"My mom's real sentimental about granddad's Howling Commando stuff."
Antoine Triplett[src]

Mrs. Triplett is the mother of Antoine Triplett and the daughter of a Howling Commando.


Early Life

Mrs. Triplett was born to one of the Howling Commandos. She inherited from her father his Howling Commando Gear and became protective of it.

Mrs. Triplett eventually married a man with the surname "Triplett" and birthed a son named Antoine.[1]

Howling Commando Gear

Mrs. Triplett received a visit from her son, Antoine Triplett when he needed to use the Howling Commando Gear that she had been holding. She was very protective of the items, but when her son revealed that he needed to stop HYDRA, she released them to him. [1]

Losing a Son

Phil Coulson visited Mrs. Triplett following the death of her son, returning Antoine's personal belongings and the Howling Commando Gear. Upon seeing Coulson with the briefcase, she realized her son had died, and burst in tears due to the sorrow of losing her son, with Coulson warmly hugging her in an attempt to comfort her.[2]






  • Mrs. Triplett is the daughter of one of the Howling Commandos, and she keeps a picture of the team in her living room.


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