"This is crazy, sir. All respect, but what are we doing? A bunch of country cops? We're not equipped."
―Murphy to Roy Hardin[src]

Deputy Murphy is an officer of the Larkville Police Department.


New Prisoners

As Larkville Police Department was informed about the shootout at the Tides Motel, Ken Ogden with the other officers arrived to arrest Frank Castle, Marlena Olin and Amy Bendix. Roy Hardin ordered Murphy and Dobbs to enter their identities into the system. Once Castle finished and refused to explain his actions to Hardin, he was imprisoned at the cell.[1]

Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

"You need all the help you can get."
"Help? You're the cause of all this, you murdering bastard."
"You ever put a round in someone? You ever fire your weapon in the field, even? That's what I thought."
Frank Castle and Murphy[src]

Suddenly, Larkville County Sheriff Station was de-energized and all mobile and radio communications were jammed. Roy Hardin ordered Murphy and Dobbs to try to re-establish the communications, as Murphy asked Dobbs who did this. Dobbs answered that they turned away Ferrara who wanted to handle the prisoners without any extradition paperwork.


Murphy listens to orders from Roy Hardin

Later, Hardin brought Frank Castle to the office, demanding to explain everything that led in their current situation. He told them about the confrontations with Marlena Olin's Crew at Lola's Roadhouse and the Tides Motel, and they will not stop until everyone in the station will be dead. Hardin refused to let the convicts go and ordered Ogden to take a vehicle and drive outside of the station to contact the state police.

As Murphy, Hardin, and Dobbs were covering him, Ogden went outside of the station and took the vehicle. However, before Ogden could drive the vehicle out of the station, he was shot by John Pilgrim. Hardin brought him back to the station where his wound was treated by Murphy and Bendix. Castle asked Hardin to let him loose to deal with Pilgrim's mercenaries, however, Murphy was against that idea, noting that all of this was his fault. Replying, Castle suggested that Murphy never fired the weapon in the field.

As Hardin and Murphy attempted to barricade themselves, the station was attacked by Pilgrim's mercenaries, forcing police officers to fight back. They were saved by Castle who uncuffed himself and used the rifle to take down all hostiles. Knowing that mercenaries are going to blow down the station, Hardin proposed to turn Bendix and Castle to them what Murphy accepted, as Ogden was desperate for medical assistance. However, Ogden refused, claiming that he cannot let people die because of him and Larkville Police Department cannot do this either.

Convinced by Ogden's words, Castle and the rest of the police officers prepared for the next attack. Eventually, Castle left the station and eliminate the whole hostile squad alone. As soon as the Homeland Security arrived at the station, Ogden was taken by paramedics, while Murphy and Dobbs left to deal with the aftermath of the attack.[2]



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