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"All right, so I escorted a resupply line to you guys in Mosul a couple of times. We could have been there at the same time."
Lewis Wilson[src]

Mosul is a city located in Iraq.


During his military service, Lewis Wilson was stationed in Mosul. He was tasked to escort a military resupply line to United States Army bases.[1]

At one of United States Navy missions in Mosul, Louden Swift lost his arm. He then was recruited by Roxxon Corporation which gave him prosthetic hand.[2]

In 2015, Mosul was raided by an extremist faction, and the Central Museum was taken over by the extremists. Many artifacts, including an ancient scroll connected with one of the Monolith first site, were trasfered to Tangier, Morocco, in the hand of Yusef Hadad. [3]


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