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"Nemo's new self-driving SUV. Extra-large trunk space."
Chase Stein[src]

The Nemo Leapfrog is a self-driving SUV invented by Victor Stein.


While in the Wilder Mansion, Janet Stein approached her son, Chase, saying that his father, Victor, was waiting for them in the Leapfrog.[1]


Appearances for Nemo Leapfrog

In chronological order:


Chase Stein designing a comic-accurate version of Leapfrog

  • In the comics, the Leapfrog is a giant frog-shaped vehicle equipped with several capabilities. It is the mode of transport for the Runaways, and it was capable of time traveling.
    • In the episode Split Up, Chase Stein is seen designing a Leapfrog closer to its appearance in the comics.


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