"So, Dex, what brings you to my house?"
"Well, you've been bragging about Seema's cooking for so long, I figured I'd come up with an excuse to finally come try it."
Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Nadeem Residence is the house located in New York City and owned by Nadeem family.


Family Parties

"Let me tell you something. Come the summer, you're the one who's gonna be throwing mad parties because the pool is definitely happening this year."
"You bet. I'm gonna be tossing your butt off the diving board by June. Now, what do you say we go inside, throwback some cake?"
Ray Nadeem and Sami Nadeem[src]

Having a birthday party for Sami Nadeem, Ray Nadeem was cooking dinner for guests before he found out that they do not have turkey. He asked Seema and she told him that she was in the store but her Visa card was declined but she did not want to raise that issue at the party. Worried about his family's financial situation, Ray was interrupted by Sami who said that his aunt wants to know if Ray is ruining their dinner. Ray then showed him how he making sandwiches and let Sami do the rest while talking with Seema in Hindi. He asked her is she sure that Visa was empty because he used it before and she told him that she used every card she had but still. Ray then calmed her, saying that he will take care of the family.

Ray and Sami Nadeem making sandwiches

Ray Nadeem makes sandwiches with Sami

Later, Ray brought all family to the dining room where he congratulated his brother Nihar and his wife Saanvi with successful healing of Saanvi's cancer. Nihar then hugged his brother, thanking him but Ray said that made through it by themselves and he just wrote a few checks.

Ray found Sami at the backyard of the house where he played with a football. He said that all guests are eating right now and waiting to light the candles but Sami said that he did not want any of that. Ray asked Sami what is wrong and he told that he wanted to attend a party at Ricky Thomas' house and play bowling in his basement. Ray wanted his son to be proud of him and told that he is going to build a swimming pool for him. Happy, Sami returned to celebrate with others while Ray was joined by Seema who heard about his plans about the pool. Understanding that their family desperate for money, Seema proposed to took another job before she was interrupted by Ray who said that he will fix everything by himself.

At the next morning, Ray took his sidearm from the safe in the bedroom before heading to the New York City FBI Office.[1]

Ray's Promotion

While Ray Nadeem was at the job, Seema organized a surprise party for his husband who was finally promoted. When Ray returned to his house he was greeted by all family members which congratulated him and Sami came to hug his father. While family celebrated at the dining room, Seema made her toast to Ray saying how everyone in that room is proud of him. Sami then said that they are out of soda and Ray was going to bring some from the kitchen before Seema said that she wants to talk to him.

At the kitchen, Seema blamed Ray because he lied to her about events at the New York Bulletin Building. Ray apologized, saying that all he wanted was to keep everything under control to make his best for his family. Seema asked Ray to tell her truth and only truth, and also bring some soda from the basement.

Ray went to the basement where he was going to took a soda from the refrigerator before he heard something. He managed to pull out his sidearm before he was unarmed by Daredevil who infiltrated into his house. Daredevil informed Nadeem that the man in the Daredevil's Suit who attacked the New York Bulletin was not a real Daredevil. Before Ray could response, he was called by Sami who wanted to know where Ray is. Ray said him not to come down because he dropped a bottle and he will come up when he clean it up. When Sami left, Nadeem asked what Daredevil knows and he informed that his suspect is the FBI agent, much to Ray's shock.[2]

Benjamin Poindexter's Visit

"What are you doing here, Dex? Your issue is with me, not my family."
"My issue is definitely with you."
Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Returning to his house, Ray Nadeem showered before heard something from the living room. There, he found Benjamin Poindexter who taught Sami how to throw a curveball. Seema then asked Ray if he wants some eggs but Ray refused and said Sami to go and get ready for school. Ray then asked Poindexter what brought him to his house and he replied that he found an excuse to try Seema' cooking. Seema, however, said that he does not need an excuse and he always welcome there for all he had done for Nadeem family. Ray said Seema that he needs some private talk with Poindexter about the job and she left them but said to hurry because she did not want Poindexter's eggs getting cold.


Benjamin Poindexter talks with Ray Nadeem

Outside of the house, Ray asked Poindexter why actually came to his house, pointing that his issue is with him, not his family. Poindexter noted that his stunt with Andrea Morales was cold but commented that Wilson Fisk needs Ray alive because he wanted to find Daredevil. Ray said that he did not know who or where he is but Poindexter told him that it can wait and noted some bleed on Ray's shirt. He said that they are going to spend the day together and then went to Seema to distract her while Ray changing his shirt.[3]

Surrounded by Hostiles

"Take Sami into the bathroom and lie down in the tub. Now!"
Ray Nadeem to Seema Nadeem[src]

Ray Nadeem leading his family out of the house

Fearing that Kingpin is going to punish him for letting Karen Page go with NYPD, Ray Nadeem rushed to his house where he found a smashed vase. Armed with his sidearm, Ray found Seema and Sami at the bathroom and informed them that they need to leave right now. At the bedroom, Ray packed up, despite Seema's questions and then led his family out of the house. However, before they could leave, Ray spotted an armed man outside of the house. Realizing that the house was surrounded, Nadeem said his family to hide in the bathroom.


Ray Nadeem holds Daredevil at the gunpoint

Mercenaries then intruded house and attacked Nadeem, forcing him to shoot back. Despite being outnumbered, Nadeem managed to kill several hostiles before covering upstairs. Mercenary spotted Nadeem and pointed his gun at him. Nadeem was saved by Daredevil who arrived at the house just in time and defeated his enemy. Another mercenary attempted to get around before Daredevil knocked him down. The last hostile then woke up, holding Daredevil at the gunpoint.

However, he was out of ammo what allowed Nadeem to knock him. Nadeem then pointed his gun at Daredevil thinking that he can take revenge for turning him to Fisk. Daredevil assured Nadeem that he can take his family to a safe place what Nadeem replied that he can not trust anyone in his situation. However, Daredevil stated that he trusts Nadeem before taking his mask off and revealing his identity to him.[4]

The Last Return

"Come on inside. Let's talk."
"Come on, Dex. We both know you're a better liar than that. You want a private place to kill me."
Benjamin Poindexter and Ray Nadeem[src]

Failing to make a statement to the grand jury, Ray Nadeem escaped from the New York State Supreme Court Building and returned to his house. In the living room, he recorded a message for his wife and son. Saying his last goodbye for his family, Ray then confessed about all Kingpin's crimes and asked Seema to give the record to his lawyers.[5]


Ray Nadeem meets Benjamin Poindexter at the backyard

Nadeem then went to the backyard where he was approached by Benjamin Poindexter who said Nadeem to return to the house and talk. Ray, however, guessed that Poindexter just looking for more comfortable place to kill him and told his former colleague that Fisk manipulated him like Tammy Hattley, Arinori, Wellers and other FBI agents.

Nadeem attempted to convince Poindexter to cut a deal with Blake Tower and take Fisk down. However, Poindexter refused, noting that Fisk made him more than federal agent and he was very grateful to him. Nadeem then stated that as long as he is alive his family is at risk and told Poindexter to do whatever he needed. Nadeem then attempted to pull his gun before Poindexter killed Nadeem by a single shot in the head.[6]


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