"What do you want?"
"Hey, Neville, you feel you wanna test me?"
"Ease up man, we got no hackle with ya now."
―Neville Barnwell and Diamondback[src]

Neville Barnwell was the leader of Yardies, Jamaican criminal gang that operated in New York City. Alongside with others criminal leaders, Barnwell was invited on the meeting in Colon's Gym by Mariah Dillard only to be betrayed and murdered by Diamondback.



"My brother said you would never come here."
"And your brother told me he'd never do business with a Stokes. I warn him."
Nigel Garrison and Bushmaster[src]

Together with his brother Nigel Garrison, Barnewell was a member of the Yardies before he rose through the ranks and became the leader of gang. Barnwell had an encounters with notorious Yardies' member John McIver, who warned him to never do business with Stokes Crime Family. Following McIver's disappearance, Barnwell told his brother that McIver will never return.[1]

Neville and all the other crime bosses in Harlem were present at a meeting organized by Mariah Dillard and Shades. The meeting was to discuss how Mariah would take over Cottonmouth's criminal empire following his death. However, Diamondback, wanting to take over all crime in Harlem, and start business with Mariah, showed up at the meeting. He moved across the room, shooting Peter Hong in the head, throwing a knife in Jacques' eye, and then shooting Neville Barnwell and Juan Carlos Castro.[2] Following Barnwell's death, his brother Nigel became a new and the last leader of the Yardies.[1]







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