Naperville is a suburb of Chicago, in the state of Illinois.


Both the Mackenzie brothers, Alphonso and Ruben, were residents of Naperville, although their house was mostly inhabited by Ruben alone since Alphonso was generally out of town due to his work as a high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Alphonso notably kept a precious motorbike in Naperville.

In 2016, at the time where the Watchdogs were heavily operating, Alphonso did a short stay in Naperville while visiting his brother, although he was upset to realize that Ruben supported the Watchdogs' ideology. The Mackenzies were later attacked in their residence in Naperville by the Watchdogs, who thought that Alphonso was an Inhuman to be eliminated. However, the Watchdogs were eventually defeated by Alphonso, and in the aftermath of the attack, his colleague Daisy Johnson took a medic team to Naperville to take care of the wounded.[1]


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