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"I've been monitoring Moroccan law enforcement channels. They still haven't found Donnie Gill's body yet."
Skye to Melinda May[src]

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa.


Oceanic Rescue

"Just getting you out of the water... Do you have any idea what a pain it is dealing with the Moroccan office?"
Phil Coulson to Jemma Simmons[src]

Jemma Simmons, thinking she was about to die due to having contracted a virus of Chitauri origin, jumped out of the Bus to die without risking the lives of the members of her team. However, Grant Ward jumped after her with a parachute in order to save her life, injecting her with the cure she had developed with Leo Fitz, that ultimately worked despite that she believed their attempts were futile.

Phil Coulson was forced to contact the Moroccan S.H.I.E.L.D. office in order to get the two agents out of the water, and though glad that Simmons managed to survive, he had to scold them for having performed that action.[1]

Wanted List

"Let me assure you it wasn't luck that led me to your partner's black sedan in Berlin or that he'd open the door for a redhead or those two agents in Morocco. Do you think it was just a roll of the dice that my people found them in that riad? No, it was the Clairvoyant."
Ian Quinn to John Garrett[src]

John Garrett and his team were tasked with apprehending Ian Quinn following the kidnapping of Franklin Hall and his apparent death in Malta.

However, Quinn was able to kill at least three agents with the Clairvoyant's guidance, locating two agents in a raid in Morocco, and ordering his men to kill them.[2]

Attack to Professor Tompkins

"Police report out of Morocco, attempted murder. The victim says the guy appeared out of nowhere, disappeared into thin air."
Skye to Eric Koenig[src]

Professor L. Tompkins was assaulted during a lecture to international bio-geneticists in Rabat where several eyewitnesses claimed that the assailant "appeared out of nowhere", fired an antique pistol at Tompkins, and then immediately vanished. There was no surveillance footage of the incident, and Tompkins sustained only minor injuries.

The report of the shooting was among the many that were being monitored at Providence by Skye and Eric Koenig, as Skye suspected that the culprit could be one of the former inmates of the Fridge. However, based on the description, Koenig dismissed it, as its description could fit any common mugging.[3]

Race for Donnie Gill

Recruitment at Marrakech


"Marrakech has a long history of giving shelter to travelers hiding from the past."
Elias to Donnie Gill[src]

Donnie Gill traveled to Marrakech, where he planned to settle, having escaped from the Sandbox, where he was imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. and later unwillingly recruited as a HYDRA operative.

Gill helped the owner of a café, Elias, by fixing a radio he thought was broken, thanks to Gill's degree in engineering. Elias invited him to a glass of tea, that Gill iced using his powers. Gill revealed to Elias his intention of settling in the city, working as a repairman in exchange for room and board, as it was the first time he actually liked being in a place.

Elias told Gill that Marrakech had a long history of giving shelter to travelers hiding from their past, inadvertently revealing he knew that Gill was hiding. Gill angrily realized this fact, and asked Elias to whom had he been talking. Elias, scared, said he was threatened by people who deemed Gill dangerous; Gill grabbed Elias from his neck and froze his entire body, killing him.

Two HYDRA operatives arrived to take Gill into custody, saying they did not want to hurt him. The lead agent, having ordered his partner to holster his weapon, sat at one of the tables to talk to Gill, but Gill angrily froze him too, after he placed his hands on the table, by freezing him through it.

Gill threatened the second agent, prompting him to escape, and searched the frozen agent's body for his phone, discovering he had been ordered to deliver Gill to the Maribel del Mar. Gill then left the cafe with the two frozen corpses, pushing Elias' body to make it fall and shatter.[4]

Showdown in Casablanca

"Maribel del Mar. Anchored in the Port of Casablanca. It's a privately owned cargo ship. Supposed to cast off this morning but didn't. It's frozen in ice."
Melinda May[src]

Donnie Gill discovered from the phone of HYDRA agent that was assigned to recapture him that he was intended to be taken to a freighter, the Maribel del Mar, that was harbored in Casablanca. In order to directly confront HYDRA, Gill traveled to Casablanca, located the ship and froze the water surrounding the craft to hinder its departure.

Gill confronted the ship's captain, who warned him that he had no idea what he was doing, and HYDRA would always find him. Angry and frustrated, Gill told him he just wanted to be left alone, but as HYDRA would never stop pursuing him, he decided to stop hiding and confront them, to show them that he was not either interested or afraid, he was just pissed off. Gill grabbed the captain by the neck and froze his entire body, swearing that every HYDRA operative sent after him would feel his rage.


Meanwhile, a HYDRA team led by Sunil Bakshi arrived at Casablanca, boarding the Maribel del Mar with Jemma Simmons, trying to use her to recruit Gill. Bakshi gave Simmons an earpiece to communicate, saying that he would be guiding her in case of trouble, but when Simmons asked what would happen if Gill did not respond well and attacked her, Bakshi coldly replied there would be a job opening at HYDRA Laboratories.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. team led by Director Phil Coulson also arrived at Casablanca, planning to send field agents Melinda May, Skye and Lance Hunter to recruit Gill. Hunter and Skye prepared for jumping in a parachute, with Skye remembering that her first jump was with Coulson inside Lola, his flying car, so technically this was her first jump with a parachute. Hunter calmed Skye down saying that, though he packed her chute, she should not worry, as the moment before jumping was the scariest.

May and Coulson arrived, and, as Coulson opened the cargo ramp, he reminded his agents that Gill, being a gifted, could be a formidable weapon for either S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA, so they needed to make sure they were the ones recruiting him. With these last words, the three agents jumped from the Bus.

Inside the ship, Simmons called for Gill, seeing the frozen corpses of the crew members of the freighter, and, as Gill appeared in front of her, he instantly recognized her, being surprised to see her. However, Gill quickly asked who had sent her, S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA, wondering what side did she choose after the HYDRA Uprising. Simmons answered that she was on his side.

Through her earpiece, Bakshi instructed Simmons to get close to him and convince him that she just wanted to help; Simmons said that she heard he was in trouble, and wanted to help him, just like she did when she saved his life.

On the deck of the ship, May killed two of the HYDRA operatives sent to capture Gill, informing Coulson, who was in the Bus, that HYDRA had already arrived. Coulson said that he hoped they could arrive before HYDRA, but this outcome was not totally unexpected, so he ordered them to proceed and keep him briefed.

Hunter asked Skye to cover the doors, but she did not accept his orders. She immediately accepted May's, who ordered her to protect their exit route.

Simmons continued to gain Gill's trust, saying how Leo Fitz often talked about him, having been impressed with the different blueprints he saw in Gill's room, and acknowledging the fact that Fitz was very hard to impress. Bakshi guided Simmons, ordering her to get Gill to trust her; Simmons compared Gill to Fitz, knowing he was a person he admired, saying all of them were scientists.

Gill said that many things had changed, but Simmons did not believe him, as their minds needed to be used. That reference annoyed Gill, who angrily said he was tired of being used. Bakshi told Simmons not to let GIll get angry, and prompted her to repeat his words, reciting the trigger phrase for the Faustus method used to brainwash Gill.

Antoine Triplett and Phil Coulson

Coulson and Antoine Triplett were contacted by Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie from the Playground, with Fitz informing them of his discoveries. It turned out that Gill did not escape from the Sandbox; he actually took the facility, having being brainwashed by HYDRA instead of being simply recruited. Mackenzie then clarified that HYDRA was attempting to re-trigger Gill's programming.

Coulson asked how did Fitz know all that information, and he confessed he spoke to an imprisoned Grant Ward. Coulson told him they would talk about that when they returned, but congratulated him for a good job. Coulson immediately contacted Hunter and May to learn about the situation inside the ship.

Hunter informed that Gill was talking to Simmons, whom he believed to be a HYDRA operative instead of an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; Coulson ordered to end their conversation. However, as Hunter was about to kill Simmons, May shot Hunter in the shoulder.

The noise and distraction turned Gill out of his trance, just as his brainwashing was about to be re-triggered, and he attacked Simmons, who managed to escape thanks to May's cover. Gill pursued Simmons while Hunter informed Coulson that May shot him. Triplett regretted not having being able to shoot Hunter himself. May informed Coulson that Simmons was on the ship with HYDRA, ordering them to maintain her cover.

Triplett, surprised, asked Coulson if Simmons was his source inside HYDRA, and then Coulson informed how to proceed with Gill, that in case they could not retrieve him, he needed to be killed.

Simmons went to where Bakshi and the tactical team were waiting, and apologized for not being able to convince Gill. Bakshi was not worried as what Simmons did would help them in any case. As Gill approached, Bakshi revealed himself, greeting him, and started reciting the trigger phrase to a visibly scared Gill, who begged him to stop.

Despite Gill's efforts to resist, Bakshi successfully retrieved his brainwash, and ordered him to stop their pursuers. Dazed, Simmons asked what had happened, and Bakshi said that thanks to Simmons' efforts, now Gill was a member of HYDRA again. Following Bakshi's orders, Gill froze the door of the ship, trapping May and Hunter, and started to freeze the entire ship to kill them.

Blizzard sinking

May and Hunter tried to escape from the ship, but found the door was locked, and the entire hallway was beginning to freeze. To save her teammates, Skye was forced to shoot Gill, who fell to the ocean, where his body began to be covered by a thick layer of ice as he sank.

Skye and Simmons saw each other, but none of them said a word. In order to maintain Simmons' cover, Skye shot at the deck of the ship while Simmons pushed Bakshi out of Skye's sight, in order to gain his trust. Seeing they were under fire, Bakshi ordered to leave the ship.

Skye informed Coulson that Gill had been neutralized and Simmons' cover had been maintained, and though they did not manage to recruit Gill, they confiscated all of the cargo on the freighter, which they subsequently loaded into the Bus and took to the Playground.[4]

Leo Fitz's Mission

"Haven't you been on this with Fitz the whole time? Hiding his trip to Morocco, covering for him on a constant basis?"
Phil Coulson to Bobbi Morse[src]
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A Way Home

"I bought the passport in Morocco. It's stolen. I know it's a federal crime, but it's the only way I could get back into the States."
Danny Rand to Paul Edmonds[src]

On the journey back to the United States of America, Danny Rand visited Morocco, where he purchased a stolen passport belonging to a John Anderson in Morocco, using it to enter the United States.[5]

Attack on the Red Dust Cell

Yelena Belova in Morocco

In 2016, Yelena Belova and other Black Widows went to Morocco on a mission to retrieve vials of Red Dust from the former Widow Oksana. During the mission, the dying Oksana sprayed Yelena with a Red Dust vial, which broke the latter out of her brainwashing.[6]

Flag Smashers' Political Ultimatum

In 2023, as a result of the Blip, Morroco’s population was restored. Soon after, the Global Repatriation Council set up a refugee camp in Casablanca. In 2024, the Flag Smashers targeted the camp on their campaign.[7]

Mysterio’s Campaign

"A week ago, a village in Mexico was wiped out by a cyclone. Witnesses say that cyclone had a face. Three days later, a similar event in Morocco."
Talos to Peter Parker[src]

In 2024, Quentin Beck used the B.A.R.F. technology to orchestrate an attack in Morocco by the Elemental Cyclone. Beck, as Mysterio, then appeared on the scene and "saved" the day by defeating the illusion.[8]


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