"This is one of the last houses Dad designed before he died. Seems like it should stay in the family."
Vijay Nadeer[src]

The Nadeer Residence was a house designed by the father of Ellen and Vijay Nadeer where they spent some time after the latter's Terrigenesis.


Design and Building

"I thought you were gonna sell this place."
"I had a couple of offers, but I decided to take it off the market."
Vijay Nadeer and Ellen Nadeer[src]

The Nadeer Residence was one of the last houses designed by the father of Ellen Nadeer and Vijay Nadeer. After both her parents died, Ellen considered selling the house but ultimately decided to keep it in her family.[1]

Hidden Inhuman

Vijay Nadeer Nadeer Residence

Vijay Nadeer rests at the Nadeer Residence

"It's the perfect place for you to recover after your ordeal."
Ellen Nadeer to Vijay Nadeer[src]

Vijay Nadeer was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, which triggered his Terrigenesis and enveloped him in a husk over several months. As Ellen Nadeer spearheaded the Humans First Movement and its violent campaign against the Inhumans, she decided to hide her brother from the public. After he emerged out of his husk, Vijay was taken to the Nadeer Residence by his sister Ellen so he could get some rest after his experience.[1]

Ambush on Vijay Nadeer

Nadeers Breakfast

Vijay Nadeer and Ellen Nadeer share a breakfast in the Residence's park

"I do have reason to believe that your brother's being held here against his will."
"At gunpoint."
Jeffrey Mace and Quake[src]

Vijay Nadeer woke up in the Nadeer Residence after he had a nightmare about the death of his mother. He went out to the Residence's yard, where his sister Ellen prepared breakfast for him. Together, Vijay and Ellen shared a meal and began discussing the return of S.H.I.E.L.D., about which they disagreed. Ellen ended the argument by offering to take a walk in the Residence's park.


Vijay Nadeer is ambushed by the Watchdogs

However, this walk was the prelude to an ambush planned by Ellen and a group of Watchdogs, led by Tucker Shockley, with the objective of assassinating Vijay for being an Inhuman. As Shockley held Vijay at gunpoint, Ellen ultimately had a change of heart as Vijay pleaded that he had not changed whatsoever following his Terrigenesis. Despite Shockley's reluctance, he let Vijay go and all of them returned inside the house.


S.H.I.E.L.D. comes at the Nadeer Residence

While Vijay was being guarded by the Watchdogs, Ellen and Shockley argued about the former's behavior. The argument was interrupted when S.H.I.E.L.D. came at the Residence: Jeffrey Mace, Quake, and Jemma Simmons, who knew about Vijay, asked for the opportunity of searching the house, but Ellen refused. As they discussed, Shockley decided to execute Vijay while his sister was distracted.

BP Vijay Powers

Vijay Nadeer fights against the Watchdogs

Vijay managed to counter the Watchdogs' attack as he had gained superhuman reflexes following his Terrigenesis. He defeated the Watchdogs and took the gun of one of them, shooting at the ceiling. The fight ended when Ellen joined the room, quickly followed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite Simmons' attempt, Vijay decided to remain with his sister. Ellen and Vijay then left the Residence in the Watchdogs' helicopter.[1]


Nadeer Residence Sunroom

The Nadeer Residence's sunroom

The Nadeer Residence is a large and quite luxuous homestead located near a lake. It features at least two elegant bedrooms, a large kitchen and a sunroom. Outside the house is a vast yard which gives access to a park.


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