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A collection of quotes from the deceased Prince of Wakanda, N'Jobu.

Black Panther

Spoken by N'Jobu

"I observed for as long as I could. Their leaders have been assassinated. Communities flooded with drugs and weapons. They are overly policed and incarcerated. All over the planet our people suffer because they don't have the tools to fight back. With Vibranium weapons they can overthrow every country and Wakanda can rule them all the right way."
―N'Jobu to T'Chaka[src]

Spoken about N'Jobu

"What happened to my Uncle N'Jobu? My father told me he disappeared... there was a man today wearing a ring identical to this one."
"That is not possible."
"He helped Klaue escape from us and he was wearing this ring. My grandfather's ring. Do not tell me what is possible, tell me the truth."
"Some truths are too much to bear, T'Challa."
"That is not your choice to make. What happen to him?"
"I promised the King to say nothing."
"I am your King now!""
T'Challa and Zuri knowing the truth about N'Jobu's whereabouts and death[src]
"NdinguYONAJadaka, unyana weNkosana N'Jobu!"[2] I found my daddy with panther claws in his chest! You ain't the son of a king, you're the son of a murderer!"
River Tribe Elder and Erik Killmonger, who revealed himself to be the son the late N'Jobu[src]


"Prince N'Jobu. Son of Azzuri."
"Ndibonakalise ukuba ungomnye wethu.[4]"
Dora Milaje member and N'Jobu[src]


  1. Translates to: "Who are you?"
  2. Translates to: "I am N'Jadaka, son of Prince N'Jobu!"
  3. Translates to: "Who are you?"
  4. Translates to: "Prove to me you are one of us."
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