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"Somebody get this stupid costume off me!"

The Mysterio Suit is the deceptive costume worn by Quentin Beck during his illusions as Mysterio, as well as being featured heavily in the illusory battles against the Elementals.


"That was all very, very convincing. The performances, the illusion, that costume, the craftsmanship in that."
Talos to Soren[src]
Mysterio HD

Mysterio while battling against Molten Man

Quentin Beck, a former Stark Industries employee who had concocted an elaborate scheme to become Earth's newest superhero through elaborate holograms and special effects, created a physical replica of the holographic costume used in his plan. The outfit was simply for show, as Beck could not physically interact with people while using his "super powered" holograhic outfit. Beck himself considered the costume "stupid", but necessary to maintain the illusion he was presenting.

The costume was last seen being prepped for Beck to emerge victorious against the fictional final Elemental he would appear to defeat, although he was defeated by Spider-Man before his scheme could reach fruition, which resulted in Beck's accidental supposed death.


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