"I just want to say I'm sorry about your loss. I want to know what you think happened."
"Look, I brought your damn file. You take it, go. Whatever was in here, he wanted no part of it."
Tony Stark and Mrs. Davis[src]

Mrs. Davis is the mother of Chad Davis.


Since the death of her son, Chad Davis, from an apparent suicide bombing, Mrs. Davis would routinely attend Walker's bar in Rose Hill. One night around Christmas, she was contacted by Ellen Brandt, who demanded a meeting with her in the bar for Davis to hand over an A.I.M. file that her son acquired while in the Extremis program. Instead, Davis was approached by Tony Stark, who was investigating the bombing in Rose Hill, and she gave him the file. During their conversation however, Stark was attacked by Brandt, during which he signaled Davis to hide the file before escaping from the bar.[1]






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