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"We had the cops, judges, councilmen, we had the whole bloody city at our beck and call. But we got complacent, lost our edge, just enough for a piece of garbage like Wilson Fisk to steal what was rightfully ours."
― Nesbitt[src]

Nesbitt was one of the leaders of the Kitchen Irish who was killed by the Punisher, after he hoped to take over New York City's drug business left open by Wilson Fisk's arrest.


Kitchen Irish

Wilson Fisk Rivalry

"Nesbitt was a problematic leader."
Wilson Fisk to Stewart Finney[src]

Nesbitt took over command of the Kitchen Irish in New York City as Finn Cooley had returned into Ireland. During his time running the crime ring, Nesbitt witnessed Wilson Fisk taking control of the drug trades within New York and push the Irish back, even witnessing George betraying them to rejoin Fisk's empire. Eventually, Fisk was arrested by the combined efforts of Daredevil and the FBI what gave Nesbitt an opportunity to reclaim his right on New York crime underworld again,[1] with Fisk regarding Nesbitt as a problematic leader of the Kitchen Irish due to his desire to regain their power over their city.[2]

Massacre at the Burren Club

"Anyone crosses us, we'll paint the streets red with their blood and when they're gone, we'll make your father proud and purge ourselves of the filthy traitors who betrayed their own kind and make Hell's Kitchen ours again!"
― Nesbitt to Kitchen Irish[src]

Nesbitt orders Thomas to control Max the Dog

Seeking to reestablish the Kitchen Irish's control over New York City, Nesbitt called for a meeting with the main members of the crime group to meet in the Burren Club and discuss their return to power. As Nesbitt was entering the building with his bodyguards, he encountered Thomas who was trying to control Max, when the dog furiously growled at Nesbitt, Thomas quickly apologized and Nesbitt warned him to keep the dog under control after it's fighting against other Dogs, leading to Thomas scolding the dog and then chaining it up while Nesbitt walked into the meeting room.

Nesbitt getting reunited back with Cullen

Nesbitt made his way inside the room where the other Irishmen were awaiting him and he was greeted by Cullen, who hugged their leader before ordering Grotto to collect a drink for Nesbitt. With his drink in hand, Nesbitt had then addressed the entire group and told them all how the Kitchen Irish had once controlled the city, having everybody paying them protection money out of a fear for their own safety, but over the years they had relaxed and allowed Wilson Fisk to take over control and push them back, commenting on how George had briefly betrayed them, while disrespectfully rubbing on George's head.

Nesbitt giving his speech to their Kitchen Irish

As he continued speaking, Nesbitt noted how the Irish mob had once had their police and judges at their mercy but noted that they had an opportunity since Fisk was locked away in Ryker's Island, explaining how the Russian Mafia was eliminated, the Japanese had gone silent and Madame Gao's Triad had run off in fear of Daredevil, giving them a chance to regain control. Cullen loudly agreed, saying they should piss on their enemies, which got the approval of the entire group who all agreed that the Irish needed to take control of New York City once again while they currently had their perfect opportunity to do so.

Nesbitt being shot and killed by the Punisher

Nesbitt told the group that they would kill everyone who got into their way, and promised Kelly Cooley that they would make his father Finn Cooley proud and that they would purge themselves of anybody who had betrayed them as they made Hell's Kitchen theirs again. Nesbitt then lifted up a bottle to smash on the table in celebration, but before he could bring it down, a bullet fired by the Punisher flew straight into the room, and hit Nesbitt directly in the forehead, killing him instantly before the rest of their group, safe from Grotto, were massacred by a hail of bullets fired upon them by the Punisher across the street.[1]


Found by the NYPD

"It's over a hundred degrees out here tonight, Sergeant. Why would an Irish mobster wear body armor to a private meeting inside his own club?"
Matt Murdock to Brett Mahoney[src]

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"Piss on all of 'em! 'Cause this is our time!"
― Nesbitt to Cullen[src]

Fiercely loyal and unmerciful, Nesbitt was a ruthless leader of the Kitchen Irish, showing clear admiration and affection to loyal members such as Cullen, while showing disgust at George due to his brief time working for their rival Wilson Fisk. Nesbitt's primary focus remained the Kitchen Irish, vowing to bring them back to their place as crime lords of New York City, inspiring great loyalty with his members who all rallied behind him. Nesbitt however also knew when to show respect, noting to Kelly Cooley how much he looked up to his father Finn Cooley. Nesbitt also had a sense of humor, crudely mocking his allies much to Cullen's amusement.



Other Equipment

Nesbitt's Bulletproof Vest getting examined

"What kind of a bullet can punch through polyethylene fiber vest thicker than my dick then punch straight through the same shit on his back?"
― Homicide Detective[src]
  • Bulletproof Vest: Nesbitt wore a bulletproof vest to his meeting with the Kitchen Irish, however, the vest had proved infective as Nesbitt was killed when the Punisher shot him in the head, with several other shots going straight through the vest.


  • Burren Club: Nesbitt arranged a meeting with fellow Kitchen Irish members at the clubhouse in Hell's Kitchen. As he gave a speech to his subordinates, encouraging them to take control over New York City again, Nesbitt was suddenly shot by the Punisher.





  • In the comics, Nesbitt was the elderly leader of the Irish Mob in Hell's Kitchen who had dealings with Finn Cooley, whose life he ultimately took via an explosive.


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