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"I have no use for my father's way of thinking! He trapped himself in HYDRA, bound by its history, rules, hierarchy. No, thanks. Here's my pitch: Goodbye to all that. Say hello to anarchy."
―Nathaniel Malick to Phil Coulson[src]

Nathaniel Malick was the son of Wilfred Malick and younger brother of Gideon Malick. Having struggled to find his future path within HYDRA, a brief encounter with Quake resulted in Malick developing an obsession with gaining power, causing him to kidnap Quake, and steal her powers. Malick had then been recruited by Sibyl, who gave Malick access to the Time Stream, which he used to prevent deaths from their timelines and build his crew, including Kora and John Garrett. However, Malick learnt that Leo Fitz was the greatest risk to his victory, as he had then kidnapped Jemma Simmons in an attempt to find him. But Malick's efforts were intercepted by S.H.I.E.L.D., who jumped Malick and all the Chronicoms into 2019, where Malick had his final battle against Quake, resulting in Malick getting thrown into the ship's nuclear reactor and killed.


Finding a Purpose

Working within HYDRA

"I look like HYDRA to you?"
―Nathaniel Malick to Quake[src]

Malick was born the youngest son of Wilfred Malick, the high ranking HYDRA agent. During his life, Malick had attempted to find his own place within HYDRA, but still struggled to find anything he was passionate about, since he did not follow his father's faith with Hive.[3] While Malick's older brother, Gideon found his place within HYDRA, and began rising through their ranks, Malick remained shy, finding himself more comfortable staying back at the Malick Mansion and listening to his music, rather than following any of HYDRA's belief systems.[2]

Encountering an Inhuman

"My brother is so miserable at these things. If Nathaniel had his way, he'd be at home listening to The Carpenters on his Hi-Fi."
Gideon Malick to Daisy Johnson[src]

Malick attends a party hosted by his father

Once Nathaniel Malick's father had worked with General Rick Stoner to launch Project Insight, Malick had then attended the party at The Krazy Kanoe to celebrate the successes. However, Malick found the party extremely awkward, as he chose to instead remain in the corner of the room, eating cake, while his brother had observed that he would likely rather be at home, listening to the The Carpenters. While the party continued, Malick took his seat in the corner of the room, refusing to speak to any of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in attendance, while drinking a glass of milk.

Malick is held hostage by Daisy Johnson

However, while Malick had attempted to keep himself out of the way, he was suddenly grabbed by Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa, who held him at gunpoint and used him as a bargaining chip, having seen Malick's father held Phil Coulson and Melinda May at gunpoint. While Malick was unable to defend himself, his father and Coulson began to negotiate, until Luke had become more impatient and ordered the Chronicoms to fire their Chronicom Pistols, causing Malick's father to hold them back, agreeing to allow Coulson and May to leave the bar, in exchange for his son's safe return, much to Malick's relief.

Malick witnessing Quake using her powers

With their standoff over, Malick was dragged away by Johnson and Sousa, while they were followed closely by Coulson and May, while Malick's father and the Chronicoms were forced to stay back. Once they reached the entrance of The Krazy Kanoe, Johnson then finally lowered her gun from Malick's back and apologized to him, claiming that it was nothing personal against him. However, Malick had then witnessed Abel and another Chronicom chase down the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, only for Johnson to use her Inhuman powers to knock them back with a powerful shockwave, much to Malick's amazement.[2]

Capturing Daisy Johnson

Malick kidnapping Quake and Daniel Sousa

"Daniel Whitehall, Daniel, cell block D. No, I don't want to see the old man, I just want his instructions, the detailed instructions. Yes, genius, I want it written down. He had a theory about transferring enhanced abilities surgically. I want to find out if it works."
―Nathaniel Malick[src]

Following his last encounter with Daisy Johnson, Malick had become obsessed by her Inhuman powers, as Malick intended to learn more about them. In an effort to assist him, the Chronicoms also informed Malick that if they had ever found anybody had been attempting to hack into the Lighthouse's security feeds, it would likely be Johnson returning. In 1976, Malick witnessed this and had found Johnson and Daniel Sousa, as Malick used his Chronicom Rifle to shoot them both with a stunning shock, knocking them both unconscious.

Malick asking for Daniel Whitehall's research

Malick then stood over the unconscious Johnson and Sousa, noting how he had been told by those Chronicoms to look out for anybody hacking into their Lighthouse. With Malick noting how happy he was that Johnson came back into his life. Malick then had them both tied up and drove them away in his van. Pulling over, Malick then made a call to the Rat, where he requested to speak to Daniel Whitehall and becoming frustrated by the person on the phone who tried to arrange a meeting. Malick explained how he heard Whitehall had theories for transferring Inhuman powers surgically, as he wanted to test it.[2]

Tormenting his Captives

Malick greeting Quake and Daniel Sousa

"See, the family business... I dabbled, but, nothing really spoke to me. Until I met you. Saw what you could do. Whoa."
"You haven't even seen the half of it."
"I really hope not. And a cool thing to say, by the way. Your whole vibe is just... great."
―Nathaniel Malick and Quake[src]

Malick proceeded to have Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa taken to a secret barn, where he had them drugged to ensure that they could not escape, and so Johnson could not use her powers. Once Malick rejoined them, he then overheard Johnson calling him Wilfred Malick's little psycho, which Malick claimed was unfair, but did compliment her timing. Malick introduced himself, noting how they took him hostage at The Krazy Kanoe and inadvertently changed his life.

Malick insists he never did support HYDRA

While Johnson sarcastically invited Malick to hug it out with her, she commented that it would bring S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA together, to which questioned if she actually thought he was an agent of HYDRA, pointing to Ron's suits as an indicator that he was there because he needed the money, and not because he was one of the worshipers of Hive, noting that religion was never his thing. When Sousa insisted that he did not want to not what Malick's thing was, Malick insisted that it was really Sousa who he was interested in, before Sousa made an attempt to attack him, only to collapse due to all of the drugs.

Malick suggesting Daniel Sousa is Inhuman

Malick then made the points that he knew that Johnson could move objects without touching them, and suggested that Sousa must be ageing slower than most, as Sousa fought in World War II and should be in his sixties by this time. However, Johnson claimed that Malick had it wrong, insisting that Sousa was not actually an Inhuman, only for Malick to note that they should hope that Sousa was. Malick then explained that he had dabbled into HYDRA, but had struggled to find his own path, until he had encountered Johnson and seen her power, while Johnson had claimed that he had not even seen half of that.

Malick compliments Daisy Johnson's power

Malick told Johnson that he hoped it was true, while complimenting her on the cool statement, as Sousa questioned if Malick took them hostage to find out if they were Inhuman, only for Malick to interrupt him, by noting how the term hostage would imply that he had been using them as collateral to get whatever he wanted, but claimed that everything he wanted was flowing through their veins. While Johnson tried to argue that all her power did not come from the Super Soldier Serum, but were genetic, Malick insisted that being as rich as he was ensured that was never an issue for him, as it cut down the barriers.

Malick making his threats to Daisy Johnson

While Malick had then noted how he had gotten his advice about this from Werner Reinhardt about how to extract their powers, Sousa had recalled Reinhardt as being captured at the end of World War II, while Malick mockingly thanked Sousa for his service. Johnson questioned if Malick was actually talking about Daniel Whitehall, before she then threatened to crush Malick, who knelt before her and told her to do it, desperate to see what made her so special, only for Johnson to find herself unable to use her powers due to all of their drugs. Seeing that Johnson was defenseless, Malick turned towards his henchmen, and told them to take her into the operating room, so he could begin.[3]

Gaining Inhuman Powers

Malick experimenting upon Daisy Johnson

"What did you do?"
"Took as much blood and spinal fluid as I thought she could handle, a couple glands. Now I got to synthesize it all and transfuse it to me. Now, I know it's risky, but I want to try new things. If it doesn't work we'll switch from needles to knives."
Daniel Sousa and Nathaniel Malick[src]

Following all of advise given to him by Daniel Whitehall, Malick then experimented on Daisy Johnson, as he removed her blood and parts of her DNA, in the hopes of transferring all her Inhuman powers into himself. However, following several hours of their work, Malick decided to take his break, fearing that he would eventually kill Johnson if was to continue, and would not be able to continue his work. Malick ordered Ron and his other henchman to remove Johnson to chain her back up, demanding that they be more careful with her.

Malick explains all his own surgery technics

While Malick had Johnson chained back up to the wall, he was then questioned by Daniel Sousa about what he had just done to her, as he casually explained that he had removed as much blood and spinal fluid as he had believed Johnson would be able to take without dying from the pain. Malick went on to explain that he would synthesize all of that DNA and transfuse it all to himself, with the intention of giving himself Johnson's powers. Malick noted that if their first experiments were a failure, then he would try again, using some knives rather than needles to extract Johnson's DNA, before he then left the room.

Malick being overwhelmed by his powers

Malick's experiment was a success, as he had been able to transfer Johnson's Inhuman power into himself, however, Malick discovered that this power was overwhelming for his body. As Malick returned to confront Johnson, he found that Sousa had managed to break them free of their handcuffs, and was attempting to carry her to safety, as Malick then created an earthquake, to prevent them from escaping. However, Malick's bones began cracking from these vibrations within his body, until he inadvertently caused their roof to collapse on top of him, leaving Malick wounded as Johnson and Sousa escaped.[3]

Working with Sibyl

Forming a New Partnership

Malick takes possession of the Time Stream

"It's smaller than I expected."
"You now have the one tool necessary to control your world's future."
"Well, lucky me. Aren't you just full of neat tricks, digital lady."
―Nathaniel Malick and Sibyl[src]

Malick had survived his first experience of using Quake's powers, as he had eventually managed to get control of all the abilities, without harming himself. By 1983, Malick had trained himself to use Quake's powers with skill, when he was contacted by Sibyl, who had been forced to transfer her consensus inside of her computer, due to her original body being destroyed when Phil Coulson destroyed their Chronicom Time Ship, as she had promised Malick the chance to control their future, in exchange for his assistance with their future.

Malick making his new dealing with Sibyl

By using one of her Sibyl-Bots, Sibyl was then able to find and bring the Time Stream to Malick, which had almost been lost inside of the wreckage of her time ship inside the Lighthouse. Picking up the Time Stream, Malick had commented that the device was smaller than he had expected, with Sibyl explaining that he now had the one tool that he needed to control the future, for his and the Chronicoms' benefits. With Malick commenting about everything Sibyl was capable of, she had then told him that she believed that they would make the perfect pair, while Malick had smiled as he observed the Time Stream.[6]

Recruiting Kora

Malick preventing Kora's suicide attempt

"They tell you you belong so they can get you to follow their rules, and you are above that now. You are too powerful for that."
"I'm not powerful. I'm deadly. I can't control my gift."
"Who says you have to? Let it out, there is no feeling like it. My friends and I are about to go make some chaos."
―Nathaniel Malick and Kora[src]

With access to the Time Stream, Malick was able to learn about how he was supposed to die when he was sacrificed to Hive in 1970, and also learnt about Kora, who was supposed to kill herself. Malick traveled to Afterlife where he found Kora, moments before she would shoot herself, as he used his powers to shake the gun apart, before greeting Kora and telling her that she did not have to die, as he first explained that he was also supposed to be dead, although Kora had denied she was about to kill herself.

Malick mocking the lifestyle within Afterlife

While Malick had mocked Kora's claim that she would not have shot herself, he claimed that their fates had been written in the stars, but he had found their escape hatch that allowed them to survive, as he invited Kora to come join him. Kora had then questioned how Malick had known she would be there, as he explained that this was actually due to Sibyl, who he said had the knack for knowing exactly how any situation in their future would play out. Changing the subject, Malick had asked Kora what she would describe Afterlife as, suggesting that it was a prison or a cult, to which Kora instead called it her home.

Malick convinces Kora to go back with him

Malick scoffed at this description, and suggested that she had been manipulated into believing that she belonged there, only so that she would follow their rules, as he claimed that Kora was too powerful for that. However, Kora insisted that she was not powerful but deadly, as she could not control her Inhuman power, to which Malick suggested that she should instead embrace and unleash her powers, promising that there was no feeling like it. Malick and Kora witnessed the arrival of Malick's mercenaries, as he explained that they intended to cause some chaos, and that he wanted Kora to come and join them.[7]

Attack on Afterlife

Malick and Kora are confronted by Jiaying

"It just feels right, don't you think? You here, them there. Everybody finally knowing their place."
"What are you gonna do to them?"
"Let's call it a redistribution of wealth."
―Nathaniel Malick and Kora[src]

Malick had then regrouped with his mercenaries, as they began their assault onto Afterlife. While Malick's soldiers attacked the Inhumans and took control of Afterlife, Malick interrogated one Inhuman, before becoming frustrated and using a shockwave to launch her against a wall. However, Malick was then interrupted by Jiaying, who had ordered Kora to get away from him, fearing that Kora was in danger, while Malick had made it clear that he already knew who Jiaying really was, and then insisted that she had put Kora through enough.

Malick allowing Kora to confront Jiaying

While Jiaying continued to try and convince Kora to walk away from Malick, she questioned what she was doing, to which Kora made her new alliance with Malick clearer, noting that she had been holding in her true power in order to be what Jiaying wanted her to be. Malick listened, as Jiaying insisted that she only wanted what was best for Kora, only for Kora to instead insist that Jiaying had become afraid of her following her Terrigenesis, claiming that Jiaying would let Li kill her. Despite Jiaying's attempts to remind Kora about her childhood, Kora had instead made it clear that she was now loyal to Malick.

Malick witnesses Kora unleash her powers

Kora accused Jiaying of protecting the world against her, rather than protecting her from the world, before turning to Malick, who gave her a nod of approval, as she claimed that Malick was right that Afterlife was a prison that she had now found a way out of. Malick continued to encourage Kora, as she increased her powers, only to witness Li attempt to assassinate her. However, Kora was able to fire a blast of energy directly into Li's face, much to Malick's great delight. Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Melinda May took Jiaying away from the dangers, as they had then used Gordon's power to teleport out from Afterlife.

Malick observing all the captured Inhumans

Having managed to take control over Afterlife, Malick had his soldiers tie up the captured Inhumans, as he then brought Kora in to observe them, noting that it felt right to have all of them tied up beneath them, claiming that everybody finally knew their true place. Kora had then questioned what Malick had planned to do to them, to which Malick claimed he would begin a redistribution of their power. Malick used Li as his example, questioning if Li had ever done anything to earn his power, claiming that he gained his abilities through an ancient set of practices, which was a concept that had greatly angered Malick.

Malick and Kora discussing all of their plans

Malick had then complained about these rules regarding who would be granted a power and who would get nothing, as well as who may get to live and who would be left to die, as he claimed that all these were written into the stars, but suggested that it was time to change things for them, as he had already changed his own fate. As he had marched around the room of the tied up Inhumans, Malick told Kora that it was time to give the world something new, as Kora questioned what he meant by that, to which Malick then claimed that he wanted to create anarchy, as Malick and Kora simply smiled at each other.[7]

Training Kora

Malick training Kora to unleash her powers

"Let the energy flow through you. Let it fill you up. And then send it where you want it to go... Brava! My friend, brava!"
"I spent years feeling dangerous. This is the first time I've liked it."
"Good. You know, your little sister is gonna be so impressed."
―Nathaniel Malick and Kora[src]

While remaining at Afterlife, Malick had set up his line of several wine glasses, in order for him to test out Kora's true powers, while he had recommended that she not overthink how she would use her power, but to allow the energy to flow through her and fill her up, before she sent all of that energy wherever she wanted it to go. Malick had then witnessed Kora firing several blasts of energy from her hands, shattering the glasses one by one.

Malick and Kora talk about Daisy Johnson

As Malick delighted in Kora's power, he laughed and applauded her efforts. Proud of her own efforts, Kora had noted that she had spent years feeling dangerous due to everything Jiaying and Li had told her about herself in the wake of her Terrigenesis, and this had really been the first time she had actually enjoyed feeling all that power inside of herself, expressing her gratitude to Malick. Malick told Kora that this was good, before he then noted that Daisy Johnson was going to be impressed by her, as he referred to Johnson as Kora's little sister, as he and Kora shared a look, before they continued their training.[8]

Recruiting John Garrett

"Seven years from now, the Balkans, you get wounded real ugly, lying there with your guts hanging out. You call for an extract, but they refuse. You survived, but you and S.H.I.E.L.D. are over with, and you fall right into the loving arms of HYDRA."
"Wow, the future? Why don't I call the psych ward and tell them you wandered off?"
―Nathaniel Malick and John Garrett[src]

Having used the Time Stream to search for all S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest enemies, Malick came across John Garrett, as he decided to recruit him. Malick met with Garrett while he was playing darts in The Krazy Kanoe, as Malick questioned if Garrett would be up for a challenge, which he agreed to by claiming that challenges made life worth living, to which Malick questioned if Garrett was the philosopher, which he said was rare for a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, while Garrett had instead called himself a good dart thrower.

As Garrett suggested that they play for money, Malick insisted that he did not want to lose all his money to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hottest recruit, making it clear that he knew exactly who Garrett was, noting his top test scores and being an ace pilot, with Malick noting that he was in need for a pilot. Garrett thanked Malick for the compliments, before asking who he was, as Malick then noted how well he knew Garrett, noting that he knew that Garrett's relationship within S.H.I.E.L.D. was heading for their breakup, as in seven years, Garrett would be injured while in Balkan Mountains, where S.H.I.E.L.D. would abandon him.

Malick had detailed how Garrett would be left on the mountains with his guts hanging out, only to survive it and never forgive S.H.I.E.L.D., before being recruited into HYDRA, although Garrett scoffed at all of Malick's claims that he knew about the future, suggesting that Malick had escaped from their psych ward. While Malick laughed about this, he proceeded to create a shockwave that knocked Garrett's beer out of his hands, greatly impressing Garrett. Malick claimed that this was his superpower, before he questioned if Garrett would like one for his own, as Garrett then agreed and ordered more drinks for them.[1]

Transferring Inhuman Powers

Malick bringing John Garrett into Afterlife

"This is Kora, the one Inhuman we trust. The others felt entitled to judge who is given gifts, who not."
"It was tradition. When you're raised in it, you don't know any better."
"Those days are over. Kora and I are champions of the people. Like Robin Hood. Stealing from the high and mighty and giving to those more deserving."
―Nathaniel Malick and Kora[src]

Having convinced him to follow him, Malick took John Garrett back into Afterlife, with Malick claiming that the name was appropriate as everybody that he had brought there had been saved from a tragic death, while Garrett questioned how he had been able to see his future. In response, Malick then took to the Time Stream, which was being worked on by Grady, as Malick explained that Grady had been a scientist and was due to be assassinated by S.H.I.E.L.D., before he had found and then recruited him.

Malick explains how the Time Stream works

Garrett had then questioned if the Time Stream was hazardous, while Malick promised that it would not harm him, but could blow his mind. Malick explained that Garrett would meet Sibyl who would guide him, although Garrett was skeptical that there could be a woman inside of the machine. However, Malick explained that he and Sibyl were both after the same thing that Garrett was, immortality, before Garrett had then used the machine. Malick watched as Garrett was given a vision of his own death at the hands of Phil Coulson, but he came out of his experience trusting Malick, while also agreeing to follow his plan.

Malick and John Garrett observe Li's pain

Following his experience with the Time Stream, Malick then brought Garrett to witness Grady working on transfusing Inhuman powers, as he drained fluids from Li, which were being delivered directly into the blood of Durant. Malick noted that their process had previously been messier, but as he quoted Daniel Whitehall, he claimed that they had experimented and eventually found a better solution. Malick had then introduced Garrett to Kora, calling her the only Inhuman they trusted, since the others had judged who would be given gifts and who would not, with Kora claiming this had once been considered traditional.

However, Malick insisted that these days for traditions were done, as he claimed that he and Kora were champions of the people, who had stolen from the mighty and given to those who were more deserving. Malick then pointed to Durant, while he explained that he had been a mercenary who S.H.I.E.L.D. had decided to assassinate when he had begun working for the wrong people, as Malick turned to Garrett and questioned if S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA or Inhumans should really decide these fates, suggesting that they were all committing mass horrors in the name of world order, as their means of controlling the people.

Malick observing while Kora murders Li

Kora commented that Malick had saved Durant from that oppression, while he noted that he also saved him from a crashing plane. Garrett then asked Malick what sort of powers Durant would be getting from Li, as Malick turned to watch Durant gain the power to conjure knives into his hand. Malick then turned to Kora, commenting that Li was in considerable pain, and asking her to put him out of his misery. Malick and Garrett watched as Kora placed her hands around Li's head and killed him with her energy blast. Garrett noted that he wanted powers like Kora, as Malick promised they would take it from S.H.I.E.L.D..[1]

Capturing Phil Coulson

Malick capturing Phil Coulson and Gordon

"Waiting is the hardest part. Take him to be prepped."
"You knew we were coming."
"To this very spot. Well, if you want to get technical, I knew there was a ninety four percent chance."
"Because you have the Time Stream."
―Nathaniel Malick and Phil Coulson[src]

Through his usage of the Time Stream, Malick was able to predict the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. into Afterlife, as they were attempting to rescue all of Malick's captives. As soon as they arrived there, Malick and his team of mercenaries had then been able to capture Phil Coulson when he and Gordon arrived into Afterlife, as Malick's soldiers quickly subdued Gordon by shooting him with the Chronicom Rifles, while Malick noted that waiting for him to arrive was the hardest part.

Seeing that he was surrounded, Coulson surrendered his I.C.E.R., as Malick then ordered his soldiers to take Gordon away to be prepped, while Coulson had questioned if Malick knew they would be coming, which he had confirmed, noting that he knew exactly what spot they would arrive at. Malick had gone on to clarify that he knew there was that ninety four percent chance that this is what Coulson and Gordon would do to try and stop him, since he now had access to the Time Stream, which Malick smiled at, since he was surprised that Coulson knew what it was, before he ordered that Coulson be handcuffed.

Malick and Phil Coulson discuss his plans

With Coulson captured, Malick listened while he claimed that Malick had greatly underestimated Sibyl, whom he claimed intended to take over Earth for the Chronicoms, only for Malick to simply scoff at this suggestion, commenting to Durant that Coulson was giving them his good guy pitch and was appealing to their better natures. However, Coulson insisted that he was actually just trying to help Malick to not die, noting that Wilfred Malick had worked with Sibyl, resulting in his death, only for Malick to note that his father had been killed by Deke Shaw and not the Chronicoms, which Coulson did not deny.

As Coulson had then suggested that Malick was actually quite similar to his father, Malick had then furiously insisted that he had no longer had any use for his father's way of thinking, while also claiming that his father had been trapped within HYDRA, and was bound by all it's history and rules, which he did not want for himself or for their future. Malick had then pitched his concepts for their future, suggesting that it was time to say goodbye to these traditions and restrictions, as he instead suggested welcoming anarchy, while he commented on how appealing this had concept already proved to be for some people.

Malick had then brought Coulson into the room where his men were transfusing Gordon's blood into John Garrett, where Garrett greeted Coulson with enthusiasm. However, Coulson focused onto Gordon, telling Malick that he did not have to do this, since Gordon was just a kid, only for Kora to claim that Gordon was given his chance to join them and failed. Malick watched as Garrett spoke to Coulson, noting that he had seen everything that Coulson did to him, only for Coulson to ask who he was, while Garrett explained that they had not met yet, but he had seen what impact Coulson would have on his future.

As Garrett commented on how Coulson killed him with the Peruvian 0-8-4, Coulson realized who he was and complimented Malick about bringing together his greatest enemies, while Garrett went on to note that he used the Time Stream to watch several of Coulson's deaths, claiming his favorite was Loki stabbing him with his Scepter. Malick then began their transfusions of Gordon's blood into Garrett's body, which they all watched closely. While Malick checked on Garrett's condition, Garrett then questioned if he would also lose his eyes like Gordon, which Malick did not answer, much to Garrett's shock.

While Coulson continued to try and reason with Kora to set Gordon free, Malick had noted that Gordon had helped Jiaying to keep Kora prisoner in Afterlife. However, they were then interrupted by Garrett complaining that he was beginning to feel unwell, as he requested that he be unplugged, before he suddenly teleported out of his chair and to the other room, much to Malick's delight, as Coulson insisted that giving Garrett that power was a mistake. Garrett enthusiastically commented to Malick about all these powers, questioning what that was called, while Coulson commented that it was teleportation.

Malick teleporting away with John Garrett

Ignoring Garrett's over-enthusiasm, Malick questioned if he thought that he might be able to teleport with somebody else, and would be able to take them to wherever he told them to go, which Garrett had confirmed. With that, Malick handed Garrett his jacket, and reminded him that they had the target of Jemma Simmons and had demanded that they go and find her. Garrett then charged himself up, as Malick placed his hand onto Garrett's shoulder and they teleported out from Afterlife towards the Lighthouse, also leaving Coulson and Gordon to be locked away by Malick's mercenaries until they had returned.[1]

Infiltration into the Lighthouse

"Nice quake, I give it a B, B+, definitely room for improvement. If you haven't done the math, I have had these powers a lot longer than you have."
"Leave my daughter alone."
"Stay back! I won't say it again!"
―Nathaniel Malick and Jiaying[src]

Using John Garrett's new found power, Malick and Garrett were able to teleport themselves straight into the Lighthouse, with Garrett then expressing his excitement about making it, although Malick noted that it took him three attempts. While Malick looked around the base, Garrett had found a T-shirt for Deke Squad, noting that he saw them play with Twisted Sister, while Malick ignored the comment and told Garrett that they had to split up to explore the entire base.

While Garrett searched the Lighthouse's laboratories, Malick looked through the hallways until he encountered Quake and Jiaying, as he noted that he had been looking all over for them. As they faced off with each other, Malick mockingly raised his hands as he told Quake not to shoot him, noting that if they used the shockwaves they could bring all of River's End down on top of them. However, Jiaying then demanded to know what had happened to Kora, with Malick telling her that Kora could not be there, but had sent her best wishes, while Malick then noted that Jiaying did still have Quake by her side.

As Malick revealed that Quake was actually Jiaying's other daughter, taking great delight in realizing that Jiaying was not aware of this fact yet, as he compared the situation to a season finale of Dallas. Malick then watched as Jiaying dealt with this realization, before interrupting to tell Jiaying how Daniel Whitehall and HYDRA had cut her open and stole her power, noting that she and Quake now had this in common, before going on to explain that when they finally reconnected, Jiaying was radicalized and Quake was with S.H.I.E.L.D., resulting with a war that only ended with Jiaying's death at the hands of Calvin Zabo.

However, before Malick could continue, Quake fired a shockwave at him that had launched him backwards, only for Malick to mockingly grade the shockwave, before firing one of his own that launched her into the wall with considerable force, while Malick noted that he had actually had his powers for longer than Quake had, as he prepared to attack her once again, while Quake was unable to get back onto her feet. However, Jiaying stepped in and grabbed Malick's neck, as she ordered him to leave her daughter alone, as she had begun using her own powers to drain the all of life force from within Malick's body.

Despite Jiaying's attempts to make Malick weaker, he was still able to knock her back by striking her in the knee, warning Jiaying to stay away from him. However, Jiaying still ignored all these warnings and attempted to attack Malick again, resulting in him knocking her back with his shockwaves, before snapping her neck. As Jiaying's lifeless body dropped to the floor, Malick causally noted that she would not live forever, and that this would result in Quake not being born at all. While Malick had then gone to attack Quake, he felt the entire facility shaking around him, as the enraged Quake prepared to kill Malick.

Although Malick readied himself for his battle against Quake, he was then forced to escape when Melinda May shot him in the back of the shoulder, as he ran down the hallways, leaving Quake to mourn over her dead mother. Malick managed to evade capture by May, while he opened their hanger doors and got inside of Zephyr One, just in time to witness Garrett teleport onboard, having managed to successfully complete the mission and capture Jemma Simmons. Malick had then observed Garrett tying up Simmons, before they flew the plane out of the base, as Malick checked the gunshot wound in his shoulder.[1]

Destroying S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tracking Down Leo Fitz

Malick asks Jemma Simmons for Leo Fitz

"My pal Sibyl ran the numbers, and every outcome where we don't come out on top has one thing in common."
"He's gotten in our way long enough, and now you're going to take us to him."
―Nathaniel Malick and Jemma Simmons[src]

As they were flown to safety, Malick heard John Garrett comment on his enjoyment of gaining superpowers as well as a spaceship, before Malick found Jemma Simmons attempting to escape from the tapes holding her down, as he threatened to break her bones to keep her there. Simmons then questioned what Malick wanted, as Malick took out the Time Stream, and explained that Sibyl had discovered that Leo Fitz would be the one reason why the mission failed, as he demanded that Simmons bring them to Fitz so they could kill him.[1]

Malick gets his latest updates from Kimball

Malick and Garrett collected other members of their crew, before he had Zephyr One flown above the Lighthouse's radar, allowing them to go unnoticed. As Shepard had confirmed that they were flying at fifty thousand miles, Malick commented on the view, before ordering Shepard to stop referring to him as sir, since he wanted his own new society to never have anyone refer to anyone as sir again. Malick had then ordered Kimball to send his signal to the Chronicoms to inform them of their situation, noting that S.H.I.E.L.D. would now be unable to track them from this high range, which would leave them alone.

Malick then ordered Simmons to be strapped down to their Cerebral Fusion Machine, as he searched through all her memories in order to learn where Fitz currently was. However, Malick was still only able to find the memory of Fitz and Simmons trapped down at the bottom of the ocean after Grant Ward betrayed them, with Malick noting that he would love to watch Simmons leave Fitz catatonic, but he needed to see where Fitz currently was, as Malick plugged himself back into the machine. However, Malick's search only showed him their memory of Fitz and Simmons at the Playground, much to Malick's frustration.

Angered by this, Malick unplugged Simmons from the machine, as he noted that he should be able to see any memory that he wanted, as he accused Simmons of somehow blocking him, as he grabbed her by the throat and had demanded to know exactly what she had done. However, Simmons insisted that she was not doing anything, suggesting that Malick could be the problem, before Malick slapped Simmons across the face and demanded answers. However, when Simmons refused to answer, Malick contacted Garrett as he ordered him to bring in Deke Shaw, who was captured onboard the plane.

Simmons insisted that Shaw did not know anything, as Garrett had then dragged in Shaw, who had been badly beaten. Malick ordered Garrett to beat Shaw in front of Simmons, as they watched him get kicked in the gut, although Shaw had tried his best to remain strong. Eventually, Malick had accepted that Shaw would not break through physical pain, as he grabbed Simmons and suggested that they use emotional pain instead, as he proceeded to place his hand onto the back of Simmons' neck as he vibrated her skull, suggesting to Shaw that he could crack her skull and put Simmons into a coma.

While Shaw begged him to stop, Malick demanded to know how she was blocking him from Fitz, before he noticed a small device that had been implanted in the back of Simmons' neck. While Malick realized that he had found what was blocking him, Shaw had insisted that he would never be able to get past this, before Malick then fired another shockwave at Shaw and knocked him unconscious, noting that this was for Wilfred Malick, who had been shot and killed by Shaw. While he looked closely at the implant, Malick had then furiously ordered his mercenaries to find some way to get it out from Simmons' head.

Eventually, Malick's mercenaries found a device designed to extract the implant in Simmons' head, but then found that it did not work, as Simmons explained that she was the only one who was able to use this. In response, Malick noted that Fitz would not be coming to save her this time, although Simmons then expressed confidence that he might, before Malick furiously threw the device through their window. Malick had apologised, since he had noted that more used to getting everything that he wanted, before having Simmons put back into the machine, as he decided to come inside the machine with her.[4]

Searching Simmons' Mind

Malick steps inside Jemma Simmons' mind

"I'm just used to getting what I want, I guess. I'll climb in your mind with you, find that little wizard myself"
"The more you dig the deeper Fitz will go, until he's disappeared completely."
"Then the race is on."
―Nathaniel Malick and Jemma Simmons[src]

Malick had then himself put into their Cerebral Fusion Machine along side Jemma Simmons, although Simmons warning Malick that if he continued attempting to locate Leo Fitz, then Fitz would simply hide himself deeper in her subconscious. As the machine was activated, Malick ordered his men to kill Deke Shaw if he even attempted to escape. Stepping into Simmons' memories, Malick found Fitz and Simmons' speaking to Enoch, as he realized he was getting close.

Malick finds Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz

Malick had then proceeded to push deeper into Simmons' memories to find what happened next, as he had found Simmons working with Enoch to look at her brain, in order to build D.I.A.N.A., while Fitz had been complaining about not having any of the right materials for his designs. Malick continued watching closely as Fitz had suggested to Simmons that, instead of them going back towards the Temple of the Forgotten, they could take slow down and live their lives together, as they were building their time machine. Malick had commented on the conversations , before pushing forward to see the home they built.

Malick realizes he cannot locate Leo Fitz

However, once Malick found himself in their future home, he saw that the memories were partially obstructed, as he found the memory of Fitz and Simmons arguing about what their implant was designed to do. Malick realized that he was still unable to learn exactly what had happened to Fitz, since Malick could only see those days before they departed, as Simmons had cried about leaving Fitz. Enraged by his failure, Malick cursed Fitz and Simmons, while he demanded to know where they were, as their memories could never answer him, despite Malick screaming into Fitz's face, questioning where he was.

Malick making threats to Jemma Simmons

Having failed yet again to learn exactly where Fitz was hiding, despite looking throughout all of Simmons' memories of him, Malick had then unplugged himself from their machine. Malick had also realized that, by pushing so deep inside Simmons' memories, he had inadvertently erased Fitz from her memory completely, before he then furiously told Simmons that they would now learn if it had mattered that they might not locate Fitz, before he told Simmons and Shaw that they had both scored the front-row tickets for the greatest show on Earth, before he then stormed out from the room and continue with his mission.

As he stepped into the hanger, Malick was informed by Shepard that all the Chronicom Destroyer Ships had just arrived with them, only for Malick to furiously crush Shepard's heart with a shockwave, enraged that Shepard had continued to call him sir, despite his plans for their world order. Malick was asked by Kimball if all the Chronicoms were there, as Malick explained that Sibyl also contacted the Chronicoms to make adjustments tot their ships, and they had just called them in there. Malick had then contacted the Chronicoms ships and ordered them to fire down upon the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases across the world.

Malick kisses Kora while S.H.I.E.L.D. burns

Malick had then watched on as the Chronicom Ships then destroyed every single S.H.I.E.L.D. base, including the Triskelion, although they were unable to destroy the Lighthouse due to it's design. Malick had overheard John Garrett commenting on them wanting to be a part of something bigger, as Malick had insisted that they were only getting started. Malick then reunited with Kora, who he had thanked for what she had done for their plan and told her that they gave people a new life, by ending thousands of others. Malick and Kora had then shared a kiss while S.H.I.E.L.D. was completely destroyed below them.[4]

Reunited with Sibyl

"Well, look at you. I was going to say "in the flesh", but I suspect it's more like a space age polymer, or something. Either way, it's super impressive, everything is, and what a triumph, all S.H.I.E.L.D. targets destroyed."
"Except for the Lighthouse."
"Straight to the point, I like that."
―Nathaniel Malick and Sibyl[src]

Having completed their mission to eradicate S.H.I.E.L.D., Malick was taken onboard the Chronicom Destroyer Ships, as Zephyr One was dragged inside. Malick then marched down all of the hallways inside the Ship, before bringing Jemma Simmons and Deke Shaw to the ship's jail cells, as he explained that this would be their last chance to give up Leo Fitz's current location, before he tried to warn them about the Chronicoms' methods, only for Shaw to interrupt him as he called Malick's own methods amateurish.

Malick and his crew locking up his prisoners

Before Malick could respond to all Shaw's insults, Sibyl projected her image onto the wall of the cell, as she explained that they had a more precise method for retrieving information, as one of the Chronicoms then injected Simmons with a substance which was designed to melt down D.I.A.N.A. inside her head, which would allow her to remember exactly what had happened to Fitz, before Malick could extract that memory out of her. Malick then stood by as the Chronicoms pushed Simmons and Shaw inside the cell, before they closed the doors and Malick made his way toward the control room to meet with Sibyl.

Malick then expressed his amazement upon seeing Sibyl in the flesh, although he also acknowledged that this was more likely a space age polymer. Malick commented on how impressive all their Chronicoms' technology was, while complimenting them about their triumph upon defeating S.H.I.E.L.D., although Sibyl noted that their Lighthouse had not gotten destroyed yet. Malick acknowledged that their Lighthouse had been designed to survive any external attacks, as he suggested that they took his different approach, although Sibyl claimed that this did not matter if Fitz remained alive, as he put their plans at risk.

Frustrated by this, Malick had then explained to Sibyl that Simmons had effectively erased Fitz from her memories while they were inside of the Cerebral Fusion Machine, while also suggesting that there was a good chance, based upon the information he saw while inside the machine, that Fitz was not even alive. However, Sibyl had continued to insist that they would not leave this up to chance, while explaining to Malick how the injection they gave Simmons would soon dissolve D.I.A.N.A., which would eventually help them to discover if Simmons had actually forgotten Fitz, or if it was simply masking the truth.[5]

Manipulating Kora

"You're a good person, you don't see the evil in others. If you'd only heard some of things she said, that you were a mistake, that she was sad you were even born, how you needed to be put down. Jiaying was never interested in being your mother, she only wanted to control you, she resented you. But I'm here to set you free, to show you how powerful you can be."
―Nathaniel Malick to Kora[src]

While they walked around the Chronicom Destroyer Ship, Malick was then questioned by Kora about why he did not tell her that he had been working with the Chronicoms, although Malick insisted that he was not working with them, but they were working for them, claiming this was part of his plan. However, Kora then questioned if killing Jiaying was part of Malick's plan, although Malick claimed that he had done that to protect her, suggesting that she was a good person who did not see the evil within others.

Malick had then proceeded to lie to Kora, as he claimed that Jiaying had told him that Kora was a mistake and she was sad that she was even born, so she needed to be put down. Malick then claimed that Jiaying had never been interested in being Kora's mother, as she only wanted to control her, as she had resented her. Malick then told Kora that he was there to finally set Kora free, and show her how powerful she could become. When Kora told him that it had been awful to see Jiaying's body, Malick had then comforted her with a hug, before he promised to bury everybody who had ever tried to harm Kora.[5]

Return of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"S.H.I.E.L.D. are the bad guys, that's why we're destroying them, but after they're gone, we'll be able to take over the planet. There will be chaos and anarchy, and then you and I are gonna come save the day, 'cause we're the good guys. There's only one person who could ruin that."
―Nathaniel Malick to Kora[src]

However, Malick soon became aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. had managed to get onboard the Chronicom Destroyer Ship in order to rescue their captives. Enraged by this, Malick had then suggested that he be allowed to engage with them all, promising that his mercenaries could kill them, which Sibyl had denied, as she instead sent her Chronicom Hunters to deal with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Sibyl had then ordered Malick not to interfere with Quake, although Malick had made it clear that he disagreed with this plan, while Sibyl had explained that she needed to confirm that Leo Fitz was already dead.

With Malick remaining unconvinced that it would be the best course of action, Sibyl looked at the Time Stream, as she had then explained that the odds for them confirming that Fitz was alive or dead would become eleven percent higher if they allowed Quake to successfully rescue Jemma Simmons and Deke Shaw from their cells, while she then advised Malick to be more patient and follow her orders, much to Malick's considerable annoyance. Malick and Kora then stepped out of the control room to discuss the situation away from Sibyl, with Kora expressing her surprise over Quake following them there.

While Malick advised Kora to not underestimate Quake's utter hatred for them, he described her as a time bomb, before he had noted how in another timeline, she had destroyed the entire Earth, suggesting that this was due to her hatred and desire for destruction. However, Malick then turned to Kora and commented that together, they were more powerful than Quake, telling her that S.H.I.E.L.D. were the bad guys, which was why they were destroying them. Malick went on to explain that, with S.H.I.E.L.D. gone, they would soon be able to take over the entire Earth, causing anarchy before would save the day.

Malick had suggested that Quake was the only person who would be able to ruin their plans, as he insisted that he did not care about what Sibyl had predicted their best course of action was through the Time Stream, since he believed that they needed to kill Quake. Ignoring all Sibyl's orders, Malick sent in Kora to intercept Quake as soon as she had rescued Simmons and Shaw, ensuring that they could not return back to Zephyr One and escape the Destroyer Ship. Having left Kora behind, Malick had then got his call from John Garrett, who had been placing their Chroni-Bombs around the Lighthouse to destroy it.

As Malick then noted that Garrett needed to return before the bombs exploded, Garrett explained that he needed Malick to de-activate the bombs, which Malick noted had not been part of their plan. However, Garrett continued to insist that he needed another ten minutes to lay the charges, noting that if Malick did not de-activate the bombs, then he would be destroyed with the Lighthouse. Despite this, Malick still showed no regard for Garrett's life, as he instead thanked him for his service to the mission, and hung up the phone call, leaving Garrett to be killed in all the resulting explosions down at the Lighthouse.[5]

Betrayed by Kora

"Where are they?"
"I don't think Daisy's bad, she said things and they made sense. I couldn't. I'm sorry."
"You don't think Daisy's bad? Okay, well, we'll just have to agree to disagree."
―Nathaniel Malick to Kora[src]

Having returned into their control room for their Chronicom Destroyer Ship, Malick was told by Sibyl that they had successfully managed to dissolve D.I.A.N.A. from inside of Jemma Simmons' brain, before Sibyl asked Malick where Kora was, to which Malick claimed that she was resting. Malick then questioned what would happen if Simmons never give them all the information they needed, to which Sibyl simply insisted that she would have no ability to hold it back now.

As Sibyl commented that they would soon learn if Leo Fitz was alive and what his location was, Malick then questioned what they would do about the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D., as Sibyl explained that Zephyr One was trapped and they had no means for escape, promising that she would allow Malick to deal with them all however he wished, much to Malick's considerable satisfaction. However, while Sibyl was closely watched the Time Stream to see their victory, she suddenly turned to Malick and questioned what he had done, explaining that Kora would ruin everything due to Malick giving her permission to fight back.

While they went to investigate what had happened, Sibyl confronted Malick over his decision, claiming that he was responsible if they had escaped, as Simmons was about to give them the location of Fitz if he had not gotten involved. Malick then found Kora standing alone in the hallway, as he questioned what had happened, only for Kora to insisted that Quake was not actually bad, claiming that what she had said to her had made sense, resulting in Kora not killing her and then instead allow her, Simmons and Deke Shaw to escape back towards Zephyr One, as Kora then apologised to Malick for failing him.

Malick scoffed at Kora's claims that Quake was not all bad, before he turned to Kimball and then took her Chronicom Rifle, which he used to shoot Kora and knock her unconscious, before offering Kimball a promotion within his crew. Malick then ordered Kimball to lock Kora up in a cell, before noting to Sibyl that they would have to check the Time Stream once again to see what would happen next. As a result of Kora allowing them to get past her, all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had then been able to destroy part of the Chronicom Destroyer Ship and escape back down to Earth, managing to avoid their detection.

Malick watched Sibyl examining the Time Stream, questioning where Quake was, as Sibyl explained that she had found the new statistical anomaly, which was a massive power drainage in New York City, as Malick had noted that The Krazy Kanoe was used as the safe house. Malick then requested that Sibyl give him some Chronicom Hunters, promising to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., while Sibyl noted there he only had a twenty two percent chance of him succeeding. However, Sibyl then noted that there was now a hundred percent chance that this would be the final time the S.H.I.E.L.D. team would all be together.[5]

Travelling to the Future

"Out of time? If you had given me control of your Hunters I would have crushed them."
"It seems you can't control anything."
"None of that matters anymore! We got pulled out of reality and into this Grateful Dead poster! I was moments away from ruling!"
―Nathaniel Malick and Sibyl[src]

Malick had then witnessed Zephyr One flying directly towards all of their Chronicom Destroyer Ships, before they had then managed to create a massive portal into the Quantum Realm and dragging them inside. While their ships were flying through the Realm, Malick then complained that if he had been given the Chronicom Hunters he could have finished the war before this happened, while Sibyl claimed that Malick had proved to be incapable of controlling anything.

Malick then furiously complained that nothing mattered anymore, as he noted how they had been dragged into the Quantum Realm when he was moments away from ruling the Earth, before he had corrected himself in front of Sibyl, as he claimed to mean he would have saved the Earth from tyranny. In response, Sibyl told Malick that there was a ninety nine percent chance that they were now crossing over into the original timeline of 2019, which was under attack from another force of Chronicoms, only for Malick to insist that they stop worrying about percentages and focus on slaughtering the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Although Sibyl had continued to insist that they would still be able to conquer the Earth, Malick had simply told her that nobody knew the future anymore, before he stormed out of their control room to focus on his power. In order to be strong enough to defeat Quake once and for all, Malick had then regrouped with Kimball, as they both went to Kora's prison cell. Malick had then ordered Kimball to hook Kora up to their machines, so that he could claim Kora's Inhuman powers and become stronger than Quake. Their operation became successful, as Malick had gained the Inhuman powers from Quake and Kora.[9]

Showdown with Quake

"I've studied your history, know all the enemies you've faced. I am honoured to be the last."
"If you've seen my battles, you know how this will end."
"You know, I don't, for the first time in a while. Cannot wait to see how it plays out. Like it did with your mother, maybe?"
―Nathaniel Malick and Quake[src]

Having discovered that their Chronicom Destroyer Ships had become infiltrated by S.H.I.E.L.D.D., Malick had searched for his enemies, as he had eventually managed to find Quake inside the reactor room, while she was fought the Chronicoms. As Malick confronted her, he noted that he studied Quake's history through the Time Stream, as he knew every enemy she had ever faced, before his eyes lit up from Kora's power, as he claimed to be honoured to be her final enemy.

While Malick fired a powerful shockwave at Quake, he was knocked backwards himself once Quake managed to avoid the blast and fired her own shockwave back at him. While Malick got back onto his feet, Quake noted that if he had seen all her past battles, then he should know how this one would end, to which Malick claimed that it would be the first time, in a long time, that he actually did not know how the fight would end. Malick insisted that he looked forward to seeing how the fight played out, before commenting on Jiaying, while noting that Jiaying was the only enemy that they had both fought against.

Malick and Quake battle against each other

Malick then noted that when Quake had battled Jiaying, she had to be rescued by Calvin Zabo, whereas he was able to simply snap her neck. In response, Quake fired her shockwave at Malick, only for him to block it with his own, which led to the powerful standoff between them. However, Quake was able to break their shockwaves, before managing to kick Malick in the head, knocking him onto the ground, before attempting to punch him, only for Malick to use a shockwave to block the punch and throw her back, before the pair had a hand to hand fight, as the pair furiously grappled for control of the other.

Malick was then able to grab Quake by the neck, before headbutting her, while he took advantage of her becoming momentarily dazed to build a shockwave in his hand, which he punched her with, sending Quake flying backwards. However, Quake was soon able to recover, as she managed to strike Malick's head into the wall and thrown him to the ground, only for Malick to use his shockwaves to knock Quake off her feet, before then immediately punching her with a shockwave enhanced fist, launching her across the room. As Malick then tried to fire another shockwave at her, Quake launched herself into the air.

While she launched herself over one of the reactors, Quake then fired a shockwave that knocked Malick backwards. Eventually, Malick and Quake took a brief pause from the ongoing duel, as they had noticed that Alphonso Mackenzie and Phil Coulson were escaping. As Quake had then asked Malick if he actually believed that he was winning the duel, Malick acknowledged that it was a close fight, but insisted that he could keep fighting all day. However, Quake then told Malick that this had been part of their plans, while also noting that they had used Kora's power to purge all the Chronicom's data from the planet.

Malick was then informed by Quake that this had successfully turned the Chronicom's attack to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s side, telling him that this was mission accomplished. In response, Malick took advantage of Quake lowering her guard, as he then fired a shockwave that pinned Quake to one of the reactors, which he held onto to hold her in place. Malick had then furiously claimed that, while S.H.I.E.L.D. may have become victorious on Earth, he would still be able to order the Chronicoms to use their Destroyer Ships to fire the weapons down at their remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. bases, intending to finally vaporise all Quake's allies.

Malick launched into the exploding reactors

Keeping Quake pinned against the reactor, Malick insisted that there was nothing that she could do to stop him, while claiming that there was no way for her to kill him, without killing herself. However, while Malick charged up the energy in his hands to destroy Quake, he had failed to notice that Quake was absorbing the vibrations from his own body, before she told him that this was also part of their plan. Before Malick could react, Quake unleashed a massive shockwave, causing Malick to be thrown into one of the reactors, just as it had exploded, vaporising Malick and destroying their entire Chronicom fleet.[9]


"'Hostage' would imply that I'm using you as collateral to get what I want when, in fact, everything I want is right here, flowing through your veins."
"This isn't the super serum. This is genetics."
"Yeah, but I'm rich. It cuts down some barriers."
―Nathaniel Malick and Daisy Johnson[src]

Malick introduced himself as a champion of anarchy. He had a complete disdain for the hierarchical system of HYDRA, and mocked the worshiping of Hive, who he compared to a "space octopus". He grew to reject any form of authority or control, which equally applied to HYDRA, S.H.I.E.L.D., or even the ancient practices that ruled the access of Terrigenesis in Afterlife. According to Malick, everything he did was only to put in place a full anarchy, where there would be no form of hierarchy at all. However, Malick actually displayed a will to dominate others: for example, when S.H.I.E.L.D. took him and Sibyl by surprise and transported them in their original timeline, he voiced his regret that he was on the verge of ruling the world, before correcting himself and talking about saving it. Malick was also envious of the superhuman abilities displayed by Inhumans, taking Quake's powers in a similar way Werner Reinhardt had done to Jiaying, and later Kora's powers after she failed him.

Despite being seemingly able to display some form of compassion, as he did to Kora to stop her from killing herself, this only came from his use of the Time Stream that allowed him to know how the lives of some individuals would unfold. Actually, Malick had little regard or concern for the life of others, even members of his own crew. He thus abandoned John Garrett to die in the Bombing of the Lighthouse, even though he had abundantly praised his abilities before recruiting him; he killed Shepard, a member of his crew, simply because he had made the mistake of referring to Malick by using the title "sir"; and he was even willing to risk the life of Kora, a woman he had shared feelings of love with, to take her power.

Malick was notoriously unstable, with the killing of Shepard being only one example of the extent his anger could go to, and expressed pleasure in making his enemies suffer, such as when he killed Jiaying in front of Quake. He also had a very high perception of himself, which bordered on delusions of grandeur, and mistakingly believed that he was on an equal foot with Sibyl, for example insisting to Kora that the Chronicom Hunters were working for him, when in fact he could only give them some orders because Sibyl had allowed him to, and she refused to entrust him with some Hunters to go after S.H.I.E.L.D. because she felt that he could not control anything. Much like his ally Sibyl, Malick failed to understand the notion of self-sacrifice, since he cared about no one but himself, which was eventually the source of his demise as he could not predict that Quake was willing to give her life to ensure the defeat of Malick and his Chronicom allies.

Powers and Abilities


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Malick synthesized Daisy Johnson's blood and had it transfused into his body, successfully acquiring powers similar to hers. Then after his arrival in 2019, Malick also synthesized Kora's blood and acquired similar powers.

  • Vibration Manipulation: Malick gained the ability to manipulate and enhance vibrations, which can produce effects such as earthquakes and shockwaves.
    • Concussive Blasts: Similar to Johnson's favorite technique, Malick was able to generate and focus powerful waves of vibrating air in the form of directed concussive blasts at his enemies. Having had more time to practice than Johnson herself, Malick has seemingly better mastered these blasts. He was able to swirl the blast such that the target pivots after getting hit. After acquiring powers similar to Kora's, he was able to infuse energy waves into his concussive blasts.
  • Energy Manipulation: Having taken this power from Kora, Malick was able to focus a highly versatile form of energy, which builds up within him.
    • Energy Blasts: Malick was able to focus his energy into controlled blasts, which were capable of hurting an Inhuman.


  • Expert Combatant: Malick was shown to be a highly capable fighter. He was able to hold his own against Johnson in a fight, as well as being able to escape Jiaying's grip before she drained his life force. His fighting style primarily made use of his concussive blasts. His fighting style also seemed to be less formally trained and more like a brawler, as he resorted to head-butting Johnson during their fight.
  • Master Tactician: Malick was shown to be quite an incredible strategist and manipulator. He was always been able to stay a step ahead of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was able to persuade Kora and John Garrett to his side. He was also able to plan and successfully dismantle Afterlife and was the one responsible for the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. in an alternate timeline.
  • Expert Physician: Malick was shown to be proficient in medicine and medical help, as he was able to to study Daniel Whitehall's research on Inhumans and genetics and performed on Daisy Johnson and Kora and successfully gained their powers.
  • Expert Scientist: Having read Whitehall's research on genetic transfer, Malick has some knowledge on how to transfer Inhuman abilities into other individuals such as himself and his own crew.



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Other Equipment

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  • Nathaniel Malick bears some similarities to the Clone of Red Skull in the main Marvel Comics universe. Like the clone, Malick was affiliated with HYDRA, was a different version of his main counterpart, stole the powers of another by taking their body parts, and assembled a team of other enhanced villains. Also, both wore similar attire.
  • Nathaniel Malick also bears some similarities to Nathaniel Essex, also known as Mister Sinister in the main Marvel Comics universe. They both believe in cultivating and redistributing powers from superhuman individuals to those they deemed worthy. Also, both shared the same first name.

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