"They are not weapons."
―Nathi Zuma about the Inhumans[src]

Nathi Zuma is a South African delegate attending the Symposium on Alien Contagion in order to establish international politics regarding the Inhumans.


Symposium on Alien Contagion

"We do not believe the Inhumans are a plague or weapons. I support Mr.Petrov's sanctuary state, and I propose we vote on the matter."
―Nathi Zuma[src]

Nathi Zuma was the South African representative at the Symposium on Alien Contagion. After a reception during which he met with other representatives, he joined the conference room where he listened to Dr Sean Lundwall, actually Phil Coulson, who explained that the Inhumans should be treated with compassion. When Russian delegate Anton Petrov suggested to create a Russian Inhuman Sanctuary, Zuma seconded that idea, explaining that he thought it was the best way to protect the Inhumans. Zuma proposed the idea to be put to a vote.

However, before the vote could actually happen, Glenn Talbot betrayed Coulson and revealed his identity. Zuma and the others then watched as Gideon Malick joined them and convinced them that Coulson was the head of HYDRA and working for the extermination of the Inhumans.[1]






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