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"Robert, slice his Achilles tendon! Disable him!"
"Are you insane?"
"You ain't slicing shit, motherf...!"
Victor Stein, Robert Minoru and Murray[src]

Murray is a hobo living in Los Angeles.


Failed Kidnapping

"We gotta hit him first so he doesn't wake up."
"The man's passed out! He's probably been passed out for days."
"He would shit his pants. I can't take that chance."
Victor Stein and Robert Minoru[src]

While he was sleeping, Murray was approached by Victor Stein and Robert Minoru, two members of PRIDE who wanted to kidnap him in order to sacrifice him. However, Murray woke up and heard them talking about taking him away. He punched Minoru and grabbed Stein, smothering him with his own weapon. However, two LAPD officers arrived and stopped the brawl.[1]