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"Have you ever felt like you were up against the world? Like you wanted something so bad, and then it actually happened, but in reality, it's just not as great as you imagined it."
―Kamala Khan to Muneeba Khan[src]

Kamala Khan is a mutant hybrid and a student at Coles Academic High School who is a super fan of the Avengers, particularly Captain Marvel. Possessing genetic powers linked to the Noor Dimension as a result of being a descendant of Aisha, she was able to harness her abilities when she wore a bangle of unknown origin, becoming a superhero in Jersey City dubbed Night Light by the public.

Khan was soon approached by Najma and her son Kamran, with Najma explaining that she and her team, the Clandestines, were exiled from the Noor Dimension alongside Aisha and that they wished to return home. However, the Clandestines quickly turned on Khan, forcing her to fight them while also attempting to avoid being captured by Damage Control. Khan traveled to Karachi, where she met Red Dagger and learned of the danger of the Clandestines' plans. Khan was then summoned through time to 1947 where she met a dying Aisha and fulfilled a predestination paradox by helping her younger grandmother Sana leave India, before being sent back to her present. Following her return, she managed to successfully convince Najma to seal a rift to the Noor Dimension that had opened as it would assimilate and destroy Earth, which resulted in Najma's death. Khan's identity as Night Light was then discovered by her mother, who revealed it to the rest of their immediate family.

Returning to Jersey City, Khan, with support from her family, friends and community, battled Damage Control and saved Kamran from being apprehended by them. Afterwards, Khan spoke with her father, who referred to her as their Ms. Marvel, prompting her to adopt it as her superhero name. She was also informed by Bruno Carrelli that she possessed mutant genetics. Shortly after, Khan's bangle caused her to abruptly switch places with Carol Danvers.


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Early Life

"Your mother and I tried for years to have a second child. We'd almost lost all hope. And then you came. Beta, you were just so perfect."
Yusuf Khan to Kamala Khan[src]

Kamala Khan was born to Muneeba and Yusuf Khan in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was raised in her family's house alongside her older brother Aamir Khan.[1]

High School Years


"Would it be super weird if we asked her for a ride to AvengerCon?"
"Why? Her mom used to drive us to school all the time."
―Kamala Khan and Nakia Bahadir[src]

Khan attended Coles Academic High School. There she met and became best friends with Nakia Bahadir. Sometimes they would both carpool to school with Zoe Zimmer, whose mother would drive them there.[3]

Falling Into the Hudson

"So the worst thing that could happen has happened."
"Is that code for "I fell into the Hudson for the third time"?"
"That's "Black Sloth Down." And I fell in once, okay?"
―Kamala Khan and Bruno Carrelli[src]

After becoming friends with Bruno Carrelli, Khan fell into the Hudson River twice. Due to this recurring event, they created a secret code in case it happened again: "Black Sloth Down".[3]

Fan of the Avengers

Khan working on her YouTube channel

"Maybe we'll learn something new at AvengerCon this weekend. I'm gonna be dressed as Captain Marvel. Obviously."
―Kamala Khan[src]

During her high school career, Khan became a super fan of the Avengers and especially of Captain Marvel. She decorated her room with pictures and artwork of Danvers and even made a Captain Marvel cosplay costume. In addition to that, she also drew a picture of Danvers' pet, Goose. With her vivid imagination and plenty of inspiration, she started a YouTube channel where she talked about the Avengers. She also listened to Scott Lang's podcast interviews where she learned about the Battle of Earth and created drawings of the heroes of the battle. These drawings included Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Black Panther, Okoye, and Rescue. She then used those drawings in a video she created about the event, highlighting Captain Marvel's role in it, noting how she had destroyed the Sanctuary II. Previously, she had made a video about Ant-Man and Wasp having a romantic getaway in Paris. As she began closing the video, she promised to make a two-part video series about Thor being a secret gamer. She then signed off by asking viewers to like the video, leave a comment, and subscribe to her channel.[3]

Driver's License Test

Khan feeling confident about herself

Khan went downstairs and was given advice by her father and brother in preparation for her driver's license test. Having practiced for the test previously with her mother, she felt confident in her ability to succeed.

Khan fails her driver's license test

Khan then left her house and met with her driver examiner in her parents' car. During the test, she checked her mirrors, turned the car on, and proceeded to hit the gas. However, she had forgotten to take the car out of reverse and drove right into the car behind her. She shrugged it off at first, thinking that nobody saw it, until her driver examiner informed her that the car she had run into was his.

Khan imagining Captain Marvel in the sky

Afterwards, her parents arrived and argued with the driver examiner about what had happened. They then took Khan to her school. On the way, Khan imagined Captain Marvel flying in the skyline above New York City.[3]

Guidance Counselor Meeting

Khan speaks with Bruno Carrelli

"Okay, Kamala, all I'm saying is right now, I see a girl divided. "Is she there or is she there? Where's Kamala?" Who knows? No one knows. I don't even know. I can't see. Where? And I know. I know fantasy's fun, fantasy's really fun. But right now, I need you to pull yourself together and join reality."
Gabe Wilson Jr. to Kamala Khan[src]

When she arrived at school, she went straight to her best friend, Bruno Carrelli. Carrelli told her that he had lost ten dollars because she failed, he then gave the money to Nakia Bahadir, who bet against her.

Khan bumps into Zoe Zimmer

While walking with Carrelli and Bahadir in the stairway, Khan bumped into Zoe Zimmer, who was passing by them. Khan told Zimmer that she liked her jacket and Zimmer replied by complimenting Khan's necklace. Khan told Zimmer that the necklace was her name in Arabic, however Zimmer looked disinterested and walked away soon after.

Khan meets with Gabe Wilson Jr.

Suddenly, Gabe Wilson Jr., her guidance counselor, called Khan to his office through the intercom. Wilson originally told her she was in trouble, but quickly said it was a joke. Upon arrival, he told Khan that she had been caught doodling all day and staring off into space. He told her that she needed to start thinking about her future like the SATs and college admissions.[3]

After School Activities

Khan hangs out with Bruno Carrelli

"Bruno, I still need to figure out my final flourish for my costume. Any ideas?"
―Kamala Khan to Bruno Carrelli[src]

After the school day ended, Khan rode her bicycle to Circle Q and met up with Bruno Carrelli. She got a slushy from the slushy machine and told him about her day. She stated that her mother thought she was a weirdo for fantasizing so much about superheroes, in which he agreed playfully.

Khan looks at her Captain Marvel costume

She was then shown her Captain Marvel cosplay costume that he had airbrushed. They then discussed attending the New Jersey AvengerCon and that she still needed to get approval from her parents in order to attend. They left the store and biked through the streets. As they did, Khan voiced her imaginations out loud about variants of Captain Marvel that could act as a "final flourish" for her costume, such as a steampunk Captain Marvel, a Captain Panther, an Iron Marvel, a Doctor Strange Captain Marvel coming out of an Inter-Dimensional Portal, a Valkyrie Captain Marvel on a Valkyrie Steed, a Captain Princess Marvel, and a zombie Captain Marvel.[3]

Shopping with her Mother

Khan looks at her grandmother's bangle

"She's going to help me with my errands. You know the ones for your wedding?"
"I am?"
Muneeba Khan and Kamala Khan[src]

When Khan returned home, she was met by her mother who put out a box full of junk from her grandmother. Khan looked through it and found a bangle, however, her mother quickly grabbed it from her and told her brother to put the box in the attic.

Khan shopping with her mother

Her mother then told Khan that she was going to help with errands for her brother's wedding. They left and went to various stores for the next few hours, greeting Najaf at his food truck. At Saeed Fashions, Khan was being tailored in a dress by Shakat and overheard her mother speaking with Ruby about Fatima who broke off her engagement and decided to travel through Europe. She observed how critical they were of that. She then voiced her opinion in approval of Fatima, after which Shakat stated that she was "trouble". Her mother and Ruby then agreed with Shakat that Khan was too short for the dress that she was wearing.

Khan speaks with Bruno Carrelli

When they returned home, Khan found Bruno Carrelli inside teaching her father how to use the Zuzu that he had created. When asked how the shopping went, she told him not to mention Belgium or any guy named Rob. As he left, her mother quickly gave him a bag of food to take home.[3]

New Jersey AvengerCon

Making a Plan

Khan asks to go to New Jersey AvengerCon

"If I can't leave the house to go to AvengerCon, I'll go to AvengerCon without leaving the house."
―Kamala Khan to Bruno Carrelli[src]

Khan then asked her mother and father if she could go to the New Jersey AvengerCon with Bruno Carrelli, but her mother had questions. She asked what she would dress up as and Khan told her: Captain Marvel. Her parents refused to let her go as they did not trust that she would be completely safe there and disapproved of Khan wearing a tight suit.

Khan speaks with her brother

Khan got mad at them, saying that the circumstances would be different if it was her brother asking and ran up to her room. Shortly after, her brother came by her room to check on her. Khan questioned why her parents were so strict on her noting that they weren't with him. Aamir told her that he would talk to them for her and left the room. Khan then went to bed, but not before turning on a circular glowing night light.

Khan puts on her Captain Marvel costume

The next morning, Khan put on her Captain Marvel cosplay costume and looked at herself in the mirror. Above the mirror, she had a picture of Captain Marvel and she mimicked the pose of Captain Marvel in that picture. However, she became dismayed upon noticing that the top did not completely cover her pelvic area. Khan attempted to remedy this by tying a sash around her hips, but was interrupted by her mother knocking on her door. Knowing that her mother would disapprove of her wearing her costume, she quickly put a robe on over it.

Khan talks with her mother

Her mother entered her room and told Khan that she and her father had talked with her brother and had decided to let her go to AvengerCon on some special conditions: her father would drive her, she would only be allowed to stay for two hours, and some would have to wear a specific costume. Her mother then revealed a homemade Hulk-inspired outfit. Suddenly, her father burst into the room in his own Hulk costume, wearing an all green suit and green face paint. When Khan got mad and told them it was humiliating, her mother walked out in disappointment. Her father then sadly told her she wasn't going and left.

Khan and Bruno Carrelli talking on a roof

That night, Khan met with Bruno Carrelli on a rooftop and talked to him about the argument. She remarked on how she never saw her father so disappointed before. Carrelli cheered her up by giving her the last part to her Captain Marvel cosplay: light up gloves that mimicked photon blasts. She then put them on and pretended to fight him with them.

Khan gets hit in the face during gym class

The next day at school, Khan got a basketball to the face during gym class from Zoe Zimmer, who insisted that it was an accident. This resulted in her having to sit out for the rest of the class with a nosebleed. That evening, she thought of a new plan on how to get to AvengerCon.

Khan explains her plan

The next day, Khan met with Carrelli and explained to him her new plan: she would create the best Captain Marvel costume ever and then sneak out of her house after dinner by jumping out the window, flipping off a tree branch, and landing on the ground in a superhero pose. Carrelli, in a Tony Stark cosplay costume, would then get her a bike and they would go to where the bus to Camp Lehigh makes one of its stops. They would jump off of the bridge and land on top of the bus as it drove by. They would then get on and everyone would stare at them in awe. At AvengerCon, Khan would win the Captain Marvel cosplay competition, become a star, and then sneak back into her bed just before her father opened her door to check on her.

Khan retrieves her grandmother's bangle

Carrelli told her that it didn't matter how they got there if she still hadn't finished her Captain Marvel costume. He reminded Khan that she needed to include something in her costume that represented her. Khan thought of the bangle that her grandmother had sent her family and sunk into the attic to get it. As she looked in the box, she found a Captain America drawing of hers. When she got the bangle, she smiled and quickly left the attic.[3]

Awakening her Powers

Khan ready to leave for AvengerCon

―Kamala Khan[src]

Khan's plan got off to a bad start when her father wouldn't stop talking during dinner. She saw Bruno Carrelli waving at her from the window and excused herself from the table. She went up to her room ten minutes later than planned. She then quickly got ready by putting on a shirt with the Avengers logo and jumped out the window, but the tree branch she grabbed onto broke and she fell to the ground. Carrelli helped her get up and told her that they missed the bus, but they could still make the next one. They biked to the bus stop and carried their bikes onto the bus. However, Khan's got stuck in the door and fell out. She pleaded for the bus driver to stop, but he refused and the bike was left behind.

When they arrived at Camp Lehigh, Khan rode on Carrelli's bike in the back, and the two arrived at the New Jersey AvengerCon. Upon entering, they saw a statue of Captain America was on display. Inside, they saw a mural of Black Widow and Iron Man honoring their sacrifice in bringing about the Blip and returning the world to normal. Khan then visited many exhibits and got popcorn from someone dressed as an ant.

Khan looks at the Captain Marvel statue

While Khan and Carrelli were walking around the convention, she got caught up looking at a Captain Marvel statue and Carrelli reminded her that the Captain Marvel cosplay competition was starting soon. They then noticed Zoe Zimmer entering the competition, greatly annoying Khan and Carrelli as Zimmer's costume was not accurate and she was not a fan of the Avengers. Khan went to the restroom to change into her costume. She was about to put on her helmet and the photon gloves that Carrelli made for her when she picked up her grandmother's bangle and prepared to put it on, but it didn't fit. Khan heard over the announcement system that the Captain Marvel cosplay competition was starting, so she rushed out of the restroom, but accidentally left behind her gloves.

Khan is transported to another dimension

Khan returned to Carrelli and then realized that the gloves were gone. She wanted to go back to get them, but Carrelli told her that she didn't have time. Khan then figured out how to open up her grandmother's bangle and put it on. Suddenly, she felt a surge of energy rush through her and was briefly transported into a purple tinted realm with mysterious people present.

Khan accidentally uses her powers

Confused, she then went on stage to show off her costume. However, as people in the crowds started taking pictures of her with the flash, she became blinded by the lights. As she tried to shield her eyes, she suddenly shot energy constructs out of her hand and into the crowd, with one of them hitting an Ant-Man statue. The crowd cheered for her, but the head of the Ant-Man statue fell off and rolled through the crowd, causing people to run away chaotically. The head eventually hit a wire and caused it to snap, which sent a gigantic Mjølnir prop swinging across the stage. Zimmer walked up to Khan and complimented her costume, but Khan saw the prop and told her to move. Suddenly, the Mjølnir prop hit Zimmer and carried her with it. Zimmer fell off of the prop, but Khan reached out her hand and an energy construct in the shape of a giant hand caught Zimmer before she hit the ground. Khan and Carrelli then fled the scene.

Khan is confronted by her mother

Khan and Carrelli returned to her house. Carrelli helped her sneak back in through her bedroom window even though they were both curious about her new powers. When Khan got into her room, her mother was waiting for her. She told Khan that she was disappointed in her and to stop fantasizing, focus on herself, and be the daughter she was raised to be.

Khan admires her new powers

Khan watched as her mother walked out of her room and then slumped onto her bed. She stared at her glowing hand and all she could say was that it was cosmic.[3]

Night Light of Jersey City

Training with Bruno

"Okay. Well, let's focus on what we know. Light comes out of you and it hardens."
"Let's call it "Hard Light"."
Bruno Carrelli and Kamala Khan[src]

Khan tests her powers

The next day at school, Khan bumped into Kamran and immediately developed a crush on him. Bruno Carrelli then approached her and asked her if she could show him her powers. Khan told him that she would in the theater after lunch. While eating lunch, she overheard Zoe Zimmer's story about being rescued by "Night Light" and her announcement that she was having a party. Khan initially did not want to attend Zimmer's party, but after she learned that Kamran would be there, she changed her mind. After school, Khan began seeing what she could do with her powers with Carrelli who discovered that her bangle activated powers that she already had. They also noticed that there was some kind of writing on the bangle.

Khan talks to Nakia Bahadir at the lecture

Khan later attended Sheikh Abdullah's lecture at the Islamic Masjid of Jersey City with Nakia Bahadir. When she learned that nominations were still open for the Mosque Board election, Khan told Bahadir that she should run. Bahadir eventually agreed, but told Khan that she would be her campaign manager.[2]

Zoe Zimmer's Party

"I know this is the worst possible time to ask but..."
"Kamala Khan. If you're gonna ask something about AvengerCon Two or..."
"No, no, no, no, no. No. Zoe's having some people over tonight. Bruno and Nakia will both be there. And I'll be home by 9:00. Please can I go?"
"Okay. But this time, you see that you come back through the door."
"Thank you."
―Kamala Khan and Muneeba Khan[src]

Khan is given Kamran's phone number

Khan returned home and apologized to her mother for sneaking out to the New Jersey AvengerCon. She then asked her if she could attend Zoe Zimmer's party. With approval, Khan arrived at the Zimmer Residence with her friends and introduced herself to Kamran after he dived into a pool off of a roof. Unexpectedly, the cops arrived and Kamran told Khan and her friends that he had a car and that they could come with him. In Kamran's car, Khan and he bonded over their shared interests. After being dropped off at Circle Q, Kamran gave Khan his number and told her to text or call him if she wanted a driving lesson.

Khan is visited by Nakia Bahadir in the toilet

That night, Khan fantasized about being with Kamran. The next day at school, some "hard light" unexpectedly formed over her nose causing her to run to the restroom with Nakia Bahadir worryingly following her. The two then had a conversation about how things change fast and Bahadir gave Khan some stuff for her driving lesson with Kamran.[2]

Time with Kamran

Khan is spoken to by Bruno Carrelli

Khan began approaching Kamran who waiting by his car until Bruno Carrelli arrived, wanting to proceed with her training and to tell her that he got into the early immersion program at Caltech. However, she told him that she couldn't train because of her driving lesson with Kamran. Khan then told Carrelli that her mother wanted to know if he would be coming to Eid with her family. After he told her that he would, she proceeded to her driving lesson.

Khan and Kamran hide from Aamir Khan

Khan and Kamran stopped at Bombay Spice after their driving lesson and talked movies and their families until Khan spotted her brother with his fiancée outside of the restaurant. When they entered the restaurant, Khan told Aamir that Kamran was their cousin. Aamir and Hillman then left and Kamran suggested to Khan that they should eat after the exhausting situation.[2]

Eid al-Adha

Khan sees a vision of a mysterious woman

"Hey, you're not gonna fall. Okay? Just calm down and think happy thoughts."
―Kamala Khan to Hameed[src]

During dinner with her family and Tyesha Hillman, Khan saw a strange vision that caused her to pass out. Afterwards, she called her grandmother to talk to her about her bangle. Khan's grandmother revealed to her that the bangle belonged to Khan's great-grandmother Aisha before hanging up. The next day, after failing to get answers from her grandmother, Khan asked her mother about Aisha. However, her mother told her to forget about Aisha. At an Eid festival, Khan agreed to help Nakia Bahadir with her campaign to become a member of the Mosque Board and decided to talk to the "Illumin-Aunties" about Bahadir's campaign, wanting to talk to them about Aisha anyway. While talking with the the "Illumin-Aunties", she heard a child scream and saw him hanging off the ledge of the Islamic Masjid of Jersey City's minaret. Khan decided to try to save the child and after putting on her Captain Marvel cosplay costume, she used her powers to make her way towards him. Just as the child fell from the the minaret, she managed to save him by creating a "hard light" energy construct platform that he landed on. However, just as Khan was about to help the child down from the platform, she saw a vision of a mysterious woman which caused her to nearly drop the child to his death by accident. She then fled the scene.[2]

Ambushed by Damage Control

Khan meets Kamran's mother Najma

"Kamala. I've been waiting a very long time to meet you."
Najma to Kamala Khan[src]

After fleeing from the Islamic Masjid of Jersey City, Khan was discovered in an alley by a Stark Industries Combat Drone. Running away from the drone, she used a "hard light" energy construct fist to destroy another drone coming towards her before realizing that the alley was blocked by Damage Control agents. Khan attempted to use her "hard light" energy construct platforms to escape from the agents, but one of the agents destroyed them with a Stark Sonic Cannon which caused her to land on top of one of the Damage Control vehicles. She used her powers to destroy another drone before falling off of the vehicle and injuring herself. Kamran then drove up and Khan got into his car to escape. In Kamran's car, he introduced her to his mother Najma.[2]

Familial History

Meeting the Clandestines

After arriving at Aadam's house, Khan met the Clandestines. When Khan asked Najma how the Clandestines knew Aisha, she revealed that all of them were originally from another dimension, but they were exiled to Earth. Khan and Najma then went to another room of the house in order to continue their conversation. Khan thanked Najma for saving her and Najma told her that the least the Clandestines could do was protect Aisha's family, but that they didn't know she had any until Khan put on her bangle and they sensed the presence of Noor. Najma explained that there was Noor within the Clandestines as well and that it slowed down their aging, but they couldn't access its full potential while on Earth. Najma then suggested to Khan that maybe she can because she was born on Earth and that she must fulfill Aisha's wish to bring all of the Clandestines home. Khan asked Najma where exactly their home was and what they were. Najma told her that in their home dimension, the Noor dimension, they were known as the Clandestines, but on Earth they are most commonly known as Djinn.[7]

Aamir and Tyesha's Wedding

To be added.[7]

Visit to Pakistan

Reunion with Relatives

To be added.[8]

Meeting Red Dagger

To be added.[8]

Skirmish with the Clandestines

To be added.[8]

Time Traveling to 1947

Fulfilling her Destiny

To be added.[8][9]

Return to the Present

To be added.[9]

Embracing her Powers

Return to Jersey City

To be added.[1]

Battle at Coles Academic High School

To be added.[1]

The Hero of Jersey City

To be added.[1]


"Maybe I spend too much time with fan art, and costumes and with my head stuck in fantasy land."
―Kamala Khan[src]

Kamala Khan is a massive fan of superheroes, particularly Captain Marvel. She devotes most of her time to studying and thinking about superheroes often to the detriment of her academics and social life. Due to her overactive imagination, Khan is rather absent-minded and prone to daydreaming which in turn causes her to lose focus quite easily and mess up whatever she's doing at the moment such as her driver's license test and a science experiment at school. Khan's tendency to get distracted and her obsession with superheroes gained her a reputation of being a weirdo by others at her school. However, this only increased her obsession with superheroes and dreams of becoming one as she imagined the supposedly idyllic life of having powers and fame to be simpler and more desirable than navigating high school, relationships, family drama, culture, and religion.

Khan has a complicated relationship with her family. She loves her mother and father and follows the traditions established by her culture and religion, but she also feels intimidated by them, particularly her mother, over their disapproval of her interests as well as their overly traditionalist ways which Khan feels like keep her from being allowed to be a "normal" teenager. Khan developed a interest in her great-grandmother upon learning about her disappearance and ownership of a bangle.

During a moment of disobedience, Khan stole a bangle belonging to her grandmother to use as a part of her Captain Marvel cosplay costume and snuck out of her house in order to attend AvengerCon. When the bangle granted her superpowers, Khan was initially confused and struggled to comprehend her new powers. However, she soon became thrilled at the idea that she now had powers and could become a superhero. Khan was very eager to practice using her powers and discover more about them.

Khan initially wanted to tell others about her powers believing it would make her popular after learning how popular Zoe Zimmer became after Khan saved her. However, she was quickly persuaded by Bruno Carrelli to keep her identity a secret. During her first public appearance as "Night Light", Khan was able to save a child from falling off of a building by keeping the situation under control and using her powers in clever ways.

It did not take long before Khan learned of the hardships of superhero activity when a vision caused her to nearly drop the child to his death by accident and she was ambushed by Damage Control immediately afterwards. Khan soon realized that her activities as a superhero and her frequent mistakes were causing trouble for others, making her doubt if the superhero life really was as ideal as she had imagined. As Khan got further involved in a conflict with the Clandestines and her life was threatened, her daydreaming became less frequent.

Powers and Abilities


"So it looks like your power isn't coming from the bangle. It's coming from within you. Like the bangle unlocked the superhuman part of you."
Bruno Carrelli to Kamala Khan[src]
  • Hybrid Physiology: As a hybrid, Khan is able to access the full potential of the Noor Dimension.
    • Light Manipulation: Khan was born with the ability to manipulate extra-dimensional energy from the Noor Dimension. She manipulates this energy primarily in the form of creating solid energy constructs. Just by holding her great-grandmother's bangle, Khan was able to subconsciously manipulate energy around her which caused some lights in her attic to flicker.
      • Energy Constructs:

        Khan creating constructs with "hard light"

        Khan is able to draw energy from the Noor Dimension which she solidifies into purple colored crystalline looking constructs. These "hard light" energy constructs that she creates have mass and weight, but they can be shattered through means such as sheer force or by a Stark Sonic Cannon and Khan seems to require a great level of concentration in order to successfully maintain the constructs without them dissipating. Although the first energy constructs that she involuntarily created were shapeless blobs that were throw around, Khan quickly figured how to create constructs with more tangible shapes. Her most frequent energy constructs include floating platforms which she uses to walk in the air and extensions of her arms and legs which she first used to save Zoe Zimmer from a fall. Khan can also construct shields to protect herself. She first used these shields when the Clandestines attacked her. During a battle with Damage Control, Khan was able to create a create "hard light" energy construct dome around herself and Kamran to prevent him from hurting anyone.
        • Elasticity: Khan is able to stretch and manipulate her physical body in ways distinct from her "hard light" energy constructs, learning how to do so during the battle at Coles Academic High School.
          • Superhuman Strength:

            Khan holding a Humvee with "hard light"

            While Khan does not normally possess superhuman strength, she can can grant herself strength far greater than any normal human by creating a "hard light" energy construct in a shape of a giant fist. However, she initially struggled with the weight of her fist when she first showed her powers to Bruno Carrelli due to her inexperience. Khan was later able use an energy construct fist to destroy a Stark Industries Combat Drone with a single punch. She is also capable of sending fully grown people flying through the air with a punch from one of her fists and is capable of creating "hard light" extensions of her legs which she uses to increase the strength of her kicks. After fully embracing her powers, Khan was able to destroy a Humvee with her giant energy construct fists during a battle with Damage Control, generating a shock wave that was strong enough to send two nearby cars flying away. In that same battle, she was able to catch another Humvee that was flung into air before it flew into the nearby crowd.
          • Size Manipulation: In a process Khan dubbed as "embiggening", she can completely cover most of her body in a "hard light" armor that can also increase the size of certain parts of her body beyond her regular use of "hard light" extensions.
        • Superhuman Durability: While Khan does not normally possess superhuman durability, she can can grant herself durability far greater than any normal human by creating slim "hard light" energy construct shields around parts of body. She used these shields to avoid being seriously injured when she was hit through a wall and to fully absorb the impact of and catch a dagger thrown at her. During a battle with Damage Control, Khan learned how to completely cover most of her body in a "hard light" armor, making herself bulletproof.
        • Platform Creation:

          Khan creating platforms with "hard light"

          Khan can create "hard light" energy construct platforms under her feet that hover in place allowing her to walk in the air. She first used these platforms unconsciously to help herself up to the window of her room from her porch. Khan gained more control over her energy construct platforms after her training with Bruno Carrelli, managing to conjure platforms much more accurately and ones that lasted longer than before. She later used these platforms to save a child who was falling from a great height and to escape from the Damage Control agents who were attempting to apprehend her.
          • Enhanced Agility: While Khan does not normally possess enhanced agility, she can can grant herself agility far greater than any normal human by creating "hard light" energy construct platforms. She uses these platforms to dodge her opponents' attacks by performing jumps and flips.
"Kamala, there's something different in your genes. Like... Like a mutation."
Bruno Carrelli to Kamala Khan[src]
  • Mutant Physiology: In addition to her genetics that are connected to the Noor Dimension, Khan also has a mutation in her genes.
  • Bangle Capabilities: In addition to her powers that are connected to the Noor Dimension, Khan also gained some powers when wore her great-grandmother's bangle.
    • Clairvoyance:

      Khan experiencing a vision

      Upon wearing the bangle for the first time, Khan was momentary transported into the Noor Dimension with mysterious people present. From that point onwards, the bangle would sometimes show Khan strange visions when it activated on its own, often involving Najma and on one occasion a train from the Partition.


"Nice one."
Red Dagger to Kamala Khan[src]
  • Combatant:

    Khan fighting against Najma

    Khan initially did not possess any notable combatant skills. However, she makes up for her lack of combat training through clever use of her "hard light" energy constructs and her ingenuity. Khan often tries to avoid confrontation, opting to run away from aggressors using her "hard light" energy constructs to flee and defend herself. When forced into combat, she primarily relies on using "hard light" extensions of her arms to quickly punch enemies at various distances.
  • Marksman: Khan was able to shoot "hard light" energy construct platforms accurately to save a child who was falling from a great height.
  • Acrobat:

    Khan flipping over Aadam

    Khan's use of "hard light" energy construct platforms allow her to dodge attacks and weapons with ease as well as grant her additional mobility in the air. Khan can also create "hard light" extensions of her legs to jump large distances. Later, Khan learned to use her energy construct platforms to quickly move throughout Jersey City.
"That's the plan. Got it?"
―Kamala Khan to Bruno Carrelli[src]
  • Expert Tactician: After Khan's parents told her she couldn't go to AvengerCon, she came up with a detailed plan to attend the convention without them realizing. Later, she developed a similarly detailed plan to prevent Damage Control from apprehending Kamran with the help of her friends and her brother.



  • Captain Marvel Cosplay: Khan created a Captain Marvel cosplay costume for the Captain Marvel cosplay competition at the New Jersey AvengerCon. After she saved Zoe Zimmer while in her cosplay costume, Khan continued to use it as her unofficial superhero uniform when she was dubbed "Night Light" by the public.
"Nice stitching. Made in Pakistan?"
Nakia Bahadir to Kamala Khan[src]
  • Ms. Marvel's Uniform: After Khan's identity as Night Light was discovered by Muneeba Khan and they returned home from Pakistan, Muneeba gifted her a home-made superhero costume. The costume was themed after and comprised of the multiple things that had been gifted to Khan since she had discovered her powers; those things being the the mask that Bruno Carrelli had made for her, the blue vest that she received from Waleed, the red scarf that Red Dagger gave her, and a broken piece of her necklace that inspired the prominent yellow lightning bolt symbol featured on the costume.

Other Equipment

  • Bangle: A mysterious bangle of unknown origin that once belonged to Khan's great-grandmother. After receiving the bangle as part of a gift from her grandmother, Khan stole it to use as a part of her Captain Marvel cosplay costume. When she first wore the bangle, Khan believed that it gave her powers. However, Bruno Carrelli discovered that the bangle didn't actually give Khan any powers, but instead activated dormant powers that she already had. Najma later explained that the bangle allowed Khan to access power from the Noor Dimension, which is only possible because she is a hybrid. In 1947, Aisha was able to use the bangle to summon Khan through time so that she could help her younger grandmother leave India and then return Khan to the present afterwards. Later, the bangle caused Khan to abruptly switch places with Carol Danvers.







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  • In the comics, Kamala Khan is an Inhuman who gained polymorphic powers after being exposed to Terrigen Mist. A superhero fan, Khan chose to use her newfound abilities for good, eventually adopting the alias of Ms. Marvel from her hero, Carol Danvers.

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