"What if Pakistan marched into Mumbai tomorrow, and you knew that they were gonna drag your daughters into a soccer stadium for execution? And you could just stop it with a flick of a switch. Would you? Wouldn’t you all?"
Alexander Pierce to Singh[src]

Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is a city of India.


Ten Rings

Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes was assigned on several missions to battle different cells from the Ten Rings terrorist group.

As War Machine, Rhodes traveled to Mumbai, where he had to battle a group of heavily armed terrorists, having to lift his car through the air to protect civilians. Some of these civilians mistook Rhodes identity for that of Iron Man.[2]

Project Insight

Alexander Pierce used different examples to justify his actions regarding the approval of Project Insight for HYDRA in order to stop disorder, chaos and war all over the world. One of his examples was a potential invasion of the city of Mumbai in India by Pakistan, dragging hostages into a soccer stadium for public execution.

Pierce asked Councilman Singh of the World Security Council what would he do in a situation like that if some of the hostages were his own daughters, and he could put and to that situation just pressing a button. Pierce extended the question to the rest of the Council members, but Singh defiantly answered that he would not do it if it was Pierce's and HYDRA's button.[3]


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