"Somebody get this stupid costume off me!"

The Mysterio Suit is the deceptive costume worn by Quentin Beck during his illusions as Mysterio, as well as being featured heavily in the illusory battles against the Elementals.


"That was all very, very convincing. The performances, the illusion, that costume, the craftsmanship in that."
Talos to Soren[src]
Mysterio HD

Mysterio while battling against Molten Man

Together with his crew, Quentin Beck organized his campaign to stage the Elementals across the globe and become the Earth's newest superhero. As the rest of the crew was working on the illusions and special effects, Janice Lincoln created a physical replica of the holographic costume used by Beck in his plan. Using his Illusion Projectors, Beck created a holographic replica of the suit, while using the physical counterpart just for show.[1]


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