"Another 20 minutes, Mount Zion Cemetery. Hurry up, Lieberman."
Frank Castle to Micro[src]

The Mount Zion Cemetery is a Jewish cemetery located in the Maspeth neighborhood of Queens.


Following the presumable death of David Lieberman, his family put up a stone for him at the Mount Zion Cemetery, despite that his body was not found.

During the chase for Lieberman, Frank Castle ordered him to drive to the cemetery. Lieberman did what Castle said and arrived to the location where he found his grave. Then he waited for Castle but was met by Curtis Hoyle. Hoyle told him that Castle has rethought the entire situation and does not want to meet. Furthermore, if Lieberman tries to contact him again, then Castle will visit his wife again. Lieberman than returned in the car and drove to hideout without knowing that Castle hid in his trunk.[1]


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