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"Its look and design is modeled after the red-tailed hawk."
"A missile gun named after a predatory bird. Sounds painful."
Victor Stein and Robert Minoru[src]

The Multidirectional Tranquilizer Dart is a tranquilizer dart designed by Victor Stein.


"Victor. Robert. I ran out of darts."
"I knew you couldn't control yourself."
Tina Minoru and Victor Stein[src]

The Multidirectional Tranquilizer Darts were created by Victor Stein in an attempt to supply PRIDE with weapons directed against the Runaways to force them to come home. Stein designed the darts by taking inspiration from a bird of prey, the red-tailed hawk.[1] Once manufactured, the darts were put on trial by PRIDE on PRIDE employees Megan and Mary.[2]

The tranquilizer darts were then loaded on several PRIDE Drones to chase the Runaways in order to incapacitate them and bring them back home. However, despite Tina Minoru remotely controlling several drones at once to follow the teenagers, she failed to hit any one of them with the darts as she fired it too quickly without properly aiming and the Runaways were able to take cover. Stein then commented that he knew Minoru would not be able to control herself while chasing her daughter Nico.[3]


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