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"We are small but awesome. And we're gonna make a difference. I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes... a lot of the time, but we are, with the power of the law."
Foggy Nelson to Matt Murdock[src]

Nelson and Murdock was a law firm in New York City founded by Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock. Following the recruitment of Karen Page as the firm's office manager, they were instrumental in taking down Wilson Fisk, and defended Frank Castle before ultimately disbanding due to complications caused by Murdock's double-life as the vigilante Daredevil. The firm reunited to stop Wilson Fisk again, after he was freed from prison, and was reborn in a new firm, Nelson, Murdock and Page.


Getting an Office

Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock met with Susan Harris to tour an office in Hell's Kitchen to start their new law firm. Harris explained to them the benefits of owning the office, stating that it had been barely touched by the Incident while the neighboring building had not.

Nelson argued that the price seemed too high for an office with a view of only cranes and scaffolding. Harris addressed that the price was only a quarter of what they used to be and that in 18 months, they would not be able to afford a broom closet at that price point.

Murdock decided that they would take the offer, to which Nelson disagreed saying that they would not be able to afford it unless they made some changes to their clientele policies. They eventually both accepted the deal.[1]

Karen Page

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Nelson and Murdock meet Karen Page

Nelson and Murdock's first client was Karen Page, a secretary for Union Allied Construction and the prime suspect in the murder of her co-worker Daniel Fisher. Despite all of the evidence pointing to Page being the murderer, Murdock believed that Page was innocent and was suspicious that the New York City Police Department was not filing charges against her.

After Page was nearly killed in her cell by Clyde Farnum, she was released into Nelson and Murdock's custody. She told them that she uncovered evidence of financial misdeeds at Union Allied Construction and set up a meeting with Fisher to discuss it with him. She blacked out at the bar where they met and regained consciousness in her apartment, holding the bloody knife, with Fisher dead on the floor. Page believed she was framed as a way to intimidate her to keep silent about what she learned.

The case was dismissed after the Man in Black delivered a hired killer named Rance and files pertaining to a cover up of money laundering at Union Allied Construction to the New York Bulletin, proving Page's story.[1]

John Healy

Foggy Nelson interviewing John Healy

"You have quite the legal vocabulary, Mr. Healy; am I correct to assume that this is not your first rodeo?"
Foggy Nelson to John Healy[src]

James Wesley hired Nelson and Murdock on behalf of his employer, Confederated Global Investments. He hired Nelson and Murdock to defend John Healy, who was accused of murdering Mr. Prohaszka, though Healy claimed it was in self defense.

The jury could not reach a verdict. The judge declared a hung jury and the case was not retried.[2]

Elena Cardenas

Elena Cardenas recruits Nelson and Murdock

"Convincing my client to agree to your terms, that's your job and I'm not going to do it for you. See, you think there are only two options: these tenants take the pay out and leave, or leave without taking it. But given how long they've put up with Tully's bullshit, I think you're actually afraid that Mrs. Cardenas and her neighbors will find a way to get by."
Foggy Nelson to Marci Stahl[src]

Elena Cardenas was recommended to Nelson and Murdock by Bess Mahoney. Her landlord, Armand Tully, represented by the powerful legal firm Landman and Zack, was coercing tenants in her rent controlled apartment building to leave so that he could sell the property. He hired workers to make improvements on the apartments, but instead, the workers left the apartments in shambles, leaving tenants with no electricity, gas, or water.[3]

Investigations into this case led Nelson and Murdock to discover connections to Wilson Fisk's criminal empire. When Fisk felt that the Man in Black was becoming too much of a problem, he ordered Cardenas murdered to draw him out.[4]

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Carl Hoffman

Nelson and Murdock represent Carl Hoffman

"Turn yourself in to Brett Mahoney. You can trust him and he has a couple of lawyers that can't be bought. They can help you."
Masked Man to Carl Hoffman[src]

Carl Hoffman, a detective from the 15th Precinct Police Station secretly on Wilson Fisk's payroll, had been in hiding with the help of Leland Owlsley, who kept Hoffman alive as an insurance policy against Fisk moving against him. The Man in the Mask found Hoffman just in time to stop Fisk's men from killing him. He ordered him to turn state's evidence, and specifically to turn himself in to Sergeant Brett Mahoney, who was an honest cop. He also told Hoffman that he knew of two lawyers who couldn't be bought, and suggested he hire them to represent him.

After Hoffman turned himself in, Nelson and Murdock acted as his lawyers, arranging to have him testify to the FBI. Hoffman provided detailed information about Fisk's criminal organization, enough to lead to many arrests, including that of Fisk himself.[5]


Foggy Nelson and Karen Page talk to Grotto

"If you're the only one who survived your good fortune is going to rub some powerful people the wrong way."
"No shit! I got a pack of killers gunning for my men, my people think I'm a traitor or a rat."
Matt Murdock and Grotto[src]

Elliot Grote, known to many by his street name, Grotto, sought out Nelson and Murdock at Josie's Bar, where he told them he was the sole survivor of a Massacre at the Burren Club. He hired the legal firm to help him broker a deal with the District Attorney's office. He offered any and all information he had about the Kitchen Irish in return for being placed in the Witness Protection Program.

District Attorney Samantha Reyes asked him to wear a wire to meet with a known drug dealer named Edgar Brass. In reality, the D.A. used him as bait to draw out the Punisher. In the ensuing gunfight between the Punisher and the police, Grotto fled.[6]

He later called Karen Page at the office and told her he was leaving New York City. However, the Punisher caught him trying to steal a car, and killed him.[7]

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Frank Castle

Frank Castle speaks to Nelson and Murdock

"All of them, they all think that you're a monster, but I know that you're not. You're not!"
"You sure about that? If I find these men who did that to my family, what if? What if nothing changes? What if this is just me now?"
Karen Page and Frank Castle[src]

Frank Castle was charged with multiple homicides. After Karen Page met with Castle's court appointed public defender Christopher Roth, she became concerned about the irregularities in her witness statement. Matt Murdock was also concerned to learn that District Attorney Samantha Reyes wanted to extradite Castle to Delaware, a state which has the death penalty. These factors caused Page and Murdock to convince a reluctant Foggy Nelson to take Castle's case.

Nelson and Murdock defending Frank Castle

Castle agreed to hire Nelson and Murdock to represent him, and they managed to reduce his sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. However, at the arraignment, Castle surprised them by pleading not guilty.[8]

The highly-publicized trial ended abruptly when Castle furiously and loudly declared that he was guilty on the stand.[9]

The loss of the case, combined with increasing tensions between Murdock and Nelson over Murdock's secret life as the vigilante Daredevil, caused the lawyers to shutter the office.[10]

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Ray Nadeem

"You're going to testify against Fisk, once you hire us to represent you."
"Represent me?"
"As Nelson and Murdock, attorneys at law."
Matt Murdock, Ray Nadeem, and Foggy Nelson[src]

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Name Position Status
Matt Murdock Attorney/Business Partner Alive
Foggy Nelson Attorney/Business Partner Alive
Karen Page Office Manager Alive


Name Case Verdict
Karen Page Murder No trial
John Healy Murder Undecided (Hung Jury)
Elena Cardenas Home Ownership Undecided (Client Died)
Carl Hoffman Corruption Successful
Pope Insurance Successful
Zuly Almeida Violence Against Women
Marino Assault
Maxwell Assault
Jacinto Working papers
Grotto Witness Protection Undecided (Client Died)
Frank Castle Multiple Murders Lost
Michael Kemp Reduced Length
Ray Nadeem


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