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"See, this right here in this office. This is what's important. Knowing that the people I care about are safe, and having some sense of closure for the ones we've lost."
Matt Murdock[src]

Nelson and Murdock Law Office, formerly Van Lunt Real Estate Building, was the legal office from which Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson based their law firm, Nelson and Murdock.


Acquiring a Law Office

"As I was telling your associate, this office was barely touched by the incident, which is why it's on the market already. The neighbors weren't so lucky."
""The incident"? Is that what we're calling it now?"
"Well, it sounds so much better than "death and destruction raining from the sky, nearly wiping Hell's Kitchen off the map"."
Susan Harris and Matt Murdock[src]

Foggy Nelson met with Susan Harris in order to visit an office that Midtown Property Solutions was renting in an area of New York City that was affected by the Battle of New York. Nelson and his partner Matt Murdock wanted to establish the place as the law office of the firm that they were creating together, simply called Nelson and Murdock.

Harris explained how the office had a reception area, a conference room and two offices, with one of them having a view of the Hudson River, and that Nelson and Murdock maybe should decide which one would get that office with a coin toss. Murdock arrived at that very moment, telling her that Nelson could have the view. Harris realized that Murdock was blind, and she quickly apologized.

Harris introduced herself and went on to shake hands with Murdock, but he did not realized the gesture and simply introduced himself in return. Harris, feeling awkward by the situation, simply curtsied, and Nelson explained to Murdock what she had just done.

Murdock asked Harris to walk him around the space in order to examinate the office, and she continued to explain the features of the office. Harris told them that it had been barely touched by the Incident, making it available on the market, though some of the neighbors were not so lucky.

Murdock wondered the reason to call what happened in 2012 as "The Incident", and Harris explained that it sounded better than saying that death and destruction were raining from the sky and nearly wiped Hell's Kitchen off the map. Murdock agreed, saying that it was shorter.

Nelson asked if the owner enjoyed the view of cranes and scaffolding, as he felt that the price of the office was the one that they would have asked before the whole incident, but Harris assured that the current price was a quarter of what it used to be, as Hell's Kitchen was on the rebound, and in 18 months that would be the price asked to rent broom closets.

Murdock quickly assured Harris that they would rent the office, though Nelson, still not sure, said that they would discuss it, as he was not sure they could afford it due to their current clientele policy. Murdock explained how they had a disagreement over the direction of their law firm, as he believed they had to defend the innocent, and Nelson believed that, as the law stated, the word "innocent" includes everyone not yet convicted of a crime.

Nelson kept defending his opinion, given that in order to work as defense attorneys, they need actual clients to pay their bills, instead of waiting for an large amount of innocent people to come to their arms. Murdock said that at that point, he would only need one.[1]

First Case

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson moved to their new office in order to quickly establish their law firm, and Nelson quickly received a phonecall from Brett Mahoney to hand them their first case. Mahoney quickly explained that a female suspect had been found at the scene of an homicide, something that would be interesting, just as Nelson asked him.

Nelson asked Mahoney if the woman had been charged, but the assistant District Attorney had not made the call yet. Mahoney then informed Nelson of the name of the suspect, Karen Page, just before Nelson and Murdock abandoned the office to go the 15th Precinct Police Station.[1]

Analyzing the Case

Back at their office, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson discussed how to proceed regarding their case with Karen Page. Nelson proposed to call his friend Gary Feinstein at the District Attorney's office, in order to know what they were planning to do. Nelson guessed that, with the right judge, Page could be free in five to ten years.

Murdock refused to accept a deal, and while Nelson was convinced that the case was clear, Murdock said she did not kill Daniel Fisher. Nelson explained that Page was the sole suspect, she was found at the scene, covered in blood, with the murder weapon and no defensive wounds, so every evidence pointed to her.

Nelson would consider any deal a gift they should take, as they would not want the case to go to trial. Murdock pointed that it was not them the ones who did not want the case to go to trial, as Page had not been charged yet, something that Nelson attributed to the fact they had 24 hours to lay charges against a suspect, and given it was the weekend, they would use every every second to collect evidence.

Murdock pointed there was already enough evidence, as Nelson just laid out, and there was something wrong with the case. Nelson finally said something he had been thinking since they got the case, that Murdock did not show the best judgment when beautiful women were involved. Murdock asked him how he would even know that Page was a beautiful woman, and Nelson answered that he always knew.

Nelson even told him that every time a beautiful woman was involved with them, Murdock would find her and Nelson would suffer for it. Murdock chuckled and agreed with him, but he also asked Nelson to back him with the case. Nelson then wondered who had killed Fisher if Page was innocent, as the case would need a culprit.

Murdock proposed to speak to Page again, and Nelson realized that maybe Page was not guilty, but that did not mean that she was telling the truth.[1]

Conspiracy Unveiled

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson took Karen Page to their office as she was released from police custody following an assassination attempt. Nelson offered Page a cup of tea he stole from the financial office next door, and the two lawyers asked Page how she was doing.

Page thanked them for getting her out of prison, though Nelson told her that did not mean charges would not be brought against her eventually. Murdock reminded her not to speak to anyone other than them about what happened the night Daniel Fisher was killed. Page lamented she did not have anyone to talk to.

Murdock asked Page if she had a place to stay for the night, but he refused to let her return to her apartment, explaining her that their priority was to keep her safe. In order to that, Murdock asked Page if she knew who was trying to kill her. Page said that, despite she did not know who, she knew the reason.

Nelson and Murdock set up a machine to record their entire conversation, and Page began explaining how she worked as a secretary in the financial department at Union Allied Construction, a company overseeing most of the government contracts for the West Side reconstruction following the Battle of New York. Due to that, the business had been transformed in the previous two years.

Due to her position as secretary for the chief accountant, Page had to coordinate the pension claims for the company, and she inadvertently opened a file meant for mister McClintock, her boss, that showed how the pension funds were designated to move large amounts of money through coded routing numbers.

Page continued explaining how she showed the file to McClintock, who told her that it was simply a theoretical model that they were trying, but as she knew something was wrong with it, she tried to gain Daniel Fisher's help, as he worked at the legal department and he had always been nice to Page.

Page explained that she only asked Fisher for a drink, but she realized that Union Allied must had people watching her, as she started to feel like she had been drugged as she tried to reveal what she knew to Fisher. The next thing Page remembered was that she woke up inside her apartment covered in blood with Fisher's body beside her.

Page started to cry as she said that Fisher was killed because of her, leaving a family, including a little boy, behind. Page wanted to get out of the office, but Nelson could not allow that. Page did not want to put Nelson and Murdock in danger, and despite Murdock assured her they could protect themselves, Page doubted they could be safe from the people that were after her.

Murdock offered to let Page stay at his own apartment, at least for that night, and he promised to keep her safe.[1]

Hiring Karen Page

Karen Page prepared a meal for Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock in order to thank them for all their help cleaning her name from the charge of killing Daniel Fisher. She explained it was her grandmother's recipe, and she cooked it despite having promised to serve it only to her future husband.

Page even joked saying the recipe was filled with virtue, and Murdock followed the joke saying he detected a whiff of virtue. Nelson told Page that she should also thank the man in the mask, but Murdock quickly changed the subject of the conversation, saying they were simply glad that Page was fine.

Page noted that both Murdock and Nelson were the ones that got her out of the cell, but Murdock explained their job was easy when the client was innocent, and everything it took was for Page to tell the truth, but Page thanked they were the ones who listened to her.

Nelson reminded her that despite everything, they would bill Page for their services, as soon as they figured out how to make bills. Between laughs, Page offered to work for them, in order to thank them, so Nelson jokingly interviewed them for the job. Page highlighted that she would work for free, so Nelson and Murdock told her she was hired as their new secretary.[1]

Working Late

Karen Page was inside the office arranging some papers when she overheard Foggy Nelson singing out loud. Embarrassed by the situation, Page called for Nelson, asking him if he knew that she was still at the office. Nelson opened the door and asked Page if she had heard him singing. Page lied to him saying she did not, but Nelson jokingly told her she should have answered that she did while praising his singing skills.

Page said she simply took the lesser lie. Nelson then asked Page what was she doing still at the office, but as Page returned the question, he started to ramble about needing to work and generate revenue, while noticing that Page was also an important part of their law firm.

Page tried to justify her presence by saying she still had work to do, but as Nelson noted they did not have any clients yet, she said that their things were not going to unpack themselves. Nelson told her to go outside and have a life like the young people her age, though Page noted that she and Nelson were the same age, so he should be too.

Nelson blamed his reticence on being awkward and unfashionable, something that did not apply to her, so she finally confessed she did not want to return to her apartment. Nelson then said that they could not stay at the office, as they did not have enough money to keep the lights on past midnight.

Nelson suggested visiting a couple of bars, an offer that Page accepted, so he noted that she would fit at their law firm. Page also suggested to call Matt Murdock to join them, and as they left the office, Nelson agreed.[2]

Criminal Case

Unexpected Client

Karen Page was checking a letter she had just received from Kirschner and Brown, the law firm representing what was left of Union Allied Construction after the company was dismantled. Foggy Nelson arrived complaining about how much they drank the last night, proposing Page to skip the part that had to with an eel inside a bottle the next time they went out together.

Nelson asked Page her opinion about buying an actual sign for their door, instead of the piece paper they had at the window, but Page told him they should get clients first, as they could barely afford to pay her. Nelson was surprised to hear that, thinking that Page was working for free, but Page, not believing what Nelson had just said, clarified that she had been

Matt Murdock entered the door, and Nelson asked him if he knew that Page was not working for free. Nelson and Page then noticed a wound in Murdock's face, that he sustained the night before while rescuing a boy kidnapped by Russian mobsters. Murdock dismissed it, simply saying that he was not paying attention.

Nelson proposed Murdock to get a dog, but he refused. Nelson and Page told him that everybody loved dogs, but the conversation was interrupted by a doorknock. The three were surprised to hear that somebody was actually at the door, and Page opened to find James Wesley wanting to hire Nelson and Murdock as lawyers. Wesley asked if they could attend him without previously having booked an appointment.

Murdock, Nelson and Page took Wesley to their meeting room, where Wesley explained that he represented a consortium with diversified interests, and sometimes they scouted for promising talent. Murdock asked why he was approaching them instead of a larger firm, and also asked Wesley's name. However, Wesley refused to give up his name, saying that he was employed by Confederated Global Investments, and that was the only name relevant.

Murdock then asked again the reason to hire them, but Nelson answered that they were able to provide the attention that larger firms were not able to. Wesley then said that his employer was a businessman with many interests in Hell's Kitchen, so two boys from that neighborhood who actually graduated with the best grades at Columbia University, cum laude and summa cum laude respectively, were the best option to work with in the neighborhood.

Wesley also revealed he knew that they were offered very lucrative positions at Landman and Zack following their internship, but they refused to create their own law office. Murdock, feeling that something was wrong with the whole proposal, tried to refuse, but Nelson tried to be more polite, saying that as they were still building their practice, they were very particular about their clientele.

Wesley assured he and his employer only wished their services to continue to be ethical and decent lawyers, giving them a check with a large sum, saying it was in exchange for simply their skills as lawyers and their discretion. Nelson was surprised to see the large sum they were offering, though Wesley noted that Murdock did not seem convinced, something that Murdock explained that it was just like Nelson had just said, they were particular about their clientele.

Wesley taunted them about Page's situation, who had been present during the whole meeting. Wesley asked if all their clients ended up working for them following being dropped off charges of murder, or that was just reserved for the pretty clients. Page was stunned to hear that, and Murdock asked her to leave the room and give them a minute.

Wesley apologized, but Murdock promptly asked him how he knew about Page, given that she was never formally charged and nothing about the whole situation appeared on the press. Wesley told them that he had friends at the New York City Police Department, also revealing they knew about their connection to Sergeant Brett Mahoney.

Nelson then pointed they were digressing, and Wesley said he understood Murdock's concerns, so he asked the two lawyers to review one of their cases to make the final decision, something they both agreed. Wesley then told the pair they had 30 minutes to go to the 15th Precinct Police Station, where their client, John Healy was kept in custody, and handed them a file that contained everything they needed to proceed with their case.

Wesley then left the office, thanking Nelson and Murdock for their time, but it was Nelson who thanked him. As soon as Wesley closed the door, Nelson asked Murdock what his problem was, and Murdock said it was too suspicious that he did not even gave his name. Nelson said that maybe Murdock would not care about that if he could see the amount on their check, but Murdock then replied that Nelson would actually care if he could not see the money.

Murdock then left the office, intending to follow Wesley, and telling Nelson that he would meet him at the police station.[3]

Defense Procedures

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson returned to their law office to discuss the reason they accepted to represent John Healy, with Nelson being mad at Murdock for how he acted accepting the case unilaterally and then interrogating Healy as if they were cops.

Murdock simply said they had to accept some cases for the money, just like Nelson had always told him. Nelson acknowledged it was the fist time ever that Murdock told him that he was right, and he had just discovered that he hated it. Murdock acknowledged that they needed to do things they could not be proud of, but Nelson reminded him that those things cannot become what they usually did. Nelson then said that they needed to make decisions together, and Murdock apologized for what happened.

They began to discuss about how to proceed on the trial. With the procedure they had chosen, the District Attorney would have to to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Healy did not killed Prohaszka in self-defense, and they began to collect the facts that would help with their defense.

Nelson began to say that the girl at the counter was not present when the fight started, Prohaszka's men refused to give any statement, and Healy has plenty of wounds that could be attributed to the self-defense. Murdock then said that he would open the statements during the trial and then Nelson would sum up.

To follow their own investigation, Murdock then said they needed to cash the check given to them, and then have Karen Page investigate Confederated Global Investments. However, she was not at the office, and Nelson and Murdock wondered where she could be.[3]

Building a Defense

In order to build the defense for their case representing John Healy, Matt Murdock proposed to use section 35.15 of the Penal Code, and then they would explain all the facts and leave the verdict to the jury and the statue of Lady Justice. Foggy Nelson seemed to be mad about this, but he was actually mad at their internet connection, claiming they needed a better Wi-Fi. However, Murdock told him they actually needed better everything.

Nelson was excited at the idea winning cases, becoming popular lawyers and making money, but Murdock reminded him that was not the idea behind Nelson and Murdock. He jokingly said they could to it just a little.

Karen Page entered the room saying that Wi-Fi was acting weird, and Murdock seized the opportunity to ask her if she had found anything about Confederated Global Investments, the company that hired them to represent Healy. She explained that it was a subsidiary of a holding company, which was also another subsidiary of another company until track was lost of their record. However, the funds of the check that James Wesley gave them were transferred to their account almost immediately.

Murdock told Nelson there was the money he was asking for, and Nelson asked Page to restart the router. Not knowing about her meeting with Kirschner and Brown, Murdock asked Page not to take more long lunches until they finished the case. As soon as Page restarted the router, Nelson was able to consult the practice insights for New York State Penal Law 35, and they studied it the rest of the night for their upcoming case.[3]

Office Equipment

Karen Page returned to the law office of Nelson and Murdock to explain Foggy Nelson that he had bought office equipment in an auction. Page made Nelson promise he would not get mad, especially as she had already taken a fax machine to the office but other things like a printer, conference phones and a copier would arrive the following day.

Page then explained that she charged the equipment to the law firm, but she would pay it as she was planning to receive a sum of money. Nelson told her that there was no need to worry, and then proceeded to tell Page the story of how he reacted when he refused to become a butcher like his mother wanted.[4]

Tenancy Case

Karen Page tried to start the printer and fax machine she bought for the office in an auction, but was unable to do it. Foggy Nelson jokingly advised her to be nice in case the machines finally took over one day. Page complained about being unable to make them work, and Nelson mentioned that the phones were not working either. Page revealed that rats had chewed through the main line, and a man from the phone company was already repairing it, while the exterminator would come the following Monday.

Matt Murdock entered through the door, and Nelson informed him about the rats. He added that he would never sleep at the office again, something that Murdock considered an upside. Murdock asked if either Nelson or Page had heard something in the news about a Russian having been beheaded, but they did not, being surprised that something like that could happen in Hell's Kitchen.

Their conversation was interrupted by Elena Cardenas, who was looking for Nelson under Bess Mahoney's references. Cardenas spoke with a broken English, mixing her words with Spanish, though Page, who had studied Spanish in high school, managed to understand her.

Cardenas began to explain, while Page translated, that she lived in a rent-control apartment owned by Armand Tully, who wanted to evict all tenants and transform the apartments into condominiums. Cardenas said that some men posing as workers, who destroyed the apartments with sledgehammers.

Page was unable to translate the last word, but Murdock, who had studied Spanish in college, easily understood and translated it. Nelson revealed that as Murdock studied Spanish, he studied Punjabi, so if the need arised, he would translate. Page offered Murdock to continue translating, but he refused, saying he liked listening to Page's voice.

Cardenas continued explaining that the men damaged the whole building, leaving them without water or electricity for days, and though they had tried to put the matter into police hands, they could do nothing about as it was a city issue, so they did not what to do.

Nelson checked the documents that Cardenas brought, and according to them, Tully had offered each tenant $10,000 to leave each apartment, and offered to pressure Tully for a better payout. Cardenas refused, saying that what they wanted was to stay in their homes.

In Spanish, Murdock told Cardenas they would everything they could, and Nelson would speak to Tully's lawyers. Cardenas was moved by their dedication and thanked Murdock for helping her. Page accompanied Cardenas to the door, and Murdock explained to Nelson what she just told to Cardenas.

Nelson complained, knowing that Tully's lawyers were Landman and Zack. Page thought that sounded impressive, and Murdock explained they were interns there. Nelson also told her that they were offered a great job there, but they refused to work for them and now they hated them.

Murdock said he was going to visit the 15th Precinct Police Station to check any complaints against Tully, while Nelson went to Landman and Zack. He refused to go alone, so Murdock asked him to take Page. She accepted, as she wanted an opportunity to see, as Nelson put, the sharks attacking him.[5]

Devil of Hell's Kitchen

At the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Foggy Nelson read the latest article published by the New York Bulletin about the man in the black mask, now calling him "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen", and began to comment how he thought that he was a coward and he would remove the mask and punch that man in the face.

Karen Page defended the man, as what the newspaper had printed was just speculation, and she doubted that he was a terrorist like Nelson assured. Nelson then said that it was right, and the man could not be considered a terrorist because even terrorists had a cause and claimed responsibility, while the man in the mask only wanted to spread terror.

Nelson groaned as he moved due to the injuries he sustained the night of the explosions, and he claimed that the pain had downgraded to just agony.

Page asked Matt Murdock about his opinion regarding the man in the mask, and he tried to change the subject with a joke about baseball. Nelson smiled, but then asked Murdock if he did not think anything about it. Murdock said that the whole situation at Hell's Kitchen and the injuries that Nelson, Elena Cardenas and the rest of people who got hurt were the things that were pissing him off.

Murdock defended the man in the mask, saying that he should not be tried and convicted in the press, and they, as lawyers, knew that it was not how the law worked. Page then asked if Nelson and Murdock would offer to defend the man in the mask in case he was caught, and while Nelson refused, Murdock said he had the right to be defended.

Nelson was still resent because of both his and Cardenas' injuries, but Murdock pointed that he wanted to make sure that the right paid for what happened. However, Nelson then said the whole conversation was irrelevant, given that the New York City Police Department would surely shoot the man upon sight given that at least three officers were shot.

Page then said that they should be having more pleasant conversations at the end of the day, and then Nelson proposed having a Softball company team, making Page laugh and point out that they only had three employees, with Murdock adding that one of them was blind.

Nelson proposed that he and Page should go Chelsea Piers and have a batting practice together. Page hesitated, so Nelson backed off the proposal, though she made up an excuse saying she had to something else, and said goodbye before leaving the office.

As she left, Nelson and Murdock commented about Page's refusal, and Nelson even pointed that Page kept a pepper spray on her keychain. Murdock said that everyone had secrets, though Nelson said he did not, even while he would like to have some. Nelson then asked about the girl of the burner phone, pointing out Murdock's gift to know a girl was hot even without seeing her.

Murdock revealed that their relationship did not work out, and then told Nelson he would stay at the office preparing their tenement case. Nelson said goodbye, and also that the girl was the losing something by not pursuing a relationship with Murdock, and then left the office.

Now alone, Murdock took some documents written in Braille about Leland Owlsley, and began reading them to know more about that man.[6]


Karen Page and Foggy Nelson began to talk about revealing their on-going investigation of the truth behind the corruption scandal at Union Allied Construction to Matt Murdock, as Page was convinced that Murdock would not understand it.

Nelson tried to relieve some of the stress of the situation by being honest with Page, starting with telling her that he hated her coffee. Nelson then returned to the subject of their conversation, but stopped when he realized that Murdock was coming through the door.

Page noticed the injuries that Murdock had on his face due to his fight against Stick, but he dismissed them and outrightly asked what they were trying to hide from him. Page was surprised that he heard them talking, and Nelson explained that Murdock was like a bat. Upon realizing it, Nelson quickly clarified that he did not mean blind as bat, but having their acute hearing. Murdock then explained that the fact that bats were blind was just a myth.

Page then revealed that they were investigating Union Allied, and Nelson was disappointed by how easy she revealed it. Murdock told her that she could not do that because she had signed a legal agreement to leave it alone, but Page clarified that she signed an agreement to never reveal anything in public.

Nelson also explained that she had a contact to reveal anything Page discovered, and one of the reasons to keep doing it is that the people behind Union Allied were trying to strong-arm people like Elena Cardenas, and evict them out of their houses to build condominiums.

Murdock asked what would happen if those people she talked about found what she was trying to do, and Nelson told him that they already took care of that. Page explained that the men that destroyed Cardenas' apartment attacked her the night before, but Nelson, who had been following her, prevented them from harming Page.

Murdock used that as a reason to try to convince them that the investigation would only led them to be hurt, but Page lost her temper, saying that she had already been hurt by them, and no matter how much they paid her to forget it, she would not let anyone else suffer what she suffered just because she was scared.

Murdock, realizing the actual reasons behind all of that, asked who else was involved in the investigation, and they revealed that Ben Urich, the same reporter from the New York Bulletin who wrote the article about Union Allied, was their contact. Page then assured them that she trusted Urich as much as she trusted Nelson or Murdock.

Murdock then tried protect them by establishing a set of rules for the investigation, and the first one was that they would pursue the investigation through the legal system, as they knew it and would use it to their advantage. Page complained that it did not sound heroic, but Murdock clarified that he did not want them to be heroes, he just wanted them to be safe.

Page and Nelson agreed with the first rule, as Murdock did not give them any choice, and when page asked about the next rule, Murdock admitted he did not know yet, as he had been thinking about the rules as he was speaking.[7]

Companies Connected

Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page stayed until night at their law office in order to investigate anything related to Union Allied Construction, despite Nelson's complaints, who would prefer to go to the streets and interrogate people around. Murdock laughed at that, saying that he would be in intensive care after just five minutes in the streets, despite Nelson said he handled himself against Joseph Pike and Stewart Schmidt.

Murdock then found a lead about Confederated Global Investments, the company that hired Nelson and Murdock to defend John Healy. It happened to be related to Westmeyer-Holt Contracting, a company with complaints for doing the same thing they did to Elena Cardenas.

Nelson wondered if Confederated Global was trying to force renters out of their tenements, and Page said that Cardenas' landlord, Armand Tully, surely knew something. Nelson proposed to track him down, but Murdock told him to do it using the phone, as it would be the second rule for their investigation.

Page then came across news that Detective Christian Blake had regained consciousness. Nelson commented that, while Blake was a "dick", he did not deserve a bullet from the man in the mask. Page told him that nobody knew what happened that night, but Murdock pointed that Blake might know it, and they would be very interested in what he had to say.[7]

The Second Coming

Ben Urich went to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to talk with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson about how Wilson Fisk's press conference changed the way they should investigate the events that were happening in Hell's Kitchen. Page and Nelson considered that nothing had changed, except by the fact they knew the identity of the "man in the top" that Urich believe was behind everything.

Urich, on the other hand, considered that everything had changed. He handed Page a copy of the New York Bulletin with Fisk on the front page, and pointed that Fisk stepped himself into the spotlight and had announced himself as a sort of savior for the city. Page proposed to keep investigating, but Urich had already did that, and internet went from having nothing about Fisk to be filled with stories about his past, being abandoned by his father and alone since his mother died.

Nelson believed that somebody must knew the truth, so they should keep asking. Urich told him that precisely that was the way of getting hurt, something that Matt Murdock, who was just entering through the door of the office, had been telling them, and pointed that maybe they would listen Urich.

Page introduced Urich and Murdock to each other, and Nelson explained that Murdock had proposed to pursue Fisk through the legal system. Urich acknowledged it was a safer way, though Page was disappointed at the way they were seemingly giving up.

Urich told her that the man in the mask had come to see him the other night, and though Nelson did not trust him, Urich explained that he wanted the same thing as them, to expose Fisk. Urich handed Page some documents incriminating Fisk taken from a thumb drive the masked man gave him, including the facts that Fisk was responsible for the bombing and the attack on the policemen that were shot, or that Fisk had bribed half the New York City Police Department and they helped him take down the Russian maffia led by Vladimir Ranskahov.

Page did not understand why Urich did not make all those facts public, but Murdock pointed that it would be hearsay, as Urich could not print any fact without corroboration. Nelson continued to disapprove what the masked man said, given that he still believed that he killed Detective Christian Blake.

Urich explained that, according to the masked man, Blake's partner, Carl Hoffman, was the actual killer, probably following Fisk's orders, but Hoffman had either disappeared or been killed, so they could not do anything about him, shrugging to explain their lack of options. Nelson explained to Murdock that Urich had just shrugged, and Urich apologized to him.

Page asked if there was a way to tie the money from Union Allied Construction to Fisk. Urich told her that it may be possible, but according to the masked man, Leland Owlsley was in charge of Fisk's illicit financials, and he was protected by Fisk's security, so nobody could approach him. He also acknowledged that the same was applied to James Wesley, the man that hired Nelson and Murdock to defend John Healy.

Running out of options, Page tried to make them understand that nobody could erase their past, and there should be something that lead them to the truth. Nelson proposed investigating Confederated Global Investments, Wesley's employer company. Urich had already investigated it, and according to the Federal Communications Commission, that company was Fisk's most important source of funds.

Murdock then said that if Fisk was connected to Confederated Global Investments, then he was also involved with Westmeyer-Holt Contracting, a company hired by Armand Tully to strong-arm his tenants out of their apartments. However, according to Landman and Zack, the firm that served as Tully's lawyers, he was on vacation in an unreachable island. Murdock proposed to investigate both companies nevertheless.

Nelson voiced once again his distrust about the man in the mask but Page defended him once again, saying that the masked man did not hurt either Urich or her, so she would choose him over over Fisk, and even praised his unusual combat abilities, making Murdock smile. Nelson then asked why the masked man came to Urich instead of taking Fisk down himself, and Urich correctly guessed that the man knew there were some roads from which nobody could came back from.[8]

Keep Fighting

Foggy Nelson and Karen Page talked about Nelson's implication in their ongoing investigation, as Nelson seemed not to be as motivated as her. Nelson assured that if Wilson Fisk was indeed responsible for the explosions, the shooting of the policemen and even sending a man to kill her, then nobody would want to see Fisk getting what he deserved more than him, with the exception of Page herself.

Nelson simply clarified what he tried to explain, that investigating Armand Tully was a dead end. Matt Murdock stepped out of his office and asked about it. Nelson explained that he contacted his ex-girlfriend, Marci Stahl, who happened to be one of Tully's lawyers, and according to her, Tully had moved to an island that he bought with all the money that Confederated Global Investments paid for all the real estate holdings he owned in Hell's Kitchen.

Page said that was the link they were looking for between Fisk and the tenement case they were looking for, but Nelson clarified that the deal to sell those buildings happened that same morning. As Murdock pointed, whatever happened before that deal that made Fisk be the owner would fall on Tully and not Fisk.

Page proposed to go after Tully and make him confess about Fisk's involvement, but Nelson told her that Tully had traveled to an island without extradition agreement, so it was indeed a dead end.

Their conversation was interrupted by Elena Cardenas knocking at the door. Nelson greeted her with a catchphrase he heard on TV, but as Murdock explained, he had just asked in Spanish where the library was. Page invited Cardenas to come in, but seeing the look on her face, asked if everything was ok.

Cardenas explained that Fisk had offered them twice the money that Tully offered to move out of their homes and her neighbors are thinking about taking it. Murdock, knowing how dangerous Fisk actually was, acknowledged that maybe they should take it. However, Nelson asked Page to explain to Cardenas that she should stand firm as they promised they would help her and that was what they were going to do.

Page translated Nelson's words, making Cardenas to point how a good man Nelson was. Cardenas believed she could make enough of her neighbors to change their minds to make a difference, and told them she would continue fighting for her home. Nelson encouraged her, and Cardenas left the office saying how good people all of them were.

As Cardenas left, Murdock told Nelson he should not have encouraged her, as Fisk would not stop until he got all of their tenements. However, Nelson was confident that, given Fisk's public status on that case, they could request an injunction and find something in the deposition to deal with him.

Murdock claimed that a man like Fisk could not be defeated with a deposition, and it seemed that after everything that had happened, Nelson still did not get who were they dealing with. Page, who had suffered at Fisk's hands, claimed that Fisk was just a rich man thinking he could people to do everything he wanted, even standing at New York City Hall with his associates as if he had already won. As she was saying that, Page showed Murdock a copy of the New York Bulletin, with Nelson reminding her that Murdock could not see it.

Page told Nelson and Murdock that they could not let Fisk get away with the tenancy case, and Murdock proposed applying an old principle from both law and war, to know your enemy. Murdock told Nelson and Page to keep investigating in order to find that potential tiny piece of paper or witness that may lead them to the truth, advising them to do it quietly and under.

Meanwhile, she was going to investigate the third person that stood with Fisk during his press conference, besides James Wesley and Leland Owlsley, a woman whom the press said Fisk seemed close with. Page read in the newspaper that the woman was Vanessa Marianna, an art curator at the Scene Contempo Gallery, so Murdock said that maybe it was time that he invested in art.[8]

Bad News

Matt Murdock returned to the office the following day. Upon arriving, Karen Page told him that Foggy Nelson tried to call him the previous night, but Murdock had turned off the phone, with the excuse that he was tired. Page asked how it went with his visit to Vanessa Marianna, though he simply said that he did not get what he needed.

Page then informed him that she and Nelson managed to identify the men that attacked her just outside of Elena Cardenas' Apartment as Stewart Schmidt and Joseph Pike, and not from booking photos, but from contractor's licenses.

Nelson entered the office and immediately asked Murdock where he was the previous night. Murdock told him that he went walking to clear his head, but Nelson said that every time Murdock did not answer his calls, he believed that Murdock had fallen down through an open manhole or something similar.

Returning to the subject, Murdock asked who Schmidt and Pike's employer was, and it turned out it was Westmeyer-Holt Contracting, another of the multiple subsidiaries of Confederated Global Investments. Murdock believed that they managed to get something, and that they could press assault charges against Schmidt and Pike to make them talk about Wilson Fisk's involvement. However, Page had contacted Ben Urich, and according to his sources, Schmidt and Pike had disappeared, just like Carl Hoffman and Armand Tully.

Murdock was disappointed, as they had returned to having nothing on Fisk, but Nelson and Page wanted to surprise him, showing Murdock the new sign he had ordered for their law firm, Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law, just like the one he drew on a napkin the day they decided to start the law firm.

Murdock touched its letters, and pointed out that the sign was a little small, though Nelson blamed it on building regulations. Page took a positive note from it, saying the sign was just like the firm, small but awesome. Nelson was more convinced than ever that they would make a difference, even if it did not feel like that many times, but they would use the law to make a difference.

Nelson got emotional, saying that Murdock dragged him into building their own practice, and he would never be able to thank Murdock enough for it. Laughing, Murdock told Nelson that he would not let Nelson kiss him, and they embraced.

However, just when both Nelson and Murdock were about to leave and place the new sign, Page answered a phone call and was informed that Elena Cardenas had been killed, and their presence was requested to identify the body.[8]

Calling the Senior Partners

Karen Page went to work at the office, but she was worried when neither Matt Murdock nor Foggy Nelson showed up. She tried to call Murdock's cell phone, but she obtained no answer, so she called Nelson.

Nelson answered the phone and told her he was at Murdock's apartment because Murdock had been hit by a car. Page told him she was going to the apartment, but Nelson asked to stay at the office as there was nothing she could there, but he promised that he would call if they needed anything.[9]

Passing the Torch

Karen Page tried to call Foggy Nelson again, as she was trying to inform him about a discovery she recently made about Wilson Fisk, but she was unable to contact Nelson. Upon entering the office, she realized there was a box on her desk, and right before she opened it, Ben Urich appeared and told her that hey were out of cream for coffee.

Page who was startled by Urich emerging from the other room, asked Urich how he got in the office, and he told her that he simply entered through the front door because it was unlocked, and she needed to be more careful. She claimed that she was, showing her pepper spray.

Page was actually about to call Urich, as she visited the county clerk's office while getting lunch and discovered something. Urich wondered if Page was not going to ask about the box that was on her desk, so Urich encouraged her to open it, revealing all of Urich's notes and articles regarding the story they were working on.

Urich revealed he was quitting, as despite he used to be like Page in his youth, he now knew when to stop. Page believed she had already convinced Urich on how important the story was, and asked if she needed to convince him again.

However, Urich explained that, although he still believed the story was important, it was not the most important thing to him right now, as the insurance extension for his wife Doris did not come through. He even researched a hospice he could afford, but after making a few cals, he was sure he could not put his wife in a place like that, so Urich needed time to bring her home.

Page then asked him to go visit a nursing home that she had heard about in upstate New York, a simple ride that could change his mind, and that could hurt nobody.[9]


Having spent the whole day with Matt Murdock at his apartment, learning the truth about his activities as the man in the mask, Foggy Nelson went to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to pack his things and leave the firm.

While there, he noticed the sign for "Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law" that he was supposed to place at the entrance, but instead he threw the sign into the trash can.[9]

Awkward Reunion

Karen Page went to the office before dawn, being unable to sleep, and locked the door behind her. Still worried that Wilson Fisk managed to discover she had just killed James Wesley, Page looked through the window to make sure that nobody followed her, and did not notice that Foggy Nelson stepped out of his office.

Page was scared at first, and then asked what Nelson was doing there, but he simply told her that it was still his office. She pointed that it was also Matt Murdock's, and asked if the reason he was there so late was to avoid Murdock. Nelson then answered that he was not creeping around, it was simply that Page was too busy looking out the window to realize he was there.

Nelson then realized that Page smelled of alcohol, and asked if she had been drinking. She deflected his question by reminding him that she found him drunk at Josie's Bar a few hours before. Nelson told her that it was the end of his night, and asked what happened to her after that. Page answered that nothing happened, but Nelson insisted, making Page remark that he sounded like he actually cared.

Nelson told her that he did not want what was happening between him and Murdock to affect her, and Page apologized for having been so harsh, saying that she had had a rough night. Nelson realized they should not drink, and Page added that she was thinking about moving on to "hard stuff".

Following the joke, Nelson asked her to count on him if she was going to try narcotics, making Page laugh and point that he did not seem like the type of person who consumed them. Nelson confessed that he smoked a "doobie" once, though it made him drool. Page laughed again, saying that was not considered hard anymore.

Page asked Nelson if he was going to return to the office, but he said he just needed to pick up some things, and went to back to his office, being uneasy with the question. When Page was about to ask him again, Nelson asked not to have that conversation at that moment, because it was not a good time. Nelson was not even sure there was going to ever be a good time for it, and that was the best answer he could give Page.

Page reminded him that, despite what was happening between him and Murdock, it would be nice not to be alone at the office all day. Nelson acknowledged something Page told him in the bar, that his situation with Murdock did not change what was happening with Fisk, so he was going to keep investigating, saying that he could not be allowed to kill people without punishment, so he was going to pay for what he did, just like Page said.

Nelson also asked Page for the files that Ben Urich gave them, obtained from the man in the mask, though he still had no idea what was he going to do with them. Page asked if he still believed the masked man was a terrorist, and Nelson said that, while he did not understand what he was, he did not believe the masked man was a terrorist anymore.

Right before leaving, Nelson reminded her that, while things were weird, she could call him whenever she needed him, promising to pick up the calls this time. Nelson even promised that everything was going to be alright. Page asked why he was so sure, and he simply said that he had to be.

Nelson jokingly advised her to stay away from alcohol and drugs while he headed to the door, and as he opened it, he came across Murdock, who was just about to enter the office. None of them said anything, and Murdock simply stepped aside to let Nelson go.

As Murdock closed the door, Page commented on how awkward that moment had been, but Murdock simply asked what she was doing at the office so late, or early, depending on the point of view. Page confessed she could not sleep, pointing out that it might have been the only thing Nelson, Murdock and herself still had in common. Murdock apologized, and then, instead of clarifying for what he was apologizing, he said that he apologized for everything.

Page offered Murdock a coffee, and told him that Nelson still blamed himself for Elena Cardenas' death. Murdock told her that it was not Nelson's fault, and Page said he should try telling him that. Murdock said that not speaking to each other was Nelson's choice, but Page reminded him that Murdock was also letting it be his choice.

Page started to feel it was a mistake coming to work at Nelson and Murdock. Murdock asked if she wanted to leave the girl, but she replied that she didn't, saying that it had become her home, and Murdock and Nelson were the only good things in her life. Murdock asked her if something happened recently, but she only answered cryptically that the world fell apart.[10]

Multiple Calls

Karen Page received a call from Ben Urich to brief her about the situation with the article, as Mitchell Ellison, Urich's editor, was at his son's school to hear him in a solo cello concert and there was a reception after that. Page asked if he had tried calling Ellison's cell phone, and Urich told her that Ellison did not pick it up.

Urich asked her to be calm until Ellison got back, but also advised her to keep her eyes open, just in case, and Page returned the advice. Page then received another phone call from Matt Murdock and had to take it, so Urich promised to call again as soon as he knew something.

Page then answered Murdock's call, and he told her that he had a rough morning and was not going to the office. However, he also said that he was working on something that might help them with the investigation regarding Wilson Fisk. Murdock asked Page to stay out of it until he knew for sure, and to tell Foggy Nelson to do the same. Page agreed to do it, and Murdock promised that everything was going to going to work out.[10]

Not Alone

Karen Page received another phone call from Ben Urich while he left Metro-General Hospital, to inform her that he was no longer working for the New York Bulletin. Page assumed he quit, but Urich implied he had been fired. Page said she was sorry, though Urich told her not to be, as the Bulletin had not been the newspaper he fell in love with for a long time, but he was too stubborn to let it go.

Page asked if he really thought that Mitchell Ellison had been bribed by Wilson Fisk, and though Urich was not sure, he admitted that it would explain a lot of the things that happened there.

Urich revealed he was thinking about starting a blog despite hating them, but he had to acknowledge he could reach a lot of people using it and having the right story to tell. Page asked if he was going to write about Fisk killing his own father, and Urich revealed his intention of doing it that night. He was not afraid of Fisk taking legal action against him, as he knew a pair of decent lawyers.

Page was sure that article would change everything, and Urich repeated the phrase he told her of how to keep going, "one foot in front of the other". Urich promised to send her the link for the blog as soon as it was finished, and then they would devise their next step. Page wished him good night and hung up the phone.

Page then sat on her desk until someone started to try to open the door of the office. Page was frightened, but then Matt Murdock called for her from outside, asking Page if she was inside. Page opened the door, and Murdock then asked if they were going to lock the door now.

Murdock told Page that it was late and she should go home, but then Page asked if they were just three people who did not even talk to each other. Murdock explained how a man he was close to once told him that he would have to push everyone he cared about away if he wanted too succeed. Page pointed that it looked like Murdock listened to that advice, and while he thought he had not done it, it turned out that man had a way of getting into heads.

Murdock revealed he had a bad night, the kind of where he thought he had seen the bottom of humanity only for that pit to keep getting deeper, and broke down crying, Murdock realized he could not continue alone. Page went to embrace him, promising he had never been alone, while he kept crying.[10]

Reminder of a Promise

Karen Page and Matt Murdock returned to their office following Ben Urich's funeral, with Page extremely disgusted by Mitchell Ellison's presence there, as she believed that Ellison worked for Wilson Fisk and had tipped him off about Urich. Murdock reminded her that Urich did not have any evidence that Ellison had been bribed by Fisk, though she still believed it was true.

However, Page was even more disgusted by Foggy Nelson's absence, as he left a message implying he had something more important to do than going to the funeral. Murdock doubted that Nelson said anything like that, but she believed that was what Nelson meant. Murdock assumed all responsibility in what was happening with Nelson, though she believed that everyone shared the blame in a relationship.

Murdock asked Page to go home and get some rest, but she said she could not rest, as every time she closed her eyes, he saw Fisk killing her. Page wondered what would happen if Fisk ever discovered that she went with Urich to the Saint Bénézet Retirement Care and that she spoke to Marlene Vistain, Fisk's mother.

Murdock tried to calm her, saying they would deal with it if something like that happened. Page was concerned that Fisk's control of the media and the police would let him walk away unpunished, and acknowledged that Nelson was right that someone who had so much was very hard to stop. Murdock said that it simply meant that Fisk had more to lose than anyone else.

Murdock promised that he would keep her safe, just like when Fisk came after her for exposing the corruption scandal at Union Allied Construction, and also promised that everyone who had helped Fisk, or had taken money from him, would get what was coming to them, especially Fisk himself.[11]

Classified Documents

Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page went to work at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, trying to look for any clue for the place where Leland Owlsley had stashed Carl Hoffman, using the documents form Owlsley and Silver & Brent that Marci Stahl took from Landman and Zack for Nelson.

They spent hours reading the documents, until Nelson interrupted them by saying that reading all that made him want to gouge his own eyes out, unlike a job as a butcher like his mother wanted for him. Nelson wondered what the reason was to become a lawyer, and Murdock reminded him it was to make money, making both of them laugh.

The whole conversation also made Page laugh, leading her to say that this was exactly the way it should be. Murdock asked if she was talking about Nelson's conversation about cured meats, but she clarified that she referred to Nelson and Murdock. More seriously, Nelson told her that at least it was a start.

To change the subject, Murdock asked Page if she had found anything, but she then said that there were thousands and thousands of documents. Page then asked how Stahl was able to get all of them out of Landman and Zack without anyone noticing, and Nelson pointed that she could be very distracting.

Murdock asked them to concentrate on the things pertaining to Silver & Brent, especially liens, development or property holdings, as they could give a clue of the place where Owlsley was holding Hoffman. Page pointed that Hoffman knew everything about Fisk's corruption, the bombings, the shooting of the cops so, as Nelson pointed, he would not only expose Fisk, but also clear the man in the mask's name.

However, Page was not sure that Hoffman would go against Fisk even if they managed to him find him. Murdock explained that there seemed to be friction between Fisk and his associates, given that he destroyed the Russians, the Japanese went underground, the heroin from the Chinese was destroyed in a fire and now even Owlsley was moving against him.

Page remembered a quote that Ben Urich told her, that nobody became the man on top without making enemies looking to tear him down, and Murdock acknowledged that Urich was right. To change the sad subject, Page asked how they found about Owlsley, and Nelson lied to her saying that the man in the mask had contacted them, with Nelson finally admitting that he was trying to do the right thing.

Nelson then sighed again while looking at new documents, saying it could take them a whole week to review all of them, and they did not even know if they were complete. Nelson even theorized that Owlsley may have not been using company funds to stash Hoffman. Murdock was sure that he did, as every man with financial privilege he had met would never use his own money if he could use someone else's.

Nelson proposed to call Stahl and ask if there was something they could use to narrow the search, but Page found something strange, a rundown of Silver & Brent's real estate holdings across the State of New York that suddenly listed one property less the following day. Nelson pointed out that maybe it had been sold that day, but Page checked the balance after the property disappeared from the record and it did not change, so if it was sold, that should have been reflected in the profit-loss.

Murdock then pointed out that maybe someone tried to hide the fact that the property had been taken off the records, and without a shift in the profit-loss, maybe no one would notice. Page revealed that the property was located in Hell's Kitchen, so Murdock asked both Nelson and Page to keep looking through the documents in case they were wrong, while he was going to the 15th Precinct Police Station to inform Brett Mahoney. Page proposed to just call him, but Murdock told her that maybe Fisk was tapping the police lines.

Nelson then went to speak with Murdock in private, knowing he was not going to the precinct but to check the property as the man in the mask. Murdock told him that Mahoney could not handle that alone, and that he knew how Nelson felt about what he did as the masked man.

Murdock told him that was one of the points where law met reality, and if he did not put on the mask, they risked losing Hoffman and Fisk would win.[11]


Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson met at the office to celebrate how their efforts finally succeeded and Wilson Fisk was brought to justice. Nelson was satisfied that now everyone knew what kind of person Fisk really was, and Page was proud that it was them who made it happen, and Murdock reminded her of Marci Stahl's role, too. Page acknowledged that maybe she was not as bad as she thought at first.

Murdock solemnly said that the most important thing was knowing that the people he cared about were safe, and that they could finally have some sense of closure for the ones they had lost. Nelson, Page and Murdock then made a toast to Elena Cardenas, Ben Urich and all the people that Fisk had ever hurt.[11]

Go Be a Hero

Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson watched on the news that FBI transport carrying Wilson Fisk had been attacked and Fisk was about to be liberated. Page realized they had been idiots for celebrating and thinking that putting away a man like Fisk would be easy.

The three of them prepared to get out of the office before the streets were closed, though Murdock asked Nelson to get Page home. Page did not want to leave Murdock alone, but he used the excuse that he was going back to his own apartment and that he lived on the other side of town to leave alone.

Nelson went to speak to Murdock while Page waited inside a cab, trying to dissuade him from intervening in a heavily-armed assault only with his black mask. Murdock asked Nelson to trust him, despite he was aware he had not earned his trust yet. Nelson ended up encouraging Murdock, asking him just not to get killed while being a hero.[11]

A New Beginning

Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page met outside of the office in the morning, and Page started to read the morning edition of the New York Bulletin with a front page article detailing how "Daredevil" had collared Wilson Fisk, and she read out loud that Daredevil was now the code name used to refer to man in the mask.

Nelson, who knew that Murdock was actually Daredevil, jokingly told them that it sounds like he was going to jump over Snake River Canyon on a rocket cycle, making Murdock laugh. Page admitted that she thought the name sounded goofy at first, but was not that bad, and for sure better than "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen", something that Murdock agreed with.

Page commented how much Daredevil had changed since he stopped Rance from stabbing her in her apartment, as his costume was a serious upgrade. Nelson jokingly commented that he thought the horns were too much, making Murdock smile.

At that moment, Nelson finished placing the sign for their law firm on the wall, "Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law", and both Page and Nelson himself were glad that she had taken the sign out of the trash can. Murdock touched the sign to read it, and repeated a joke from their college days, calling themselves "Nelson and Murdock, Avocados at Law".

Nelson laughed and Page asked what was it about. Nelson said it was a long story, but he did not have time to tell it, as he had promised Marci Stahl to help her find a new job, as since most of the partners from the law firm where she had been working, Landman and Zack, were under indictment.

Page asked if Nelson and Stahl were back together, but though he denied it at first, he changed his answer saying that maybe they were while smiling. Murdock asked him to thank Stahl for her help in bringing Fisk down, but Nelson reminded him that Fisk still needed to go to trial, and just getting a date could take a year. Page was worried about the time, but Murdock calmed her saying that Fisk was where he belonged, and that it was them who put him there.

Before leaving, Nelson commented again how good their sign was, and Murdock told him that all they needed now were clients. Nelson, having finally resumed his friendship with Murdock, told him "one day at a time", and said goodbye to Page.

Being left alone, Page said that they should get back to work, but Murdock asked her about something in her voice that had been there for a while. He assumed that it would get better once Fisk was imprisoned, but it had not. Page noted that although imprisoning Fisk was good, it would not bring back Elena Cardenas or Ben Urich. It would not erase everything they had been through or what they had to do.

Murdock agreed with her, telling her that he wished to change many decisions he had made, but nobody could change that so, like he told Nelson, the only thing they could do was to move forward together. Murdock offered Page his hand, and she smiled, gently taking it and heading inside the office.[11]


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The Nelson and Murdock Law Office in the non-canon video game The Incredible Hulk

  • The Nelson and Murdock Law Office is one of various landmarks featured in the non-canon video game The Incredible Hulk.[12]

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  • The exterior of the office is located on South 4th Street #A in Brooklyn.



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