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"So, there's this thing called AvengerCon. You know, it's really something incredible. It's never been done before. It's like, the first fan event celebrating our great heroes of our time and it's totally historic, and it's, like, very educational."
Kamala Khan[src]

The New Jersey AvengerCon is a convention held at Camp Lehigh in Wheaton, New Jersey to celebrate the Avengers and their allies.


In order to celebrate the Avengers for saving humanity several times over the years and to show their appreciation for the heroes, AvengerCon was created. The first ever AvengerCon was held inside Camp Lehigh in Wheaton, New Jersey and it featured multiple exhibits as well as merchandise.

Kamala Khan and Bruno Carrelli were among the Avengers fans who wanted to attend the convention, coming up with a plan to get there from Jersey City without Khan's parents realizing.[1]

First Annual Convention

The convention had a statue of Captain America at the entrance. Inside, there were exhibits for individual members of the Avengers and their allies. The exhibit for Captain America contained a fake vial of Super Soldier Serum. The exhibit for Thor let fans see life-sized models of Mjølnir and Stormbreaker, drink Asgardian ale, and learn about Asgard. The exhibit for Hulk contained the various things that he had smashed, including a picture from the Battle of New York. The exhibit for Rocket Raccoon contained a life-size statue of him and people were able to scavenge to win a prize as well as buy stuffed animals of him. The exhibit for Ant-Man contained vials of Pym Particles that could be drunk and a recreation of the Chase for the Mobile Laboratory when Ant-Man became Giant-Man in public for the first time. The exhibit for Captain Marvel contained a display of her and allowed people to participate in a cosplay competition. There were also exhibits for Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Groot, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Peter Quill, and Wanda Maximoff, with a huge standee display of Maximoff in her Scarlet Witch uniform, showing that people still considered her a hero. A mural of Black Widow and Iron Man honored and thanked them for their sacrifice and people were able to place notes on the wall of loved ones that passed as well. A poster of the Sokovia Accords was also placed on the wall.

Additionally, there was a exhibit for Battle of Earth that contained the book I Was There... which was available for sale. Also present were an exhibit dedicated to Wakanda and a stand advertising New Asgard with tickets to Avenger Tours available.[1]

Ms. Marvel Incident

During the first convention, Kamala Khan and Bruno Carrelli celebrated with the other convention-goers. Khan entered the Captain Marvel cosplay competition and added a bangle from her grandmother to her costume as a "final flourish". Unbeknownst to her, the bangle granted Khan the ability to shoot energy constructs out of her hands which she accidently sent into the crowd. Although the crowd cheered for her, one of her energy constructs hit an Ant-Man statue causing the head of the statue to fall off which triggered a chain reaction that ended with a giant Mjølnir prop being released from the ceiling. The prop hit Zoe Zimmer and carried her with it. Zimmer fell off of the Mjølnir prop, but Khan was able to create a energy construct in the shape of a giant hand and caught Zimmer before she hit the ground. Khan and Carrelli then fled the convention.[1]

After United States Department of Damage Control agents Sadie Deever and P. Cleary saw a video of Khan using her powers at AvengerCon, Cleary tasked Deever with apprehending Khan.[2]


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