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N'Jobu's Safehouse is an apartment in Oakland, California used by N'Jobu during his assignment.


During N'Jobu's assignment by War Dogs, he lived in an apartment in Oakland with his son. One day Stevens found his father's diary with Wakandan literature and his royal ring. His father interrupted his actions and told him to not look over his stuff without permission. N'Jobu would then smile at Killmonger and asked what did he find, Stevens responded to looking at his home.

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While Stevens played outside of the house, N'Jobu prepared to another mission with his friend James before someone knocked at the door. N'Jobu and James quickly hid their weapons and plans before they realized that they were visited by N'Jobu's brother, King T'Chaka in the company of Dora Milaje members. T'Chaka ordered James to leave them to speak alone, maintaining the pretense that he was unaware of who Zuri was as N'Jobu still viewed him as simply his loyal friend. T'Chaka greeted his brother warmly and asked how he was finding living in the United States of America.

T'Chaka then informed him about attack on Wakanda, orchestrated by Ulysses Klaue who managed to steal Vibranium. When N'Jobu questioned why T'Chaka was there, he told him to look him in the eyes and explain why he had betrayed Wakanda. T'Chaka then had James reveal that he was in fact a member of the War Dogs named Zuri, to N'Jobu's horror. Zuri then handed T'Chaka cache of Vibranium from N'Jobu's bag. With his betrayal exposed, T'Chaka ordered N'Jobu to return to the Tribal Council and confess.

As T'Chaka turned his back, an enraged N'Jobu lashed out on Zuri, pulling out his gun. Before he could kill Zuri, T'Chaka had then killed his brother, stabbing him with his Panther Habit's claws. They then left, abandoning a young Erik Stevens by himself. Then Stevens spotted a Royal Talon Fighter above their apartment complex and rushed inside, where he found his father, dead. Stevens held his father's body and cried, before recovering his father's diary.

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Many years later, Erik Killmonger made his way to Wakanda, defeated T'Challa and became the King of Wakanda. As per tradition, Killmonger underwent the ritual and drunked the fluid of the Heart-Shaped Herb and speaking with his ancestor's spirit within the Ancestral Plane. Once Killmonger was buried in the sand, he was awoken into his apartment. Re-arranging day, when he found N'Jobu's Wakandan stuff, Killmonger then was greeted by his father himself.

The safehouse then was purchased by T'Challa who decided to turn the place where his father killed his brother to some better place. In the wake of revelation of Wakanda, he ordered to build Wakandan International Outreach Centre and appointed Nakia as the head of the social outreach department.[1]


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