"I was at the construction site. They delivered the drill today."
Jonah to Leslie Dean[src]

The Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine was a gigantic drill built by the company Nemo for PRIDE to dig a giant hole on the PRIDE Construction Site.


"Let's find a way to shut this down for good. My dad created this thing. Maybe I can find the controls."
Chase Stein[src]

In order to reach his ship beneath the surface of Earth,[1] Jonah commissioned Victor Stein's company Nemo to build a giant drilling machine able to dig deep enough on the PRIDE Construction Site. Jonah pretended to PRIDE that the drill would enable them to access a source of clean and renewable energy which would make them rich.[2]


Jonah activates the drill

The drill was delivered by Nemo on the PRIDE Construction Site shortly after the gala held by PRIDE in Wizard Headquarters.[3] Once it was set up, Jonah invited PRIDE to attend as he activated the machine, enacting the final phase of his plan.

When the Runaways infiltrated the PRIDE Construction Site, they found the drill and the giant hole it had dug. Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes went to the control panel in an attempt to stop it, but as they could not find a way to do so, Stein used the Fistigons on the commands, frying them and stopping the machine, which triggered an alarm.[2]

Following the confrontation between PRIDE and the Runaways, Dale and Stacey Yorkes returned to the PRIDE Construction Site to inspect the hole created by the drill.[4]


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