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"I would give my life for that man. And he knows that. So why? Why would a man that I would give my life for try to... try to take my life from me?"
"Maybe he was never who you thought he was."
"Or maybe I'm not. Because I just... I don't remember."
Billy Russo and Krista Dumont

My Brother's Keeper is the eighth episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


Painful memories take ahold of Russo. Frank's frustration frightens those closest to him. Madani receives a visitor bearing a warning.


Punisher vs Jigsaw 2x08.jpg

The Punisher and Curtis Hoyle engage in a firefight with the Jigsaw's Crew at the streets; suffering from the painful memories, Billy Russo attempts to kill his former friend. The arrival of the NYPD allows Castle to escape from Russo's gunfire, however, Brett Mahoney chases after him. Mahoney corners Castle at the alley and attempts to arrest him, but Hoyle helps Castle escape.

Russo and his crew escape from the police pursuit and Bobby questions his leadership, as they were not aware that the Punisher would show up. Russo suddenly kills Bobby and Anton Reed, who was going to take his cut of the money without Russo's approval.


After getting away from the police, Hoyle notes that the NYPD is now after him too, as he held Mahoney at the gunpoint, so Castle could escape. Although Castle tells him that he should have stay out of it, Hoyle says that he could not abandon his friend when he was in danger and had to intervene. Castle then tells Hoyle how he saw confusion at Russo's face when they had a confrontation, as he had no memories of what he did to him and thought Castle betrayed their friendship.

Russo returns to Krista Dumont, breaking down over the realizaion that Castle was the reason for the suffering he endured. Russo frantically wonders why his best friend was trying to kill him, while Dumont comforts him. Russo then gets himself together and realizes what he needs to do next.


Castle follows the NYPD who arrived at Russo's hideout to investigate and found Bobby and Reed's bodies. Castle tells Hoyle that Russo killed the hostage they have taken, unaware that Reed was an inside man, and Hoyle blames himsself as he had a shot at Russo but could not do it. Hoyle then tells Castle that what their war on Russo is wrong but Castle replies that they have no other options but to take him down. After returning to the campervan, Amy Bendix tries to practice a sneak attack on Castle but he lashes out on Bendix for her recklessness. Blaming himself and everyone else for lives Russo had taken, Castle goes after him and Hoyle accompanies him.


Mahoney visits Dinah Madani to talk about the robbery involving Russo and concludes that the Homeland Security does not want to officially involve with Russo and Castle. Madani tells Mahoney that Castle found out about the robbery and ignored her by going after Russo, so Madani tipped the NYPD about it. Madnai argues that Castle has a code and would never kill a police officer but Mahoney insists that Castle is a criminal and Madani should give him up to the police.

Russo and Dumont talk about Castle and Russo wonders if he was in the wrong but just could not remember what he did to make his best friend trying to kill him. Dumont argues that Castle might not be the person Russo thought he was, as he did all he could to make Russo suffer, instead of killing him when he had a chance. She then comforts Russo telling him that he must face the pain he endured to be reborn as a better person.

In an attempt to find Russo, Castle violently interrogates Jake Nelson, but he did not know about Russo's whereabouts. Hoyle stops Castle from beating Nelson, saying that he is acting just like Russo, which gets to him. Hoyle tends to Nelson's wounds, while Castle leaves, thinking about him and Russo and what kind of person he became while hunting for him.

BRusso forces KDumont to confront her fears.png

Russo confronts Dumont after realizing that she knew that Castle was responsible for his condition but chose to keep it a secret from him. Russo then has another breakdown, thinking that if he cannot trust Castle, he cannot trush anybody, including Dumont who kept him in the dark. Dumont tries to calm him but Russo starts wrecking her apartment and forces Dumont to face her fears by threatening to push her out of the window. Dumont suddenly confesses her love to Russo, saying all she wanted was to protect him and give him a chance to become a better person. She comforts Russo, saying that she would never betray him and will stand by his side to help him change.

Afterwards, Russo meets with his crew and gives them all the money they got from the robbery. He tells that they can take the money and leave, but offers them to become something more than they already are, using the money to build their own army and take on the city.


Hoyle returns to the campervan where Bendix nearly shoots him on accident, before asking where Castle was. They then talk about Castle, and Hoyle lashed out on her because he cares about Bendix and wants her safe, while also talking about Russo and what he meant to Castle. Suddenly, they are visisted by Madani who tells Bendix that she was approached by John Pilgrim who threatened Madani. She also informs Hoyle that the NYPD is after Castle and Hoyle and considers giving him and Russo to Mahoney, hoping NYPD would let it slide, but Hoyle is against giving Castle up.

Meanwhile, Castle visits the cemetery, sitting near the grave of his wife and stays there, while Madani, Hoyle and Bendix talk about how Castle changed their lives and they cannot go back to how it was before.


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I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself
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The White Stripes
  • Amy Bendix practices loading and pretending to fire a shotgun. Montage of Bendix trying to keep herself occupied.
Touching God Tyler Bates
The Woods The White Buffalo



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