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For the Howling Commandos soldier, see Jim Morita

"Parker! My office."
―Morita to Peter Parker[src]

Morita is the principal at Midtown School of Science and Technology.


Principal of Midtown High

Student Mischief

Being the grandson of Jim Morita[1], Morita worked as the principal of the Midtown School of Science and Technology. One morning while talking with Andre Wilson, Morita saw a student flying his homemade drone inside the school building and went to confiscate the device, only for his hand to be slightly shocked by it. Morita seized the drone and instructed the piloting student to go into his office.[2]

Peter Parker's Detention

Morita summoned Peter Parker in his office as he had been informed that Parker had skipped classes, including failing to attend the national Academic Decathlon in Washington, D.C.. Therefore, Morita sent Parker into detention.[2]

Second Chance

"Peter, you are a good kid, a smart kid. So, just try to keep that straight, okay? Now get out of here."
―Morita to Peter Parker[src]

Morita instructed Peter Parker to come into his office one more time since he had skipped detention and missed a Spanish quiz. Morita lectured Parker on his behavior but still trusted his good nature as a reliable student and told him to get back on the right track. He then told Parker to leave his office with this second chance.[2]

Helping the Toomes'

After Adrian Toomes was revealed to be the Vulture and arrested, Morita helped Doris Toomes transfer her daughter, Liz Toomes, out of Midtown so they could move away from New York City. He then saw off the pair after they packed up Liz's school items, somberly watching as Liz's friends said their goodbyes to the heartbroken family.[2]

Arrest of the Shocker

After the arrest of the Shocker during Midtown's Homecoming dance, Morita appeared on Midtown News to address the situation. He ordered the students to delete any inappropriate selfies and pictures of the incident from their social media accounts within 24 hours.[3]






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