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"My whole life I've either been too white for some people or too ethnic for others. And it's been this very uncomfortable, sucky, in-between. So, when I first put this on, I was hoping to shut some people up, but I kinda realized I don't really need to prove anything to anybody. Like, when I put this on, I feel like me. Like, I have a purpose."
―Nakia Bahadir to Kamala Khan[src]

Nakia Bahadir is a student at Coles Academic High School and one of Kamala Khan's best friends.


High School Student

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Placing Bets

"I'm sorry. I really do love you."
―Nakia Bahadir to Kamala Khan[src]

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Issues at the Masjid

"They really gotta fix this place."
"Uh, no, you mean they gotta fix our section of this place. See, but the men's section is pristine. We got mold under the carpets and the walls are literally crumbling. We can't just stick up a poster for every piece of plaster that falls."
Kamala Khan and Nakia Bahadir[src]

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Zoe Zimmer's Party

"What does that mean?"
―Nakia Bahadir and Miguel[src]

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Bathroom Conversation

"I also have pads. I know how weird your mom can get about tampons."
"You know what? I'm good."
"You sure? You don't sound too good. You've been acting kinda weird these past couple of days. You know you can tell me anything, right?"
―Nakia Bahadir and Kamala Khan[src]

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Mosque Board Member

Eid Al-Adha

"You wouldn't rob two young women of that future, would you, Uncle? I mean, come on, this is Kamala and me. Your daughter and basically your other daughter. Women's suffrage, we fought for this, people died for this. You wouldn't... You wouldn't kill our dreams, would you? Vote for Nakia. Eid Mubarak."
―Nakia Bahadir to Yusuf Khan[src]

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Damage Control Visit

"Pursuant to U.S. criminal code, law enforcement officers are not permitted to enter a private space without a signed warrant."
"Yeah? You studied the criminal code in homeroom?"
Law & Order re-runs, but I'm not wrong."
―Nakia Bahadir and Sadie Deever[src]

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Discussing Night Light

"She doesn't seem to notice, and if she does, she doesn't care."
"Damage Control? Why? What did they want?"
"I don't know. They wanted us to give her up or something. The whole good Muslim versus bad Muslim, 'let's self-surveil our people' routine."
―Nakia Bahadir and Kamala Khan[src]

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Aamir Khan's Wedding

"Looks like the auntie got a hold of Bruno."
―Nakia Bahadir to Kamala Khan[src]

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Discovering Kamala's Secret

"It was you?"
"This whole time it was you, and you didn't say anything?"
―Nakia Bahadir and Kamala Khan[src]

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"We spend six weeks on Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece but six minutes on Ancient Persia and Byzantium. History's written by the oppressors. That's all I'm gonna say."
―Nakia Bahadir[src]

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