"Things change. They start, they stop. Sometimes they end. You can't play your game if you're in your feelings. Gotta keep your eyes open. Stay woke."
"So, what you're saying is that I shouldn't trust Livvie or really anyone in life, ever."
"No, man. You young'uns overthink every damn thing. All I'm saying is, you can't win without discernment. That's how Nana B would say it."
Darius Davis and Alex Wilder[src]

Nana B is the grandmother of Darius Davis.


"My Nana B, the lady who slapped Band-Aids on his knees and baked him his birthday cakes, barely got cash to pay for her heart pills."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

Nana B was the grandmother of Darius Davis. She also frequently looked after Geoffrey Wilder, cooking him meals, baking his birthday cakes and healing his little wounds whenever he got hurt.

Over time, Nana B developed respiratory issues which forced her to rely on heavy and expensive medical equipment. When Wilder and Davis were imprisoned in the Los Angeles Penitentiary and Wilder had an opportunity to get out, he promised Davis that he would look after Nana B.[1]

Years later, when Davis assaulted the PRIDE Construction Site, Wilder threatened to hurt Nana B in retaliation.[2] This greatly angered Davis, who kidnapped Wilder's son Alex and took him in front of Nana B's Residence, explaining him who Nana B was and how he felt that he had been betrayed by Wilder, including regarding Nana B's medical treatment.[1]


"Anytime he needed a meal, place to go, my Nana B hooked him up."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

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