"This is my Nana B's place. Me and your pop spent a lot of time here."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

Nana B's Residence is the place of living of Nana B, the grandmother of Darius Davis.


"Anytime he needed a meal, place to go, my Nana B hooked him up."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

During his childhood years, Geoffrey Wilder used to frequently visit Nana B in her house, where he could enjoy hot meals and birthday cakes while his own mother was too busy working for a living to correctly look after him.[1]

Geoffrey showed a footage of Nana B's Residence to Darius Davis when the latter assaulted the PRIDE Construction Site, threatening to kill Nana B and destroy her house if Davis kept creating problems for him.[2]

When he kidnapped Alex Wilder, Darius Davis took him in front of Nana B's Residence and explained who Nana B was and how she had looked after Alex's father Geoffrey. Remaining in front of the house, Davis called Geoffrey with Alex's WizPhone and demanded to be given a million dollars. They then left the residence.[1]


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