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"You need to pay me."
"I'm paying you under the table, which means I'll pay you whenever I goddamn feel like it."
Luke Cage and Nate[src]

Nate is a manager working at Harlem's Paradise. He was responsible for paying Luke Cage under the table for his work at the club.


An Extra Bartender

While managing Harlem's Paradise, Nate received the message that Dante Chapman had called in sick. Since this meant they were down one bartender, Nate entered the kitchen to ask Luke Cage to work as a bartender. In return, Cage asked for his payment. Nate told him that it would come in the end of the week, but that he was allowed to keep all the tips he received. Before giving Cage a shirt and jacket, he wanted to know if Cage was still able to make drinks. Happy with the answer Nate told Cage to clean up, since Cornell Stokes has a standard. According to Cage you could not tell by what he pays. [1]

Unwilling to Pay

The next day Nate was stopped by Cage, who once again asked Nate to pay him. Nate reminded Cage that he was paying him under the table, which meant that he himself would choose when he would pay.[1]

Unwanted Payment

Upon noticing Luke Cage entering the kitchen the following day Nate approached him. He reminded Cage that he is late, and when Cage ignored him he told him he had his money. When Cage still ignored him and kept walking Nate called him out, asking if Cage even heard him.[2]