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"It isn't only sentries I need. This city is large and there is cancer in its flesh. I can't burn it out alone."

Morning of the Mindstorm is the seventh episode of the second season of the Netflix exclusive television series Iron Fist.


As Danny steps up his training, Davos ramps up recruitment. Ward falls prey to old demons, and Misty butts heads with a captain.



Danny Rand is taken to the hospital where he treated for his injuries and fitted with a high-tech leg brace to speed up the recovery of his broken leg.

Davos goes to Ryhno's Gang and offers them a place at his side. In exchange for food and lodging, he will train them to join him in his quest to rid New York City of criminals. Davos does not promise to be gentle, but he promises they will benefit from his tutelage.

Misty Knight meets William Pike to offer her assistance in taking down Davos. However, she learns that while Pike doesn't like the killings, since they are directed at Triad members he is more than willing to drag his feet on the issue. When Knight tries to argue with him, Pike retorts that if she wants to go head to head with him, then she should take the offered promotion to Captain.

Knight informs Colleen Wing about Pike's reluctance to bring Davos in, and they talk about Frank Choi and his ledger that Wing is trying to decipher. Rand arrives home, having discharged himself from the hospital. He is informed about the bowl needed for the ceremony and the lack of police support. Rand realizes that his situation is his own fault and feels responsible. Wing convinces him to join her at Bayard Community Center to help spread the word about Davos.

Knight goes to Joy Meachum to learn about the bowl Davos needed for the ceremony. Joy directs her to Mika Prada at Bailey's Auction House.

Ward Meachum is drunk in a bar, and Bethany arrives to try and take him out. Ward points out that he is in NA, not AA. Bethany reminds him that he knows how addiction works. They argue and she leaves. Ward then tries to fight the bartender in his drunken state and is knocked down.

Davos' crusade continues, but this time he kills three drug-addicted lowlifes trying to score money for a fix.

Knight visits Prada and learns about the Tibetan Singing Bowl's heritage. She is shown other connected items from Ernst Erskine's collection and takes several pictures of a thangka that seems to describe the ceremony in detail. Joy goes to visit Walker but finds Mary in her place. They talk about she tells Mary about Rand's predicament.

Knight takes the information back to Rand and Wing. Rand looks at the pictures of the scroll and understands the ceremony, but notes that once started, the ceremony has to be completed or both participants will die. Understanding that he needs to get the bowl from Davos, Rand decides to begin training again. He wants Wing to train him, but she refuses, having given up that part of her life and angry and that Rand has made a decision to turn their home back into a dojo without her agreement.


Bethany goes to an NA meeting to admit that she really wanted to use after her confrontation with Ward in the bar. She admits to the group that she is pregnant with Ward's child. Ward, standing outside the room, overhears everything.

Mary leaves a recorded message for Walker, understanding that Walker does her best to protect them even if Mary doesn't understand it. She talks about all the times Walker protected them, including the time in Sokovia.


After talking with Knight, Joy goes to Davos and seemingly joins him in her crusade, noting that she feels empty without the sense of purpose she felt going after Rand. Joy asks him about the bowl under the guise of fixing a broken friendship, and Davos says it is well hidden. Ryhno and his gang arrives at his hideout, and accept him as their Shifu.

Rand tries to train, including using his broken leg to kick with. Eventually, Wing agrees to train him. But there is a price. She has to maintain an emotional distance from him to train him effectively. Rand agrees, effectively ending their relationship and beginning a new one as master and pupil.


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  • A drunk Ward Meachum orders another drink as Bethany enters the bar and tries to convince him to go to an NA meeting. Ward gets into a fight with the bartender.
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