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"Life is full of distractions. You need to overcome them."
―Nathan Bowen to Tandy Bowen[src]

Nathan Bowen was a scientist working for Roxxon Corporation, the husband of Melissa Bowen and the father of Tandy Bowen, who died in an accident during the explosion of the Roxxon Gulf Platform.


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Nathan Bowen married a woman named Melissa and had a daughter together, Tandy. He joined the Roxxon Corporation. His wife had an accident that required her to be on pain medication, however, this had the side effect of her being increasingly addicted to them.[4]


Late one night, after ballet practice was done, Tandy called Nathan at work in order for him to pick her up. He picked her up in the middle of a rainstorm and drove her home. On the way, he received a phone call from work. He had an intense conversation with Ivan Hess[5] on the line, saying that a Roxxon oil rig was unstable and that Roxxon was being negligent with the platform. Nathan was so focused on the conversation that his driving became reckless. Just then the oil rig collapsed and exploded, setting off a series of events that to a truck slamming into the car that contained Tandy and Nathan. This sent both of them into the lake water below and knocked Nathan unconscious. As the car sunk further into the lake Tandy cried for her dad to help her. Water was quickly filling up the car and Tandy started pounding on the glass until a hand from an unknown boy reached out and pulled from the car through unknown means. Nathan was left in the car to drown and die.[4]


"You and Roxxon destroyed my father's good name."
"Good name? How well did you know your old man, anyway?"
Tandy Bowen and Peter Scarborough[src]

Nathan Bowen was used by Roxxon as a scapegoat for the events surrounding the collapse of the platform. They called him a mad scientist whose experiments led to the collapse and Roxxon had nothing to do with the collapse. The corporation then began seizing the family's assets, leading them to a life of poverty, crime, and drugs.[4]

Tandy later learned to harness her powers and swore to clear her father's reputation by threatening Peter Scarborough, the Chief Executive of Risk Management for the Roxxon, who instead offers money to the Bowens. She declines, admitting money isn't what she was looking for. But after peaking into Melissa's simultaneous fear and memory through Tyrone Johnson, it was revealed that Nathan was an abusive husband. Upset and heartbroken, Tandy ends up taking the money anyway.[2]


"Character is what you do when no one else is watching."
Tandy Bowen quoting her father to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Nathan Bowen was a man of intelligence, integrity, and philosophy. Bowen was environmentally conscious and only wanted safe success for the Roxxon Gulf Platform. However, he was also an abusive husband to Melissa Bowen, which shows a much darker side of his personality.


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  • In the comics, Nathan Tyler was the former husband of Melissa Bowen and a super-powered cult leader known as the Lord of Light.


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