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"You Special Forces types always pissed me off. Superior sons of bitches, swanning around like your shit doesn't stink."
―Morty Bennett to Billy Russo[src]

Colonel Morty Bennett was a high-ranked United States Army officer and a key member of the Cerberus Squad. When Bennett became a target of the Punisher, he attempted to go into hiding, only to then be betrayed by William Rawlins and murdered by Billy Russo.


Military Career

Operation Cerberus

"They had that boy opened up. They was putting bags of drugs into his body. Like he was nothing. Like, just an empty carcass. Him and all the rest of them in there."
"Who was it, Gunner? Who was in the room?"
"It was the Colonel, Bennett the one who run the mortuary. Him and Orange. I didn't know who was in on it, who I could trust."
Gunner Henderson and Frank Castle[src]

Bennett is put in the command of Fort Bryon

While serving in Afghanistan, Morty Bennett joined forces with Ray Schoonover and William Rawlins to begin funding an illegal assassination program by the name of Operation Cerberus. Without funding from United States Congress, Bennett and the others began funding their operation themselves through the illegal sale of heroin from Afghanistan, using the corpses of the dead soldiers and Afghans to fill with the illegal drugs and send them overseas and keeping Cerberus Squad in the dark.

One day, when filling up the corpse of a nineteen year old Afghan boy, both Bennett and Rawlins were discovered by Gunner Henderson, who was ordered into silence about what he witnessed.[2]

Punisher's Target

Infiltration into Fort Bryon

Bennett eating his dinner with his Mistress

"Please don't kill me! They made me do those things! Don't kill me."
"You make a sound, I open your head up all over this floor."
―Morty Bennett and Punisher[src]

During one night, Bennett sat down for a candlelight dinner with his Mistress where Bennett poured his mistress a glass of wine before complaining about what his life was like living with United States Army soldiers who he did not respect. Interrupting him, Bennett's mistress poured her glass of wine onto the floor before claiming that it was Bennett himself who had made the mess. Seeing this, Bennett got onto his hands and knees and licked the wine off the floor.

Bennett is repeatedly spanked by his Mistress

Bennett and his mistress continued to engage in their erotic role-play, with Bennett being given a ball gag and being whipped repeatedly on the backside while his mistress demanded that he not made any noise, whipping him harder whenever he made a moan. As their evening wore on, Bennett gave his mistress permission to place electrical devices onto his testicles before they were suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the Punisher who was shocked to see Bennett in that situation, while Bennett's mistress yelled out that he was there before running away and leaving Bennett behind.

Bennett's life is threatened by Frank Castle

Upon Castle's arrival, Bennett tried to use his gun but was quickly disarmed and knocked against the wall by Castle who proceeded to hit him repeatedly before drawing a gun and aiming it at Bennett's face. Terrified for his life, Bennett desperately begged Castle not to kill him, claiming that William Rawlins and Ray Schoonover were the ones who had forced him to commit all the crimes against Castle. However, Castle became distracted by the talk on his radio and filled the room with smoke, telling Bennett not to make a sound or he would kill him, as Bennett nervously put his ball gag back in his mouth.

Bennett still attempting to remain out of sight

Bennett watched from the corner in utter terror as the room was filled with smoke, causing Castle to vanish into the darkness as a team of Anvil agents stormed into the room with laser-pointed rifles. As Bennett remained as quiet as possible, he watched as the agents silently searched for their target before being taken out one by one by Castle, who chose not to kill any of them. One of the agents found and aimed their rifle at Bennett by mistake, only for Castle to appear from the darkness and knock the man out by hitting him with Bennett's sculptures much to Bennett's relief.

Bennett being rescued by Anvil agents

Eventually, Castle took out the final agent, non-lethally shooting him in his Bulletproof Vest before Castle made a desperate escape from Fort Bryon by leaping out of the window while the final agent continued shooting at him. As the smoke left the room and the agents got back onto their feet, the lead agent revealed himself to be Billy Russo much to Bennett's surprise, as Russo ordered him to tell the soldiers at the base that this had all been a training exercise before telling Bennett to follow him to a safe house, with Bennett coming to believe that Rawlins was behind the entire situation.[3]

Betrayed by William Rawlins

Bennett expresses his anger at the situation

"I told him to kiss my ass. He didn't get shit from me. You think that if I'd told him what he wanted, that I would be alive when you came through the door?"
"See, Billy? I told you we didn't have to worry about Morty."
"Damn right, you don't have to worry about Morty. But what are we gonna do now?"
―Morty Bennett to William Rawlins[src]

Following the rescue, Bennett followed Billy Russo's instructions, in which he was brought to William Rawlins to his country house where Bennett immediately confronted the pair as he believed they had known the entire time that the Punisher would soon be coming after him. Rawlins claimed that this was not the case as they had come when they had learned Castle was targeting Bennett while Bennett still complained about the amount of damage that the entire disastrous situation had caused for him.

Bennett accuses William Rawlins of deception

Bennett confirmed what he had said at Fort Bryon following the ambush, noting that all of the soldiers were confronted over allowing Castle to escape, although Bennett expressed his relief that Castle was not actually caught as he could have exposed them. While Rawlins continued to insist that they had only acted when they learned of Castle's plans, Bennett noted that this must have been a lie as Russo's Anvil agents were already there and his Mistress had alerted them when Castle arrived, although Russo noted that without them Castle would have been able to capture and torture Bennett.

Bennett agrees to disappear from the country

Bennett confronted Russo for insulting him before confirming that Castle had not taken anything and that he had not given him any information on Operation Cerberus as he had wanted. The trio then discussed what was disclosed and relocating Bennett with a new identity and a safe house to keep him away from Castle's sights. Although Bennett acknowledged that Rawlins had clearly set him up, he agreed to begin the new identity using all of the money Rawlins had made for him and begin a new life, safe from Castle's rage, with Russo agreeing to handle the details to ensure Bennett's safety.[3]

Murdered by Billy Russo

Bennett and Billy Russo arriving at the motel

"You all better come up with the goods fast, or I'm gonna die from looking at this wallpaper."
"We all gotta die somehow, right?"
"Yeah. Good thing self-importance isn't fatal, huh, Russo?"
―Morty Bennett and Billy Russo[src]

Having left all of his personal possessions and his phone behind, Bennett followed Billy Russo to the cheap motel where Bennett immediately began complaining as he disliked the look of the building, despite Russo noting that it would only be a temporary stay for him and he would be safe there. When Bennett entered the room, his complaining became even worse as he expressed his disgust at the wallpaper and demanded that Russo sort out his escape quickly so that he would not have to remain in the room.

Bennett finding the corpse of his mistress

As Bennett joked about how self-important Russo was, he discussed how he did not as Russo as the Special Forces soldiers had always annoyed he as he felt they acted superior around everybody else. As Bennett continued exploring the room, he came across something hidden under the bedsheets, only to discover when he pulled the sheet back, his Mistress lying dead on the bed with her throat slit. As Bennett recoiled in horror, he then turned around to Russo who was calmly getting up and walking towards him as the desperate Bennett tried to take back all of the insults had given Russo.

Bennett is betrayed and killed by Billy Russo

Russo, however, ignored all Bennett's pleas and managed to disarm Bennett when he tried to draw his gun, before plunging his hidden blade into Bennett's gut, fatally wounding him. With Russo following the orders of William Rawlins, he cleaned his blade and watched as Bennett desperately tried to crawl to safety, with Russo calmly telling Bennett that he had never liked him much either. Despite attempting to get away from his attacker and failing to get to the phone to call for help, Bennett had eventually lost too much blood and died on the floor, with Russo leaving his bloodied corpse behind.[3]


"Morty has the instincts of a rat and the courage of a rabbit. We tell him Castle is still living, one of two things happen. He runs or he talks."
William Rawlins to Billy Russo[src]
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  • SIG-Sauer P232: Bennett carried a concealed handgun for his own protection following an attack by Frank Castle. However, once he was aware that Billy Russo had double-crossed him, he tried to grab and shoot, but Russo stabbed him with his wrist blade first.


"You have no idea what it's like living on a base with a bunch of cretins. A thousand men all looking for me to tell them what to do and when to do it."
―Morty Bennett to Mistress[src]
  • Fort Bryon: United States Army put Bennett in charge of the military installation at United States territory. While spending his evening with the Mistress, Bennett was suddenly assaulted by Frank Castle who threatened him while Micro was hacking Bennett's phone. Castle then closed Bennett in the closet before confronting the Anvil unit led by Billy Russo. As Castle escaped the Fort, Russo ordered Bennett to cover the incident and brought him to CIA Safe House.
  • CIA Safe House: Following Frank Castle's infiltration inside the Fort Bryon, Bennett was brought by Billy Russo to the CIA safe house. Inside the safe house, Bennett reported to William Rawlins about the attack and stated that he told Castle nothing. Rawlins decided to hid Bennett in order to avoid any scandals or prevent Castle to find Bennett again. He ordered Russo to take Bennett away from the safe house to the motel and then kill him.



  • Mother




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