"Sup' Murph."
Peter Parker to Murph[src]

Murph is a pet cat that is owned by Mr. Delmar in a deli-grocery store.


Owned by Delmar

Murph was adopted by Delmar who ran and operated a deli in Queens, where he lived and rested around the store. After a daily task of going to school, Peter Parker stopped off at Delmar's Deli-Grocery where he greeted the owner Delmar and bought himself a sandwich. After Delmar had threatened to overcharge Parker for the sandwich, he said hello to Murph, politely petting him.[1]

Robbery of the Queens Community Bank

SMH-Spidey Saves Murph

Murph and Delmar are saved by Spider-Man

Eventually, one night, Spider-Man spotted a small group of thieves attempting to rob an ATM. Building up confidence and determined to prove himself as a hero, Spider-Man went to confront them. Getting their attention, Spider-Man mocked the group for having disguised themselves with cheap Avengers masks. After Spider-Man soon subdued almost all of the robbers, one of the thugs used a highly advanced Anti-Gravity Gun made from Chitauri technology to even the odds, knocking back Spider-Man. The fight resulted in one of the weapons accidentally destroying the deli-grocery where Delmar was working. Spider-Man managed to rescue Delmar and Murph before the New York City Police Department and Damage Control to come in and deal with the robbers.[1]





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