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"Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
"Best damn avocados."
Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

Nelson v. Murdock is the tenth episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Daredevil.


Murdock and Foggy's relationship is put to the ultimate test while a new enemy against Fisk emerges.


Over 10 years ago, at Columbia University, Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock became roommates. The two became the best of friends and, after graduation, went together to Landman and Zack to practice law, even sharing a storage closet that acted as their office. Eventually, Murdock convinced Nelson to leave the prestigious law firm to start the law practice they had discussed, Nelson and Murdock. Unknown to Nelson, Murdock would avenge the wronged at night.

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Presently, Nelson now knows. Angry, hurt and tired, Nelson confronts Murdock on how he could be the masked vigilante and decides that he wants full disclosure from the man he called his best friend. All day, Murdock and Nelson discuss the past, Murdock's powers, and how his decisions have direct impacts on Nelson and Karen Page.

Ben Urich is in Metro-General Hospital visiting his wife Doris when he learns that the extension he requested was not approved. Ben cannot afford to put Doris in hospice care, so he decides that he must take her home. When Mitchell Ellison of the New York Bulletin offers Urich a better job, Urich tells him that he would consider it.

Meanwhile, Page is surprised when Urich comes to her office with a shoebox filled with all of his research on Wilson Fisk, citing that his wife's health demands are more important than this project. Page asks Urich to drive her to a hospice she would like him to see.

Meanwhile, Fisk gets ready for a fundraiser he is having. He had a meeting with Madame Gao that did not go well, so Fisk asks Leland Owlsley to speak to Gao and to assure her that all is well in the cartel. Owlsley though does agree with Gao that Fisk has changed since he has a woman in his life.

Page and Urich go to a high class hospice, where Page has tricked Urich into meeting Marlene Vistain, Fisk's mother. Vistain tells them repeatedly that Fisk did not mean to do what he did, piquing the reporter's interest.


At the fundraiser, Owlsley tells Fisk that he took care of everything. As the people drink the champagne, they collapse; the champagne was poisoned, and Marianna was one of the drinkers.

Nelson leaves Matt Murdock's Apartment and goes to Nelson and Murdock Law Office; he packs his belongings and throws the newly-gotten placard in the waste basket.


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