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"If you see someone driving a Nemo, just go in the other direction."
Stacey Yorkes[src]

Nemo Industrial is an American automaker and space transport manufacturing company founded and directed by Victor Stein.


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"Stein used the mishap as an opportunity to announce his return after a health scare. Shares of Nemo stocks skyrocketed at the news."
WHiH World News Reporter[src]

Nemo was founded by Victor Stein, a brilliant engineer and businessman, thanks to the resources allocated by Jonah. Nemo brought specialized technical skills among the PRIDE. Nemo's management and innovations were regularly praised by science and economics magazines, who saw Stein as one of the greatest minds of his time.[1]

Nemo notably manufactured the Nemo Leapfrog, a self-driving SUV with a large trunk.[2] The company offered one of these vehicles for a charity auction.[3] Nemo also manufactured the drill which would be used on the PRIDE Construction Site to dig a massive hole.[4]

Stein asked ever more from his engineers to increase the quality and the capabilities of their products. As such, he requested from his engineers to improve the battery range without affecting other qualities of the product. However, they struggled to perform such achievement, something Stein managed to do alone in his lab.[5]

The Attack on Victor Stein, causing Stein to fall into a coma, was never revealed to the public. Instead, Stein's wife Janet only revealed that her husband suffered from a brain tumor, forcing him to take a step back and temporarily give up on the management of Nemo.[4]

Stein eventually returned to the public, announcing it right after the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site. This caused the value of Nemo's shares to drastically increase.[6]



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