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"Take a look, It's pretty impressive, huh? They just finished remodeling the whole thing."
Happy Hogan to Peter Parker[src]

The New Avengers Facility, also known as the Avengers Compound, was the primary base of operations used by the Avengers after the defeat of Ultron and the establishment of the team's new roster.

After the Avengers Civil War, Tony Stark sold Avengers Tower and moved all Avengers equipment to the facility, and used it as his primary place of residence. It was later annihilated before its ruins was the stage for one last battle against the genocidal tyrant Thanos for the fate of the universe itself.



"One of Howard Stark's old storage facilities, in upstate New York."
Hank Pym to Scott Lang[src]

Stark Industries facility

The facility that would become the New Avengers Facility started out as a series of Stark Industries warehouses created by Howard Stark. The warehouses were used to store Stark Industries equipment, such as the Signal Decoy. Certain S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, such as Hank Pym, were privy to the items being stored at the warehouse. Over time, the warehouses were no longer guarded, to the point where Pym referred to them as abandoned, despite them still housing Stark equipment.[1]

A New Team

The New Avengers Facility is founded

"We're not the '27 Yankees."
"We've got some hitters."
"They're good. They're not a team."
"Let's beat 'em into shape."
Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff[src]

In 2015, the New Avengers Facility was founded shortly after the Battle of Sokovia and end of the Ultron Offensive. Many of the staff were former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, such as Maria Hill and Nick Fury. In addition, the Facility had the support of renowned scientists such as Erik Selvig and Helen Cho. The base was used for scientific research, military training, weapons development, and the new Avengers program. Vehicles and aircraft such as the Quinjet were also stationed at the Facility.[2]

Duel at the New Avengers Facility

Scott Lang finds the Facility

"Hank, didn't you say this was some old warehouse? It's not!"
Scott Lang to Hank Pym[src]

Prior to the Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne assigned Scott Lang to infiltrate a warehouse to retrieve a Signal Decoy designed by Pym, only to discover that it was located right next to the New Avengers Facility. Attempting to continue along with the plan, Lang was intercepted by Sam Wilson after tripping the motion detectors. The two fought for a short time but, in the end, Lang disabled Wilson’s flight pack and succeeded in retrieving the Signal Decoy.[1]

Sokovia Accords

Thaddeus Ross meeting with the Avengers

"She's confined to the compound currently. Vision's keeping her company."
"God, Tony! Every time I think you see things the right way."
"What, it's a hundred acres with a lap pool. It's got a screening room."
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers[src]

One month after the Lagos Catastrophe, Thaddeus Ross convened with the Avengers along with Stark at the New Avengers Facility to discuss the Sokovia Accords. After his briefing, they privately discussed the implications of the Sokovia Accords with Rogers staunchly rejecting them and Stark supporting them, causing the Avengers to splinter into two factions.

The Avengers discussing the Sokovia Accords

When Maximoff tried to leave the facility, Vision stopped her, informing her that she is not permitted to leave the premises. He explains that after her actions in Lagos, Stark requested that she be kept safe under house arrest until the debate on the Sokovia Accords had cooled down.[3]

Rescue of Wanda Maximoff

Clint Barton arrives to rescue Wanda Maximoff

"Clint! You should not be here."
"Really? I retired for, what, like five minutes? And it all goes to shit."
"Please, consider the consequences of your actions."
"Okay, they're considered."
Vision and Clint Barton[src]

Shortly, Steve Rogers enlisted Clint Barton to rescue Wanda Maximoff from the New Avengers Facility. Barton set off an explosion outside to distract Vision while he explained the situation to Maximoff. However, Vision interrupted them and set off Barton's electric trap, which he eventually escaped from and restrained Barton.

Vision is slammed to the ground of the facility

Maximoff used her powers to control the Mind Stone forcing Vision to phase and release Barton. She then used her powers to increase Vision's density against his will until she slammed him through several stories of the Facility and deep into the ground, allowing Barton and Maximoff to escape.[3]

Dissolution of the Avengers

Tony Stark returns to the Facility

"I'm glad you're back at the compound."
Steve Rogers to Tony Stark[src]

Following the end of the Avengers Civil War, Tony Stark helped James Rhodes with physical therapy in his new exoskeletal brace, which allowed him to walk but ended his military and Avenger careers. Soon, Stark received a cellphone and a letter from Rogers, who apologized for keeping the truth about his parents' death from Stark and promised to be with him if he ever needed help.[3]

Moving On

Peter Parker arrives at the Avengers Facility

"Take a look, it's pretty impressive, isn't it? They just finished remodeling the whole thing."
Happy Hogan to Peter Parker[src]

Following the Battle at the HYDRA Siberian Facility and the subsequent dissolution of the Avengers, Tony Stark chose to live at the New Avengers Facility, after having it remodeled. Stark, Vision, James Rhodes, and Happy Hogan continued to use the facility as their place of residence and offered a room to Peter Parker upon his invitation to become an official member of the Avengers. However, Parker declined, thinking he had more to learn before becoming an Avenger.[4]

Return of Captain America

The fugitives return to the Avengers Facility

"Where to, Cap?"
Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

In 2018, Thaddeus Ross contacted James Rhodes via hologram in the New Avengers Facility and the two were talking about the disappearance of Vision and his rescue by Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Sam Wilson. When Rogers and his team arrived with Vision and Wanda Maximoff, Rhodes ended the call and with the reassembled Avengers and Bruce Banner, who had arrived earlier, discussed their next move.

The Avengers discuss Thanos' invasion

Banner warned them that Thanos was after the Mind Stone. Although Vision agreed to sacrifice himself and let the Mind Stone be destroyed in order to prevent Thanos from obtaining it, however, Rogers did not allow it. He decided to go to Wakanda, where they could extract the stone from Vision without killing him. The Avengers took a Quinjet and flew left the Facility.[5]

Aftermath of the Snap

The Avengers monitor the high death count

Following the Snap, the surviving Avengers and Rocket Raccoon returned to the United States and, en route to the New Avengers Facility, discovered a pager displaying a strange symbol which they recognized as having been activated by Fury who was one of the victims. At the Facility, they bypassed the battery in order to prevent it from running dry.

The Avengers closely watch Nick Fury's pager

As the pager continued to transmit with James Rhodes monitoring, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Bruce Banner monitored the immense reports of casualties, making the full scale of the catastrophe horrifically clear. Rhodes reported that the pager had stopped transmitting, and Rogers requested that the signal is restarted, to Banner's objection as they had no idea who the signal was intended for.

Captain Marvel arrives at the Avengers Facility

As Romanoff explained that Fury knew and that she wanted to know herself, she suddenly discovered that Carol Danvers arrived, demanding to know where Fury was.[6] Shortly after her arrival at the New Avengers Facility, Danvers set out to rescue Tony Stark and Nebula from deep space, managing to return them to Earth and to the Facility.[7]

Ambush on Thanos

Tony Stark is returned to the Avengers Facility

Following their arrival, the remaining Avengers assessed the casualties in the Snap. Following the briefing, Stark berated Rogers for their separation during the Infinity War, arguing that a suit of armor around the world could have prevented Thanos' success, although Rogers quickly argued back that such an idea failed to work before. Weakened from his prolonged time in space and sudden outburst, Stark fainted.

Nebula and Rocket Raccoon show the Garden

As Stark was administered medical care by Banner, the Avengers noted that Thanos' location was unknown following his escape after the Snap. Nebula revealed that Thanos planned to settle in a place known as "the Garden" once his plan was complete. Following a deep-space analysis, Rocket determined that the same energy signature emitted by the Snap was present on another uninhabited planet, Planet 0259-S, just two days prior.

Thor expresses his approval of Captain Marvel

Surmising that Thanos was located there, Thor, Danvers, Rocket, Nebula, and the remaining Avengers sans Stark traveled there to confront him and regain the Infinity Stones to undo the Snap. However, Thanos revealed that he had destroyed the stones to prevent further use, making the Snap irreversible, before Thor killed him. Forced to live with their failure and annihilation of half the universe, the Avengers returned disheartened to Earth to the facility.[7]

Post-Snap World

The Avengers hold a holographic meeting

"You here to do your laundry?"
"And to see a friend."
Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers[src]

By 2023, many of the remaining Avengers had set out on their own missions and lives, with only Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers remaining in the New Avengers Facility.

Steve Rogers comforts Natasha Romanoff

Following a meeting between Romanoff and Okoye, Nebula, Carol Danvers, Rocket Raccoon, and James Rhodes, Rhodes revealed to Romanoff that Barton had mass murdered the members of the Mexican Cartel as part of his campaign, much to Romanoff's distress. Later, Rogers offered to comfort Romanoff, but was interrupted by the arrival of Scott Lang.

Scott Lang at the Facility to express his theory

Lang revealed that he had been transported to the Quantum Realm where he was trapped for five hours, only to realize that five years had passed on Earth when he emerged. Realizing that such a phenomenon could allow for time travel, Lang proposed that the Avengers travel back in time to extract the Infinity Stones from the past in order to reverse the Snap in the present.

Bruce Banner commences a time travel test

With the help of Bruce Banner, the Avengers managed to construct a makeshift time machine out of the quantum realm portal. Despite their efforts, however, their attempt to send Lang back in time was a failure, sending time through Lang instead. Having anticipated this failure and had a change of heart, Tony Stark drove to the New Avengers Facility with a working time-space GPS, making amends with Rogers and agreeing to help.

The Avengers build the Advanced Tech Suit

While Stark developed the time machine, the others were tasked with bringing together the rest of the Avengers, including Thor, Clint Barton, Rocket and Nebula who returned from space, and Rhodes.

Clint Barton tests Time Travel in the hangar

After the Avengers reassembled, Banner, Nebula, and Lang worked on the suit that would allow them to travel through the quantum realm. Barton agreed to use the time machine for one test run. The test run was a success, with Barton landing in his homestead in an alternate time period and returning to the present within seconds.

The Avengers brainstorm the Time Heist

Having managed to create a safe, working time machine, the Avengers worked together to determine the best time periods to go back to, eventually deciding to go to New York City in 2012 for the Time, Space, and Mind Stones; Asgard in 2013 for the Reality Stone; and Vormir and Morag in 2014 for the Soul and Power Stones respectively. Later, working time-travel suits were made for all the Avengers, using the Ant-Man Suit as a basis for its design.[7]


The Avengers mourn Natasha Romanoff

Following the successful Time Heist in which each Infinity Stone was extracted from the past and brought to the present, the Avengers regrouped in the hangar of the New Avengers Facility, although, unbeknownst to them, an alternate version of Nebula from 2014 had been to replace her true self. After taking a moment to mourn Romanoff's sacrifice, the Avengers decided to move forth with their plan.

The Avengers construct the Nano Gauntlet

After Stark, Rocket, and Banner built a new Nano Gauntlet to house the Infinity Stones, Thor volunteered to use it, but was quickly advised against it due to his physical and mental condition. Instead, Banner decided to wield the Gauntlet, realizing that the gamma radiation within him would help him survive the Stones' power.

Bruce Banner wields the Nano Gauntlet

As the alternate Nebula activated the Quantum Tunnel in the hangar, Banner prepared to reverse the Snap. Despite initially struggling under the raw power of wielding the Infinity Stones, Banner was able to snap his fingers and enact the Blip, restoring all the lives taken five years before.[7]

Attack on the New Avengers Facility

The Facility gets obliterated by Thanos' forces

Shortly after the Blip, an alternate Thanos and his army traveled in the Sanctuary II via the quantum realm and arrived in 2023, where the warship destroyed the hangar. Before the Avengers could notice, the Sanctuary II obliterated the New Avengers Facility and its grounds by firing several missiles at it. A final larger missile engulfed the whole facility, creating a huge explosion across the entire facility and beyond, leaving a large black cloud filling the area.[7]

Battle of Earth

The Facility during the Battle of Earth

The ruins of the facility served as the battleground during the Battle of Earth and the restored Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the Wakandan armies, the Asgardians, the Ravagers, Hope van Dyne, and Pepper Potts arrived there to participate. Parts of the main facility building was still intact. During the battle, a dam broke by the lake next to the Facility and began to flood part of the battlefield, but this was stopped by Stephen Strange.

The Facility being cleaned up

Soon after the battle, Bruce Banner built another Quantum Tunnel outside the destroyed Facility, which was concurrently being cleaned up by Damage Control.[7]

Places of Interest

Civil War meeting EW.jpg

  • Conference Room: The main room for holding meetings amongst the Avengers and any visitors. When Thaddeus Ross arrived at the facility to introduce the Sokovia Accords to the Avengers, they all gathered in the conference room where he went through their previous battles and what the new Accords that were made as a result of that would entail.

Wanda IW 39.png
Endgame 51.jpg

  • Living Area: When the facility was remodeled, a new room was built for the Avengers to use as the main area of operations and downtime. This includes a small kitchen area attached, a round table capable of projecting holograms, a sitting area and bookshelf. When the Avengers reunited at the facility after an Attack on Vision, they stood around in the common room and discussed Thanos and his mission to retrieve all the Infinity Stones, one being located in Vision's forehead. After the Snap, the Avengers returned to the facility, where Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff observed the death count in different countries through the hologram emitted from the round table. When Captain Marvel rescued Tony Stark in space, they all gathered to inform them of the Snap; however, Stark ended up collapsing so Bruce Banner tended to him. Nebula informed them of Thanos' location, and they all then discussed going after him, learning that he used the Stones again. After failing to bring everyone back, Romanoff started leading the Avengers, having meetings with the other members via an active channel with holographic communication. When Romanoff and Rogers were talking to each other, they witnessed the return of Scott Lang who told them about the Quantum Realm and his desire to Time Travel. When they achieved a way to do so, and with the whole team reassembled, they began to brainstorm the Time Heist over the next few days until they finally completed their plan.

Wanda IW 28.png
Blip 44.png

  • Workshop: Next to the common area, a section that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. When Thaddeus Ross contacted James Rhodes to discuss the recent disappearance of Vision, the fugitive Avengers arrived, where they were reunited with Bruce Banner. After the Snap, the Avengers found Nick Fury's Transmitter Pager and bypassed the pager's battery in order for it to continue to send out its signal, where they eventually encountered Captain Marvel. When the Avengers successfully stole the Infinity Stones throughout history, Tony Stark, Banner and Rocket Raccoon began working on a Nano Gauntlet to wield the Stones. Once they completed the gauntlet, Banner put it on, and the others watched as he snapped his fingers, successfully bringing everyone back.

CW Still 1.png

  • Lounge: Right next to the conference room, the Avengers sat there to discuss the Sokovia Accords amongst themselves after Thaddeus Ross visited, which was very controversial. When Hawkeye broke into the facility, he came into the lounge, where Wanda Maximoff was standing, to rescue her. He briefly fought Vision, who was defeated when Maximoff stepped in and pushed him through the floor. After the Clash of the Avengers, Vision sat in the lounge, sitting in front of the chess board.

Avengers Kitchen.png

  • Kitchen: Joined to the lounge area, used for cooking and food preparation, equipped with an oven, refrigerator and stove, stocked with food and utensils, and a spot for the Avengers to eat. When Vision wanted to lift Wanda Maximoff's spirits, he tried to make her Paprikash. She joined him, and when she noted how the meal did not come out right, she went to leave, but Vision stopped her. When the facility was remodelled, the kitchen was joined with the common room.

Tony and Peter SMH.jpg

  • Foyer: The main entrance hall to the facility on the ground level. When Tony Stark decided to make Peter Parker an Avenger, he brought him to the facility, where he walked with him through the foyer, up to where he had a new armor ready to present to Parker. However, Parker declined the offer and exited the facility through the foyer as Stark, Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts wondered what they would announce to the press.
  • Steve Rogers' Room: Each active Avenger was designated their own private quarters while living at the facility.
  • Natasha Romanoff's Room: Each active Avenger was designated their own private quarters while living at the facility.
  • James Rhodes' Room: Each active Avenger was designated their own private quarters while living at the facility.

Wanda Maximoff's Room.jpg

  • Wanda Maximoff's Room: Each active Avenger was designated their own private quarters while living at the facility. Wanda Maximoff styled her own room to have a modern aesthetic according to her interests, including several spiritual items, candles, a guitar, a tv and a few artworks. Shortly after becoming an Avenger, Maximoff was visited by Vision in her room, who phased through the wall. After the Attack on the IFID Headquarters, Maximoff sat in her room, watching the news talk about her when Steve Rogers came in and comforted her, they were joined by Vision, who phased through the wall.
  • Sam Wilson's Room: Each active Avenger was designated their own private quarters while living at the facility.

CACW Vision Hovering.png

  • Vision's Room: Each active Avenger was designated their own private quarters while living at the facility. Not requiring any material possession like the other Avengers, Vision's room is practically empty, with only two chairs, a small table and an artwork. When Vision "sleeps", he simply hovers in the corner of his room. When an explosion went off outside the facility, Vision phased upstairs to Wanda Maximoff and went to check on what caused it.


  • Steve Rogers' Office: A room Steve Rogers used as his office within the facility, where he stored his shield, as well as a few memorabilia from the 1940s. He sat in his office, watching the news after the Attack on the IFID Headquarters that resulted in the deaths dozens of innocent civilians. After the Avengers Civil War, Tony Stark arrived at the facility and sat in his office, where he read a letter from Rogers, who gave him a phone to call him with.

Steve Rogers (Avengers Endgame).png

  • Bathroom: A shared room for personal hygiene activities containing the essential appliances, including three basins accompanied with mirrors, and a paper towel dispenser. After the Snap, the Avengers returned to the facility, where after days of experiencing the failures, Steve Rogers decided to shave off his beard. While in the bathroom, he noticed the mirror start to shake, due to Danvers returning after finding Tony Stark in space.

Avengers Gym.png

Endgame 10.jpg

  • Shooting Range: Looking out to the lake next to the facility, a specialized room designed for firearms qualifications, training or practice. While leading the Avengers in 2023, Natasha Romanoff practiced her shooting in this room.
  • Natatorium: The facility contains a lap pool.
  • Screening Room: A room with a cinema style screen in which films are shown.

Rhodes Physiotherapy.png

  • Rehabilitation Room: A room on the ground level that caters for any Avenger who get injured, including several equipment to help the process of rehabilitation, including an exercise ball, neoprene hand weights, an exercise bike, and medicine balls. When James Rhodes' legs became paralyzed, Tony Stark provided him with leg braces to help him walk. Stark helped Rhodes when he wore the braces, using the walking rails. The two were interrupted when a FedEx Driver arrived to give Stark a package.

Endgame 16.jpg

Falcon Ant-Man 9.png

  • Storage: When the facility was renovated for the base of operations for the Avengers, all the Stark Industries equipment, were locked up into a storage unit. When Scott Lang was tasked with retrieving the Signal Decoy, he fought Sam Wilson, unaware that it was the base of the Avengers. Lang made his way to the storage unit during the fight and successfully stole the device. He then sabotaged Falcon's suit, they crashed through the entrance and he made his escape.

Hawkeye in the sewer.png

  • Access Tunnels: An underground passageway beneath the facility. When the facility was attacked, Barton fell into the tunnels where he encountered a group of Outriders who chased after him to retrieve the Nano Gauntlet. Barton blew up a part of the tunnels and then scaled upwards where he came across the 2014 alternate Nebula who was killed by Nebula.


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