"My grandfather built that sign. He founded this church after he came home from World War II."
Luke Cage to Claire Temple[src]

The Mount Calvary Baptist Church is a church in Savannah, Georgia.


Mount Olivet Calvary Church was founded by Luke Cage's grandfather, a Tuskegee Airman when he returned to Savannah, Georgia after the end of World War II. Later, his son James Lucas became a pastor of the church.

Little Carl

One day, Lucas' secretary Dana Stryker was confronted by his wife Etta. She threatened to stop funding all of her son Willis' education at Lieber Academy if Dana did not stay silent. Lucas' son Carl heard all of this.

In 2015, Luke Cage and Claire Temple stopped at church. As they moved inside, Temple asked what happened and why there seemed to be nobody left inside the church, to which Cage claimed he did not know as they stepped inside to take a better look, finding that the church was now abandoned and covered on the inside with graffiti. As he overlooked the damaged church, Cage recalled his years as a child where he had been overhearing several conversations with his own father and mother about caring for his son, which in turn helped him to come to the realization that Willis Stryker is his brother.[1]


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