"The NSA's already got S.H.I.E.L.D. on its watch list. Why poke the bear? The big, scary, waterboarding bear?"
Eric Koenig to Skye[src]

The National Security Agency is part of the United States' Department of Defense and is one of the main intelligence services in the United States of America.


HYDRA Uprising

"S.H.I.E.L.D. implodes and everyone wants answers. The CIA, NSA, NRO – them I can handle."
Maria Hill to Pepper Potts[src]

Investigating the HYDRA Uprising, NSA approached Maria Hill to question [1]

NSA satellite feeds were hacked by Skye and Eric Koenig who used it to learn what happened at the Fridge when the facility was raided by HYDRA. Skye proposed to use the satellite images to learn where the escapees went, and despite she successfully hacked the feed, Grant Ward killed Koenig and disabled it before it could be effectively used.[2]


"I was an NSA analyst. I was working on Afghanistan intelligence, which... Maybe, you know, it's just an oxymoron because our basic tactic is to pay anyone we can to tell tales."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]

NSA assigned David Lieberman to work on intelligence data from Afghanistan, and eventually received footage with the execution of Ahmad Zubair perpetrated by unidentified military squad. Lieberman sent the footage to Dinah Madani, so Homeland Security could use the information. However, the footage was stolen from Madani and Lieberman was presumably assassinated by Carson Wolf who then deemed him as a traitor.[3]

Database Request

NSA was contacted by Wendy who requested assistance in order to identify the man who encountered Dinah Madani. However, running the DNA samples through their database, NSA was unable to find any information about him.[4]


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