"Did they ever have a falling-out?"
"Only once. When Nathan started getting some recruiting offers. Greg was envious. But wrestling came easy to Nathan. He was gifted. So Greg got over it."
Jessica Jones and Manuel Silva[src]

Nathan Silva was a citizen of Wappingers Falls and a former friend of Gregory Sallinger.


Life Cut Short

Murdered by Greg Sallinger

Nathan Silva lived with his father and mother in Wappingers Falls, New York. Silva joined the same high school wrestling team with Gregory Sallinger with whom he also befriended. Due to Silva's wrestling talents, he received several recruiting offers what made Sallinger very envious. Out of anger, Sallinger murdered Silva and disposed of his body, burying him at the backyard of his house, with many people in the town's community unwittingly constructing a gazebo overtop of him.[1]


Police Search

Silva's corpse getting found by Jessica Jones

Silva remained as a missing person to his family and the authorities, with his parents keeping many photos and mementos of him on display in their house. Gregory Sallinger sent a Christmas postcard subtlety referring to the whereabouts of his remains, which was read by Jessica Jones as she used it to determine that the corpse was hidden beneath the gazebo. She then tipped over the gazebo and broke the cement foundations to reveal Silva's body underneath, which was then submitted as evidence to the local police force. Silva's body was later transported into NYPD custody for forensic examination to analyze Sallinger's hairs left over on the body.[1]






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