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―Nathaniel Barton to Clint Barton[src]

Nathaniel Pietro "Nate" Barton is the third child of Clint and Laura Barton. He is named after two Avengers, with his first name being the masculine form of Natasha, after Natasha Romanoff, while his middle name is in tribute to Pietro Maximoff.

Barton was killed by Thanos during the Snap in 2018, although he was resurrected by Hulk in 2023.



"How's little Natasha, huh?"
"She's... Nathaniel."
Natasha Romanoff and Laura Barton[src]

Barton as a newborn

Clint and Laura Barton initially believed their third child to be a girl and planned to name the child Natasha, after their friend Natasha Romanoff. However, they discovered that the baby would be a boy and changed the name to Nathaniel. His parents also decided to have Barton's middle name be Pietro after Pietro Maximoff, who sacrificed his life to save Barton's father. In 2015, Barton was born and his parents sent a Skype video of him to Romanoff to show off their newborn.[2] Shortly after Barton's birth, Clint relocated himself and his family to a new farmhouse.[1]

Snap and Blip

"Nate, mayo or mustard?"
"How 'bout ketchup?"
Laura Barton and Nathaniel Barton[src]

Barton moments before the Snap

In 2018, Barton's family was having a picnic outside their homestead, during which he played catch with his brother. Cooper and his mother both praised Barton's developing throwing skills. After his mother asked him if he wanted mayonnaise or mustard on his hot dog, Barton asked for ketchup instead. Suddenly, he disintegrated into dust.

Barton reunites with his father

Five years later, as a result of the Blip, Barton was restored to life. Shortly afterwards, Barton and his family were all reunited with his father, who returned to them on a Quinjet.

Barton attends Tony Stark's funeral

A week later, Barton and his family attended Tony Stark's funeral at Stark's home in New York.[1]

Christmas Holidays

Trip to New York

Barton and his brother watch the musical

"Why is everyone singing and dancing about everything?"
―Nathaniel Barton to Clint Barton[src]

In December 2024, Barton traveled with his father, brother and sister on a weekend trip to New York City. The family attended a production of Rogers: The Musical at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, which Barton watched mostly unamused. His father excused himself to go to the bathroom, while his sister later left to find him after he never came back. Barton and his brother left the show shortly after, meeting up with his father and sister outside of the theater. The family unanimously decided to not finish watching the musical, and instead left to go get dinner.

Barton and his father at dinner

The family went to a local Chinese restaurant, where they ordered an abundance of food, although Barton still insisted he wanted three more crabs. His sister warned them that Barton would vomit if he ate anymore, and both her and Cooper refused to be the one who would clean it up. After their father asked everyone if they wanted to visit the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after dinner, Barton's mother called to ask how the show was. His father tried to lie and say the play was good, but Barton interrupted, telling his mother the truth that they left halfway through. After hanging up, his father asked everyone what their favorite activities they wanted to do leading up to Christmas were, with Barton's answer being making gingerbread houses. The waiter soon came by, and informed the family that the restaurant had covered their bill, as a thank you for Barton’s father saving the city twice in the Chitauri Invasion and Blip.

Clint carries Barton back to the hotel

The family went to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree after dinner and then returned to their hotel. Barton was carried inside by his father, falling asleep as soon as he was set down on the couch.[4]

Barton signs to his father

The next morning, Barton and his brother and sister packed and prepared to return home. His father helped them get themselves and their luggage into the car, but did not join them as he needed to stay in the city. Before getting into the car, Barton showed his father the sign language he had been learning, signing to his father that he loves him. The kids were driven to an airport, where they boarded a plane and flew back to Missouri.[5]

Home without his Father

Barton and his sister make gingerbread houses

"It's okay if you can't come home for Christmas, Daddy. We understand."
"Oh, boy, I'm... I tell you, I miss you so much. Um, I'm gonna be there, buddy. I... You know I'm gonna be there, like I said, right?"
―Nathaniel Barton to Clint Barton[src]

Back in Missouri, Barton and his siblings were picked up by their mother and taken home. Later that night, Barton and his family constructed gingerbread houses, while his mother spoke on the phone with his father and learned that he would not be back for another day.[5]

The next morning, Barton, out of boredom, called his father using his mother's phone while she was still asleep. Due to having his hearing aid smashed earlier, his father was unable to hear the voice coming from his phone, so he assumed it was his wife speaking and called him "babe", until Kate Bishop informed his father that it was a young boy's voice by writing on a notepad. Bishop continued to interpret as Barton asked if he would be home that night for the Christmas movie marathon. His father apologized and told Barton that he would not be home for another day or two. After a short pause, Barton told his father that he would understand if he did not make it home in time for Christmas. His father promised he would be home for Christmas, and then told Barton that he had to go and that he loves him, before hanging up.[3]

Barton is disappointed at the news that his father was not coming home yet

The next day, Barton sat nearby as his mother spoke on the phone with his father. After the phone call, she told Barton and his siblings that their father would not be back for a little while longer yet, much to the disappointment of the three children.[6]

Christmas Day

Barton greets his father

―Nathaniel Barton to Clint Barton[src]

On Christmas Day, Barton rushed out to greet his father at the door as they finally returned home. Barton met his father's new partner Kate Bishop and her dog Lucky, who his father had brought home as they had no place to live.

Barton opens Christmas presents with his family

With the Barton family now reunited, Barton and his siblings got changed and began opening their presents, with Barton sitting by Lucky and getting excited about receiving a toy gun he always wanted.[7]


Nathaniel Barton is a loving son and brother. He started to learn American Sign Language so he can adapt to his father's hearing disability.


  • Bilingualism: Nate knows some American Sign Language as he used it to communicate with his father before he and his siblings were taken to the airport to be reunited with their mother.


  • Clint Barton's Homestead: Barton has lived at his family's homestead his entire life. The home's existence and location is unknown to the public to protect Barton and his siblings from threats connected to his father's life as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Avenger.






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  • In the Ultimate Marvel comics, Clint and Laura Barton's younger son is named Lewis Barton. He is the couple's middle child instead of the youngest. Lewis, his mother, and siblings were murdered by a black ops team that was led in Barton's home by Black Widow.
  • As of Avengers: Endgame, Barton is now named after two people who have sacrificed themselves for his father.
  • Nate enjoys seafood, particularly crabs.


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