were in position, and Zeller seized the opportunity to use it as a lesson for Fletcher.

Zeller ran to his desk and witnessed how Phil Coulson and his team had entered the Barbershop Headquarters in Cuba, and the Centipede Soldiers had them surrounded. Zeller called John Garrett for instructions, and he subsequently ordered the handlers to have their soldiers attack Coulson and his team. However, Coulson and his team managed to escape from the ambush, and Zeller informed Garrett of the failure. However, before Zeller could obtain any answer, Garrett tossed his phone dismissing the news.[12]

Battle at Cybertek

Military Tour

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AoS122 0368.jpg
"Welcome to our cybernetics subsection. Where we design, manufacture and, with this, install our most advanced systems. Ladies and gentleman, this prototype can replace the severed limb of a soldier in minutes. With one ten times stronger, fully networked to the soldier's biometrics and to his optical targeting system."
Ian Quinn[src]

Ian Quinn conducted a tour through the facility with a group of representatives of the United States Armed Forces led by Jacobs and Jolnes, explaining how their cybernetics subsection designed, manufactured, and installed their prosthetics onto the new Deathlok Soldiers. Quinn detailed how the prototype machines could replace severed limbs in minutes with prosthetic legs and arms, that were full synchronized with their biometrics and to their optical targeting system.

Jacobs was not impressed by Quinn's explanations, and demanded to know specifics in order to finance the project, to which Quinn replied with their intention of building dozens of the machines used to install the prosthetics and increase the scale of Cybertek's surgery wing to produce 100 soldiers a day and replace all members of the Special Ops units, including the Navy SEALs and the Secret Service, with the excuse of offering security now the world was a dangerous place with the dismantling of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the rise of HYDRA.[12]

Break in the Facility

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"FitzSimmons' tracker crossed the ocean. It's in New Mexico."
Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson and Antoine Triplett arrived at the outskirts of the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, planning to steal a vehicle and infiltrate the compound, and located a heavily armored Humvee that would allow them to safely break a hole in the compound's security. Triplett used a Noisemaker to distract the Centipede Soldiers patrolling the outskirts, and managed to defeat two soldiers and take control of the Humvee, crashing through the doors with the vehicle and withstanding the gunshots from the rest of the soldiers inside. While Coulson was driving, Triplett fired some missiles to defeat the guards and to open a hole in the wall so Skye and Melinda May could infiltrate the control room of the facility.[12]

A New Future

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AoS122 0425.jpg

Ian Quinn tried to calm down the United States Armed Forces representatives that were touring the facility by saying that the gunshots they were hearing were just a part of a practice drill, though Jacobs demanded an explanation about the situation. John Garrett arrived with Grant Ward and Deathlok, and told Quinn not to beg anything from Jacobs, but Jacobs threatened to shut down the compound if not given an explanation for the gunfire they were hearing. Garrett, under the effects of the GH.325 drug, began talking about the death of their old world and the arrival of a new one, and threatened Jacobs to give them everything they wanted.

Jacobs warned him about the consequences of threatening a General, and Quinn tried to calm down the situation by inviting Jacobs to a demonstration. Garrett demonstrated the strength of the Centipede Serum by opening a hole in Jacobs' chest, killing him with one of his own ribs.[12]


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Ian Quinn and Raina took the cluster of Gravitonium in order to escape the facility following the death of General Jacobs, killed by John Garrett using his own hands. Grant Ward tried to stop them from leaving, blaming Raina for Garrett's behavior. Raina said that she only listened to Garrett, but Ward was more concerned about his status, saying that he was psychotic, as he had to lock up six government officials because he killed another. On the other hand, Raina said that Garrett had been connected to something beyond Ward's comprehension, and she agreed with Garrett's talk about evolution. She continued that it was Ward who followed him, and he should continue doing it, as the three of them for the first time needed the same thing.

Ward simply wanted to get Garrett's head straight, but Raina said that they all needed Skye, as she would be an important part of the evolution Garrett had been talking about. Despite Skye considering Ward a monster, the world Raina believed in would reveal Skye's true nature and the darkness that lied inside her, so maybe there they both could be monsters together. Still confused by those words, Ward let Raina and Quinn leave, before Phil Coulson and his team had a chance to capture them.[12]

Default Directive

"You're not going to be able to hijack our soldiers. We've thought through every emergency scenario, including this one."
"Don't tell me you just switched the soldiers to default directive?"
"Yeah, I did. And how did you know about that?"
Kyle Zeller and Skye[src]

Phil Coulson and Antoine Triplett got surrounded by a squad of Centipede Soldiers, that started attacking their Humvee and almost breaking the windows. Meanwhile, Melinda May and Skye infiltrated the control room of the compound where the handlers tasked with controlling the Centipede Soldiers were working. The employees were scared seeing both women, having witnessed them through the eyes of the soldiers, and panicked while Skye said that she was armed with a bomb inside a vest, and informed Coulson of their progress.

Kyle Zeller ran to activate the default directive of the Centipede Soldiers, and warned them that they were not going to hijack the soldiers, as they had thought about every emergency scenario including an infiltration like that. May correctly guessed that he must have switched the soldiers to default directive, and as Zeller assured them he did, he wondered how could they possibly know about that the order.

Coulson and Triplett drew their guns to defend themselves, but the soldiers received the order to switch to default directive, defend John Garrett at all costs, so the soldiers departed to defend him. Coulson had already anticipated this move, and used it to locate Garrett by simply following the soldiers. Coulson ordered Triplett to exit the compound and contact the United States Armed Forces for backup, damaging it as much as he could while exiting, and also reminded him that even if they did not survive the incoming battle, he still wanted the facility to burn, despite both of them agreeing in that they preferred they survive.

Grant Ward informed Garrett that the compound was under attack and that Raina and Ian Quinn had escaped, so Ward demanded Garrett to give him orders on how to proceed. Garrett's carelessness exasperated Ward, who shouted him to come back to reality, but Garrett simply said that Ward had already done everything he wanted him to do. Their discussion was interrupted by a phone call from the control room, and Garrett was surprised to hear Skye on the other side of the phone, but he was not concerned about her location, as if anyone but the assigned handler gave a directive to one of the Centipede Soldiers, their Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implants would explode.

Skye sarcastically said that they have not thought about it, but Garrett was amused to know that Coulson was also in the facility, as he wanted to speak to him. Garrett finally taunted Skye by revealing that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were brave until their last breath, implying they had died. Garrett hung up the phone, and Skye angrily threw hers to the ground. Garrett, having been told about Skye's true nature by Raina, ordered Ward to get Skye and bring her to him. Garrett then started to speak to Deathlok, who had been with him the whole time, first saying Ward had always been a tender heart, and then noticing that Deathlok did not even need to be set to default directive, as he had been told to never leave Garrett's side.[12]

Melinda May vs. Grant Ward

"I have a weapon much better than a bomb that will absolutely destroy you."
"And why's that?"
"Because you slept with her, and she's really pissed off."
Skye and Grant Ward[src]

Skye continued to threaten Kyle Zeller with a bomb, saying that she needed to check her phone every minute to keep it from blowing. However, Zeller was not afraid, saying that he preferred to die than collaborating with them, and that even if he would, there was nothing he could tell, and the Centipede Soldiers couldn't be controlled without an actual handler. Skye said that she was not interested in that, than the only thing she was interested in knowing was the reason Zeller would die for HYDRA, if it was because he believed in their cause, or if he was simply there for the Incentives program.

Zeller looked at Skye, surprised that she knew about incentives, but they were interrupted by Grant Ward, pointing Skye with a gun and claiming she would not kill anyone, as she couldn't kill him before despite how much she hated him. Skye, keeping calm, said that she only felt sorry for him, as he betrayed the people who gave him a chance at being a decent human being, and Leo Fitz was a hero because he still wanted to give him that chance. As they spoke about how some people were born evil, Ward revealed he had learnt things about Skye's past that she would want to know, but Skye dismissed his claims saying that John Garrett was the evil she was talking about, as Ward was just weak, blindly following orders. Ward acknowledged that he had a weakness, for Skye, as she was the first thing he wanted for himself for years, and maybe he would be able to wake up something inside of her.

Skye was not afraid of Ward, as even though she would not use the bomb to kill him, she had a better weapon that would destroy him, Melinda May. At that moment, May ambushed Ward, and they began fighting each other in a room under construction, while Skye left with Zeller to the room where the Incentives program was conducted. May and Ward used the construction gear in the room as weapons in a very matched battle. Ward taunted May about their former relationship while they exchanged blows, but May was able to hold her own against Ward. Ward let his guard down as May was on the ground, an began kicking her.

May seized the opportunity to quickly grab a nailgun and nail Ward's foot to the ground, leaving him unable to properly defend himself. Ward tried to reason with May, but she quickly hit him in the neck to make him shut up, and finally knocked him unconscious with a kick.[12]

Arrival of Nick Fury

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"Simmons turned me on to that old-timey tracker that Fitz left on your Bus. I went to great pains to make sure you didn't die the first time."
"Well, now's probably not the best time, but... I'd like to have a lengthy conversation with you about that. It might get loud."
"And I owe you that. But right now, we owe Garrett a punch in the teeth, wouldn't you say?"
Nick Fury and Phil Coulson[src]

John Garrett sent Deathlok to check the perimeter as soon as he heard Antoine Triplett's Noisemaker, and Phil Coulson seized the opportunity to ambush Garrett, delivering a hard punch in his face. Garrett was unfazed by the hit, and returned the punch, sending Coulson across the room due to the strength he gained thanks to the completed Centipede Serum. Coulson was surprised by Garrett's new powers, but was even more surprised to see Nick Fury himself at the facility, as Jemma Simmons revealed to him Coulson's location due to a tracker she and Leo Fitz planted in the Bus.

A squad of Centipede Soldiers arrived to protect Garrett, opening fire to the spot where Coulson had landed. As Coulson was protected by a structure, Fury revealed that given the effort he did to make sure Coulson didn't die, he wouldn't let that go to waste. Coulson acknowledged that maybe that was not the best time, but he wanted to have a conversation with Fury about that matter.

Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun AoS22.png

Fury assured him they would have that conversation, but now they needed to defeat Garrett. Fury handed Coulson the Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun, and he used it to easily defeat all the Centipede Soldiers that were protecting Garrett. Fury emerged from behind the structure, opening fire on Garrett, who received many hits to the chest, but was able to survive all of them due to the GH.325 that was injected in his Centipede Device.[12]


"I've already told you, there's no way to communicate with Deathlok from in here."
"I don't need to. I've been communicating with him the whole time."
Kyle Zeller and Skye[src]

Skye entered the room where Cybertek's incentives were kept with Kyle Zeller, revealing that the incentives were nothing less that the family members of Cybertek employees, in order to force them to work for HYDRA, either as handlers or Centipede Soldiers. Skye began to open the different doors, with one of them leading to the room of Zeller's wife. Zeller apologized to his wife for what she had to endure, and then went to ask Skye what was she looking for, finally locating Ace Peterson.

Skye reached Zeller's vest, and thinking it contained a bomb, pleaded with Skye not to activate it, but she simply grabbed a Hulk action figure from the vest, as the bomb was nothing more than a ruse. Skye gave the figure to Ace, asking him to give her a message for his father, something to prove that she had managed to rescue him. Zeller told Skye that there was no way to communicate with Deathlok from their location, but Skye had managed to communicate with him since she planted the Trojan horse in a computer at the Barbershop Headquarters in Cuba. Ace revealed his father's catchphrase, and Skye sent it to Deathlok, breaking Garrett's control over him.[12]

Defeat of John Garrett

"You must obey me! You need me to translate the Words of Creation. You don't want to do this, Mike. Tell him, Phil!"
"Mr. Peterson's free to do whatever he wants."
John Garrett and Phil Coulson to Deathlok[src]

John Garrett was surprised to see Nick Fury alive, and that Phil Coulson opposed him given what he called a "bond", due to both having almost died and witnessed the knowledge granted by the GH.325 drug. On the other hand, Fury and Coulson were surprised to see how crazy Garrett had gone, much more since the last time Coulson saw him.

Garrett excused his behavior saying that he simply followed one of Fury's speeches, about how one man could accomplish anything once he realized he could be something bigger, claiming that now he was something bigger than a simple man. However, Fury corrected him, as the speech talked about being just a part of something bigger. Garrett started to claim fateful descriptions about his own nature, such as he was the key to the future of the universe and the origin of all things, but Fury and Coulson didn't pay attention to him, as Fury asked Coulson if he correctly heard the speech.

With a simple gesture, Garrett ordered Deathlok to kill both Fury and Coulson, and Coulson revealed what Fury tried to teach them, something that Garrett didn't want to hear as he only thought about himself, and that precisely was the difference between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, and why S.H.I.E.L.D. would ultimately win. Garrett taunted Coulson enlighten him revealing that lesson, and at that very moment, Deathlok received Skye's message from his son, Ace, thus effectively breaking Garrett's control over him, so Deathlok angrily shot two rockets to Garrett's chest at point blank range.

Garrett, having survived the impact, tried to order Deathlok to stand down, but seeing that he wasn't following his orders anymore, he instead tried to appeal both to his goodness and the fact that they needed him to translate the Words of Creation. Garrett even asked Coulson to calm down Deathlok, but Coulson instead answered that Deathlok was now free to do whatever he wanted. Deathlok angrily crushed Garrett's skull, and Fury wondered if Garrett finally learned his lesson.[12]


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Phil Coulson and his team liberated the United States Armed Forces officials previously locked up by Grant Ward, including Admiral Jolnes, and oversaw the arrest of the Centipede Soldiers, explaining to the soldiers arresting them that they would lose their powers without regular injections of the Centipede Serum, and they would be turned to normal once they were removed of their Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implants.

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Ward was taken to Coulson's presence, asking Melinda May if she expressed all her feelings, but given that Ward was still breathing, she surely kept some of them to herself. However, Ward could not speak, as one of May's hits fractured his larynx. Coulson informed Ward that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons survived his attempt at killing them, but Fitz suffered brain injury that may never let him be the same again, so Coulson threatened him to invent new ways to ruin the rest of his life, doing anything he could to obtain information about HYDRA, even torturing him internal and externally. Coulson finally asked him a question to begin his torture, what would he now be without John Garrett, to whom Ward devoted his entire life.

Skye approached Deathlok outside the facility, who was witnessing how the Marine Corps detained and took custody of the Centipede Soldiers and how HYDRA prisoners were liberated, including his son, Ace, who ran to be reunited with his aunt Mindy Peterson. Skye asked Peterson why he did not reveal himself to his son, but he was ashamed of what he had become behind his burns and physical appearance. She let him depart despite Coulson's orders to bring him in, as Peterson said that she could access the feed of his eye implant and watch all of his moves. He swore that he would only make amends for his actions, as everything he did before, and everything he would do, was for his son.

John Garrett managed to heal some of his injuries and survived the battle, escaping from the coffin and killing some of the personnel tasked with carrying him. Garrett crawled to the machine in order to be outfitted with the prosthetic legs and arms that were prepared for the Deathlok Soldiers. With much effort, a wounded and bloody Garrett placed his now disabled legs onto the machine, activating the process that painfully attached the prosthetics to his body, transforming him in the first full Deathlok Soldier.


As soon as the process finished, Garrett stood on both feet, and began to claim how he would be unstoppable. However, before he could even finish the sentence, Coulson killed him using the Peruvian 0-8-4, as he had returned to the facility in order to retrieve it. With Garrett finally defeated, Coulson abandoned the facility, casually shouting that he managed to find the weapon, as he was sure that it would be inside the compound.[12]

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