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"My only quibble is, why you would name this place Mother's Touch?"
"There are studies that show mothers have healing effects on their sick children. When they care."
Mariah Dillard and Tilda Johnson[src]

Mother's Touch is the holistic medicine shop in Harlem owned by Tilda Johnson.


Holistic Medicine

"I'm waiting on the "you've thrown your life away, Tilda" speech. Telling me I wasted $200,000 on medical school, wasted my time and my talent, only to end up working in a shop peddling snake oil."
"It's anthroposophic medicine. An approach designed to stimulate a patient's power of self-healing. I think it suits you."
Tilda Johnson and Mariah Dillard[src]

Earning her physician credentials in her earlier years, Tilda Johnson decided that the best way to help people as a doctor was to have a more herbal, remedial approach to it and set up a shop named Mother's Touch in Harlem.

In her shop, Johnson sold healing herbs to an old woman with a headache, refusing to take any payments because the two previous did not help. Grateful, she promised to tell everyone about Johnson's store before leaving. Shortly after, Johnson was visited by her mother, Mariah Dillard, much to Johnson's annoyance. She waited for Dillard's notations about meaningless of her work, however, Dillard expressed his knowledge about anthroposophic medicine.

Johnson asked Dillard why she came to her shop and Dillard replied that she wanted to make things right with her. Johnson remained skeptical, knowing about Dillard's nature and asked her to leave. Before leaving, Dillard said her daughter that she loves her and said to see her if Johnson changes her mind.[1]

Special Customer

"I need more Nightshade."
"The more you use, the more it hurts. Nightshade works like a steroid, you know? I know a place in Harlem."
Bushmaster and Anansi[src]

John McIver went over to Mother's Touch where he was greeted by Tilda Johnson, who asked him what he needed. McIver gave her the list of ingredients and Johnson looked suspicious at the list, noting that McIver wanted the herbs intended to use for Obeah. McIver insisted to give him what he wants as fast as possible without any questions. Johnson reluctantly gave him the herbs he wanted. McIver handsomely paid Johnson, thanking her and saying his farewell.[1] Johnson decided to learn more about the herbs that McIver purchased and checked some old books about Jamaican holistic medicine. Much to her surprise, Johnson realized that McIver purchased ingredients of the Nightshade.

Tilda Johnson meets Luke Cage in her shop

Mother's Touch was visited by Luke Cage who found McIver's herbs bags in the Yardies' Hideout. Cage asked her about her previous customers but Johnson replied that she is selling a lot of medicine to many people and cannot remember every single of them. As they talked about the nature of Cage's powers, Johnson noticed that Cage had a concussion from his fight with McIver and gave him medicine to heal him. Cage then thanked Johnson for her help and left the shop.[2]

Skirmish at Mother's Touch

"How did you get in here?"
"I'm your mama. There is not a door you have that I cannot unlock."
Mariah Dillard and Tilda Johnson[src]
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Fearing that the Stylers was going after her, Tilda Johnson returned to Mother's Touch to pack her things and several herbs and leave New York City. At her shop, she met with Mariah Dillard who said that she lost everything she had, except Johnson. Johnson was skeptical about Dillard's words, pointing that she cannot stay with a mother who is lying to everyone and even tossed her away once she was born. However, Dillard disagreed, saying that Mama Mabel took Johnson away from Dillard, against her will and left her under Mamie Johnson's care.

Misty Knight fights against the Stylers

At the shop, Johnson told Dillard about the Nightshade and said that he needs to do some research to understand the nature of this plant and realize how to counter Bushmaster's powers. Moments later, Misty Knight and Nandi Tyler broke into the shop, much to Dillard's annoyance, but said her to cover. Stylers then assaulted the shop in an attempt to kill them while Knight and Tyler fought back.

While Knight managed to knock down one of them, remained Stylers were defeated by Luke Cage. Outside of the shop, they were joined by James Lucas who also was the Stylers' target. Knowing that the 29th Precinct Police Station is not a safe place to hide, Cage decided to contact Danny Rand and ask him for help.[3]

Later, McIver arrived at the shop to see the aftermath of the confrontation with Cage. McIver then attempted to find any remnants of the Nightshade in the shop but found out that Johnson took everything. Enraged, McIver informed Sheldon that he put out a reward for both Johnson and Dillard, saying that he needs them alive.

After the arrest of McIver, Johnson returned to the shop, being upset about the chaos inside. To her surprise, Johnson met Sheldon inside the shop who said that McIver needs her. Johnson attempted to refuse, saying that she has not enough Nightshade to heal him. However, Sheldon ultimately stated that if McIver dies, Johnson will die too. McIver then begged Johnson for help and she agreed, figuring that she did not have much of an option. They then left the shop to find any safe place to heal McIver.[4]

Examining the Aftermath

Luke Cage and Danny Rand inside Mother's Touch

"This place kinda reminds me of an old apothecary back in K'un-Lun."
Danny Rand to Luke Cage[src]
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Searching for Bushmaster who escaped from police custody, Luke Cage and Danny Rand went to Mother's Touch only to find it wrecked and empty. Having a look on chaos made by the Stylers, Rand admitted why Cage asked for shelter. Examining the place, Cage found a piece of McIver's clothes on the floor, realizing that he was there. Cage then explained Rand about the Nightshade, the source of McIver's powers that Johnson sold to him.

Rand then expressed his feelings that Mother's Touch reminded him of an old apothecary in K'un-Lun owned by Ming. Looking over to a poster which reminded him of the teaches of self-balance from the mind of the person, Rand theorized that since McIver's powers come from Nightshade, he must be addicted to it. They concluded that he must have sought for a way to keep growing more nightshades in order to maintain his powers and addiction. They both headed to Harlem's Paradise to search for Tilda Johnson's whereabouts.[5]

Shelter for McIver

"Detective, you wanna walk around and snoop around my shop, you're gonna need a warrant for that. I know my rights."
"You see, now, right there you sounded just like your mama."
Tilda Johnson and Misty Knight[src]
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After the failed attempt to kill Mariah Dillard, Tilda Johnson hid Bushmaster, Sheldon, and Ingrid Mackintosh inside Mother's Touch. While working she was visited by Misty Knight who searched for McIver. Looking over the place, Knight said Johnson that McIver could not recover and infiltrate into Harlem's Paradise by himself, saying that Johnson could help him. However, Johnson disagreed, noting that McIver is a criminal, as well as her mother and she did not know about McIver's whereabouts.

While Knight attempted to find any clue in her shop, Johnson quickly reminded her that she needs a warrant if she wants to walk around her shop. Knight noted that she sounded just like her mother and before leaving said Johnson to stop of anything she planning. Once Knight left the shop, Johnson informed Sheldon and gave some medicine for McIver who was heavily injured by Luke Cage. Due to his failure, McIver said Johnson that the only way to stop the evil in Harlem is killing Dillard.

Once McIver returned to Jamaica, Alex Wesley arrived at the shop, saying that all members of the Stokes Crime Family are dying because of Dillard's order. Knowing that he is next, Wesley asked Johnson to convince her mother that he is not a traitor. However, Johnson said that he cannot help him and asked Wesley to leave or she will call the police.

Understanding the danger that her mother appears to innocent people, Johnson created the poison Beso de la Araña before visiting Dillard in Ryker's Island where she used poison to kill Dillard.[6]


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