Nahui was one of the members of the Peruvian Armed Forces who was allowed access onto The Bus after Coulson's Team escaped from a Peruvian jungle with a weapon of unknown origin. Nahui took part in commandeering the Bus from Coulson's Team. He died during the ensuing battle.


Nahui, having joined the Policia Militar del Perú, was assigned under Commandant Camilla Reyes' unit on a mission to recover a mysterious object.

After boarding the Bus, following a skirmish in a Peruvian jungle, Nahui helped overtake Coulson's TeamGrant Ward noticed Nahui and Cusi were nursing their drinks, and realized that they were likely not drinking because they were planning an attack.

When Leo Fitz activated the 0-8-4 with a D.W.A.R.F. and blew a hole in the plane, Nahui engaged Ward in combat, and was sucked out of the plane to his death, despite Ward's attempt the save him.[1]





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