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"BuzzFeed says there's a sailor named Morris Bench who was exposed to an experimental underwater generator and got hydro powers."
Flash Thompson[src]

Morris Bench is a sailor who was speculated by BuzzFeed to be the true identity of Hydro-Man.


Following Hydro-Man's attack on Venice, BuzzFeed posted an article declaring that they suspected Hydro-Man was Morris Bench, a sailor whom they believed gained hydro powers after supposedly being exposed to an experimental underwater generator. However, in reality, Hydro-Man was nothing more than an illusion created by Mysterio to become the Earth's new premier hero in the wake of the Avengers' dissolution.[1] Unaware of Hydro-Man's real origins, the Italian coast guard was unable to track him down, sparking rumors about why Bench wasn't listed on any official documentation of any kind, leading to some believing the matter was covered up by the U.S. government.[2]


  • In the comics, Morris Bench, better known as Hydro-Man, is a crewman aboard a cargo ship who gained his powers after being accidentally knocked overboard by Spider-Man while a powerful experimental generator was being tested in the ocean.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Production visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs stated in an interview with IndieWire that they explicitly mentioned Morris Bench in Spider-Man: Far From Home to leave ambiguous whether a real Hydro-Man exists or not after all, possibly hinting that there may be an accurate portrayal of the character in further installments.[3]


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